Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I'm officially on vacation !!! Finally. It's nice the school year ended because today and yesterday, kids just played or watched a dvd. Today , they watched Nanny Mc Phee. I just love this story but few were interested and most prefered to play.
I got 5 bouquets of flowers, a tray and a box of cookies. Most of the flowers were roses: I love roses !!! It's so nice from the parents who gave something as I am just a substitute teacher and not their regular teacher. I really appreciate that.
Tomorrow, I hope the kids won't wake up too early as I'd like to sleep a little longer. No more violin, music class and drawing class !!! Pierre and emma still have class on thusday and esteban will go to the daycare on friday. (well, if he's better: tonight he had temperature ... )


Anonymous said...

Chiloe can you help me please?
pour savoir si s'est correctement écrit?
and you can play ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a lovely holiday - you deserve it! :)

Btw - you're making great progress on the stitching!