Friday, February 29, 2008

Mr Frog wants to marry me ...

Well, I guess as he is spending a lot of time with me lately ... Last night, he came again to pay me a visit He may want to move in permantely but I'm already married. I will gladly share him with a single friend. Meari: what about a single guy who needs a little company at night? Okay, he likes company during the day too, especially on week end (just don't let him use the snow blower )

I'm being a good girl: stitching the little boy face and making mistakes Have you ever tried to frog mistakes on 1/1 ? It's a challenge ... Maybe it's my 32 count lugana? Maybe it's me who doesn't know how to stitch well... I'll take any advice , ANY ! When I frog, the fabric looks like some part of my thread stayed in the fabric fibers ... When I stitch, my stitches are uneven and seem to make some bumps on let's say, two rows . And I really think it looks worse on the rows that had been frogged ... WHo can help me? Dani?

Here is the pic: I don't tkink you could see the details but I'm very unhappy with the way it looks ... It's really bad above his bow. (I think the boy wants to hang himself after seeing himself in the mirror )

Debi: I think the worse is the one over one Kendra survived so there's hope

Barbara, I think Chuy is not happy here, except for the food , but I don't feel like going back to Texas right now. Maybe Florida will be more attractive

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Loooooooooooooook !!!!

You are not going to believe it : I stitched a little bit on my Christmas tree on wednesday night !!! Yes, I stitched his left hand and a some of his face. I had to frog a little bit. 1/1 is really not my favorite. Is it easier on a 28 count evenweave? Or maybe a magnifier could do the trick?

The movie was good but like always, they showed the funniest part on the preview. I was surprised to see the room was not full. They had 320 tickets to give away. I guess some people don't think a good deal is worth ...

Chuy talked again about going back to Texas. I guess he misses his family very much (he has 4 brothers there ), the food (mexican I mean because he loves french food even though I don't know how to cook it ... ), his friends (he doesn't any here), and his job. He used to be a technician there and here, he works in a company as a worker ... I should not forget to talk about the sun , or rather the lack of sun : ... if you see what I mean ... ... I don't know if I could go back there ... sometimes I think I could and sometimes I am sure I couldn't ... I, I had no friends there beside one of my sister in law and I don't miss the tornado season ( I still remember hearing in disbelief on the radio that a tornado was hitting Fort worth while we were on the road I really thought where are we going to hide? so scary ....... ) I also have good memories there but I mainly remember being bored and lonely. I don't know how serious he is. This thought comes back once in a while...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Car is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

with its bill of course ... It went up to 574 Euros ...

My wildcats were better today : don't know what was different from yesterday Tomorrow morning, we go to see a french movie ( a comedy) for free , thanks to Chuy's company. (I guess that's a way to boost the tickets sale for the first day of the movie release) I hope it's really funny ...

Here is my last night progress:

Still no news from my faceless boy ...

Monday, February 25, 2008

what title?

I had the choice for today's title: it's monday, get me out of here ! or Help: I'm raising 3 wildcats . As you know my car is at the shop for the inspection. It tuned out that the car has 2 problems: a leak in my exhaust system and one in my rear break (scary ...) So the car has to stay 2 days at the shop and the bills is going to be ..... high ... It should be around 400 €uros (don't even want to convert in dollars ... ) The good thing about it (if there is one) is that we can pay in 6 times .

So we're stuck at home ... which mean the kids are dealing with that the best way they can. My TV babysitter still works fine but I'm a bad parent who limit the TV time so after a while, they just got crazy and played catch like wildcats in a cage. It didn't last a long time but enough to wonder when it will stop And you know what is good: they are all in bed now

My headless boy is still creepy as I don't feel like stitching on one over one right now. But I made good progress on my snow family:

See : there is a new addition in that family !!!! I know there is still plenty of white to stitch but I may keep it for the end

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunny sunday

It's rather chilly but at least, we have plenty of sun to brighten the appartment and our day ! Yesterday was as planned: grocery shopping in the morning and tires changes in the afternoon (I had to go to two places as the first one was out of two tires ... ) My car has to go to the inspection on monday so I had to change them or I won't get my inspection ticket!

Of course, I stitched during the evening:

I still have some backstitch to do on the little boy and maybe change his smile too. Tammy was the first to notice the mom's smile makeover but it was obvious for everybody. The gifts are a little hard to stitch because the symbols are hard to read (I should have enlarged the chart ... )

We'll see if today is THE lucky day for my headless boy

I updated my two galleries: my webshot albums and my Bellapix albums (for the Bellapix, remenber you choose an album, then you click on each picture to see the next one or you can click on the "auto" sign on the upper right to have a slideshow !) My stash album is the one that have a lot of success !!! I wonder why ... I use mainly the Bellapix gallery because I love the way the pictures are shown on the black background

Friday, February 22, 2008

Torture day !

We started with a quiet morning and no plans at all ! My fridge was still empty (until tomorrow) so I was left with ham and mashed potatoes ... Yep, I had an happy fellow in my home ... It was exactly the face he was making But Mac donald's everyday will really make me an extremely bad mother Torture day is not over for Pierre as Chuy is cutting his hair (imagine serious people searching google for torture and ending up on my stitching blog )

I had my appointment to the osteopath at 4.15 pm. Will you believe cross stitching can be dangerous to your back? I hurt my back when I was sitting in a bad position on my couch. I hope it's going to help as it's not cheap ... Esteban is going on monday. She really helped with Esteban's big head. I can't explain as well as her but according to her, some spinal fluid was not going down to his spinal cord and was staying in his head, causing him to have a big head (he was not hydrocephalus. He got a head sonogram at 4 months old)

I am still working hard on my snow family and did some backstitching and white on the little boy. And do you notice something new? Let's see who will find it first

No plans for the week end beside going to the grocery store to fill up that starving fridge ...