Sunday, July 8, 2007

Emma is 7 !!!

So yesterday it was Emma's birthday at the park. Her real birthday is TODAY!!!! We got lucky as it was a sunny day, even though it was not very warm. the kids were wearing summer clothes.Two days before, it was raining and today it rained in the morning. She really got lucky !!! We had more than 16 kids! I know it sounds like a lot of kids but it was at the park so you can invite much more kids than in a Mac donald's or at home. We loves also to make her birthday party as end of school party! So we always have some parents who stays with us and talk to each others while the kids have fun. It is also great for the new parents at school to meet others parents !!!

It is not a french habits to make parties at the park but us, we were used to do a lot of parties at the park in Texas (we used to have a big eggs hunt with their cousins and friends on easter day!!!) Parents who joined us really like the party. Actually it is very relaxing to do it outside. Next year, we'll make 3 pinatas. We need one for the adults, right? Here are some pictures:

This is a tee shirt one of my friends offered her. What is funny is that none of her daughters wanted to offer it to Emma. They said it is not as nice as a pet shop or a Diddl stuff ... Chuy was very please with that tee shirt of course !!! It is a tee shirt from the brand IKKS

Now with blogger I don't see the pictures like before. I only see the codes ... So we had 2 pinatas. As you can see, the kids were very excited to break those pinatas! Chuy made a star (which is traditional) and a Diddl (which is less traditional but so fashionable !!! girls were very happy to see it and they all recognize it was a diddl !!! )Emma got really spoiled with a lot of gifts: mainly petshops, Diddl writting pads, some books, pens, etc...

Here is a funny picture of the Diddl pinata:

It is the dad of one of Emma's friends!

I can't believe my little girl is already seven ... Time flies. Seven is also the age Pierre was when he got sick with leukomia... Too young to be that sick, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma! It looks like you had great fun at your party. It looks like a fab day from the photographs :o)

Anonymous said...

Bon anniversaire à Emma.
Vraiment trop drole la dernière photo.
Le tshirt est superbe.

Carla said...

Por las fotos parece que los niños y padres se divirtieron mucho!!