Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New WIP picture

I was happy to start Angel kisses yesterday. First because I'm making it to offer it to my sister in law in Texas and second, because it's my first solo by Silkweaver (32 count). That's why I chose to scan a larger than needed part of the design in order for you to see a little bit the colors. I may need to stitch the white as my fabric is light blue. The original fabric is white and there is no need to stitch the white. I really like the chart: it's big and clear (a big change with Christmas stories that was so small) I don't mind anymore the mixed colors (but there are not a lot of them ) I think that one may go very fast as I am not going to stitch the background sky. I want to stitch the little girl's head. Her face is so beautiful, so perfect for a cross stitch design. I'm sure Lourdes is going to love that design. She once stitched an angel from a Stoney creek magazine.

That's actually the first time I finish a project and start a new one the next day. Usually I go through my stash, check several kits, can't really decide, go back to my UFO (just in case I want to finish one - never happened so far) and decide for one I really want to stitch. This time I knew I was going to start that one (I was supposed to start it after Birdhouse cage from Lanarte but I fell in love with Christmas stories )


Anonymous said...

tiens tiens un nouveau modèle :)

Carla said...

muy buen comienzo...y que bueno que hayas decidido incribirte en lo de las telas de Silkweaver.