Monday, March 30, 2009


First family news:

My dad felt a lump where he got his surgery to remove an inguanal hernia. So this morning, they went back to the hospital where he got a sonogram. Well, the hernia is back ( and big: 7 cm) and the bad news is he has to have another surgery on thursday ... He's devasted as he didn't expected to have another surgery and he's not the kind of man who loves medical stuffs. He doesn't really know how it could have happened; maybe during his sleep ... Let's hope everything goes well ...

Look at what we got back:
Yeah: I finally found the Hannah Montana wig Emma was supposed to get for Christmas !!! She was literally !!! And you won't believe where I found it ... with my cross stitch fabrics When we moved, I put all my Monaco fabrics stored in plastic tubes in one bag and I guess I thought the wig was in a safe place with my precious fabrics (except after that I never imagine the wig could be there and it was all along in my bedroom .. )


I'm still working on the border It's really boring and I really feel I'm stitching a racing flag ...
When the broder will be done, I'll have to stitch the blackish sky and all the shading. I did find two colors I could use but I'm not 100 % sure of myself. Maybe I'll have to add some backstitching if some parts of the design don't pop up ...
Thanks again for stopping by. I am so behind in my blog reading and commenting. On sunday, I tried to comment more and I hope to get back to my former routine soon

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a day !!!!!

First, I'm mad ! Really mad. Emma and Steb had the school carnival in the afternoon, so I had told Pierre I will probably pick him up later than usually because I was not sure at what time the carnival will finish. But it was raining so it finished ealier as the kids couldn't really play outside. So I was very happy to be able to go home early. We went to Pierre's school where he's supposed to study at the library. But Pierre was not there ... and he was no where in the school ... And as you know, having had a son who had 2 life threatening illenesses, I don't take this kind of event very well (ok, I admit it: I almost cried ) but I did manage to contain myself.

I told them he could be at his friend Sarah house, because my immature boy HAS a girlfriend ! I don't know if you had a boyfriend ( I almost wrote girlfriend ) when you were 12 but I did not !!! I was adjusting going from primary to secondary school. They called the mother of the girl who told them that he was not there! At that point, I was extremly worry ... So I thought: ok, now from that point, where do we go? What do we do? Then a lady came back from the office to tell me, he WAS at Sarah's house. Apparently, the mother comes back from work and doesn't say hi to her kids because she didn't notice my son was in her house ... I was released to know he was fine but he got us, Emma and I, very worry and he's going to be grounded because as we keep telling him, school IS first! He has learning problems but he doesn't make lots of efforts either ... double

Now, the fun part: the school carnival.. First, Steb said: I don't want to dress up then one day, he was lost in his thoughts. I asked him: "what are you thinking about? " "About the carnival." he replied. "Great!, I said, what do you want to be for the carnival?" "A clown!" And thanks to his grand'ma who bought him a costume, he was the cutest clown on earth (you will have to admit it yourself !!! )

Steb and his "girlfriend" Audrey (there must be something in their mixed blood that attract girls like magnets ) She's a cutie and she's older than him ...
I like that portrait:
Emma and her best friend (since they were three years old)
I took some pictures of my cuties outside:
The clown was tired and ready to go home:
If you are still here, you may want to see BOoo! Nooooooooo, it's not finished yet. Still boring, still trying to convince myself black is great! black is beautiful! black is wonderful! What? WHAT? You don't believe me?

Do you know why your toddler don't do what you say? Read this !!!

Have you read what they say about a new computer Virus coming our way? ...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday !!!

In the afternoon, after exercising (for the second day in a row !!! Yeah !!!) I had planned to to go shopping when at the end of the DVD (during streching actually), the phone rang: Emma's teacher (the mean substitute ... ) called to let me know that Emma fell at recess and that her back hurt really bad. I later found at that a boy pushed her and she fell on some wood. Anyway, I went to school and took her to the doctor. Nothing serious but I fell better taking her to the doctor.

Look at what I got to the mail today: a beautiful Lanarte (34137) chart. I bought it used on Ebay. I have been looking for that one for a while but was never lucky enough to get it. I bought it from a very nice lady in england. Another big project ... I know but I can't help it ...
Black (of course, I meant BOoo ! ) has now the word Halloween on so, noooooooow I am left with ..... ? Who knows? Who knows?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you !

For the best wishes for Steb's birthday. You really made my day.

Do you like my new background? I like this new easter look. I'll change right after easter will be over. My dream is actually to have a beautiful banner.

I was able to walk three miles with my DVD so we'll see how is my ankle tomorrow ... I tried not to push myself too hard as I think it is one of my shortcoming. I want to get the best results as fast as I can but this is a big mistake ...

Black, alas BOoo, has progressed but will you believe me if I tell you I stitched mainly black this week end? Well, I did stitch some orange on the border but it is really a tiny part of all my stitching week end ... No, I have nothing against black (not like its brother green) but it's so boring to stitch only dark color days after days ... You can see I made a lot of effort to avoid the border (which is something I will pay for later on ... lots of whining coming up in my future posts !!! I just warm you right now )

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Someone is having a birthday today !!!!!!!!

And it's not me !!!! Steb is turning 4 !!! I know it's hard to believe !!! This is his first picture on my blog when he turned two.

And here he is last week for the first pic in our garden. Does he still look like a baby? I don't know but he's definitely my sweet baby !!! This is the story of an unplanned pregnancy happening at the wrong time (I got pregnant when Pierre was sick.) that made our family complete and we won't change anything of it.


My dad is back home !!!!
which means the surgery went as planned.

If you haven't download the Margaret Sherry's ABC serie, you can do it
here ! Don't wait too long as I don't know until when is going to be online now that they have completed all the letters.

Want to see the new DMC catalog but can't get it where you live? Download it here ! It may take some time to view all the pages but you may find your next project.

Black, I mean BOoo! , is progressing ... slowly ... Black is really not motivating for me. I'm mainly stitching the letters and some borders because the silly me stitched all the fun colors first (like always, right? )
I think I'm going to go hunting for a new background, more spring like colors or maybe for a black one ? What do you think?