Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fast progress

First, thank you all for your very nice comments on my finish!!! I got 12 comments !!! Waow! I never got 12 comments in a post It's really nice

I think I already stitched 45 % of the mexican bear pattern. I can't believe it myself. It's so good to stitch something and to see the progress so fast. The fabric was the right choice for this pattern. It's too bad my scanner is not working anymore ...

By the way, Stitchingranny: I don't have your blog's name. Do you have one?
Have a good sunday !!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wanna dance?

Yes, ladies: we have a happy dance to report This afternoon, I put that LAST (and very welcome) cross stitch on the fabric!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy! I didn't blog because I wanted to show you a picture of the angels finished !

So I started it on july 31st and finished today, september 29 th!!! It took me only 2 months to complete but it feels more than that. Now I need to wash it (I've never washed any pieces before ... ) I'm so afraid of messing the whole piece ...

I could have finished a little earlier but I took a small break from it and I started my mexican Bolly the bear by Lanarte (fall 2007 collection) Well, sometimes breaks are necessary So here are my progress pictures of the mexican bear:

Started: september 27 th 2007.

As of september 28 th 2007.

We can't really tell but I am stitching it on a 28 count goldspinner lugana by Silkweaver. It really looks nice: it's a dark yellow. As you can tell, I'm making very good progress because his belly is almost finished I can't not believe how fast I'm going on that one !!! It's nice to relax on a small project. It's also funny because I can say: I'm almost finished I want to finished that one and then start the little mouse.

My printer is still not working well... I tried to reinstall it but when I'm done, I am missing an important component: the one that allow you to save the scan image on the computer ... I sent an email to HP and will wait for their answer ...

So now, let's dance

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I tried

Yes, I tried to scan my second dove and it didn't work again ... I feel so bad for having wanted to scan something at a high setting and because of that having messed up with my scanner. It was so easy before: Put the fabric in, scan and put it in a file... So you won't see the new dove. Sorry for that. Tonight, I'm going to stitch the flowers near the boy's outfit and the white I had left in the little girl dress. Then I will have to concentrate on the last wing ... But that will mean: freedom is near I'll take a picture tomorrow with my camera.

Emma got her violin class this morning and she did what I call "her lazy butt" She took her time to take her violin and was not very cooperative with her nice and patient teacher Let's make it clear : I did NOT choose her instrument (the sound of a violin played by a young learner can be ... how should I say ... nerve wrecking? I would have prefered she pick the piano (my favorite instrument ) Anyway, since she chose that instrument, I expect her to make an effort to pratice regurlarly !!!

Oh! oh! a storm is coming so I'm going to shut down the computer and stitch!

Have a good night

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

STASH from England !!!

Remember about those two Lanarte kits I was drooling over? Well, I ordered them from Sew and so on september 18th and they shipped it the same day. And the great news is: I got it TODAY !!! It is so hard to be so closed to finished my angels and having too much nice kits in my home. Lanarte kits are so easy and pleasant to stitch: it makes it harder to resist ... But I'm strong Well, I try ... you know how it goes when the itch to start something new appears ... I also ordered an antique white 32 count lugana from them because they are much cheaper than the french stores. You see, I have this lanarte kit with linen fabric in it.

I don't like linen and I don't want to stitch it in 1 thread over 1. That will be an UFO for sure... So I decided to switch the fabric for an antique white lugana in order to stitch it on 2 over 2. I now have to find which DMC they used because I am going to use my own threads to have enough to finish the pattern. it's not written on the chart anymore.

I didn't stitch last night: I was too tired after going to bed very late for 2 nights in a row. Today, I'm going to stitch the dove above the little boy. Then, I'll do all the finishing (including the boy's wing that is driving crasy ...) And I'll be free from the Dimensions kit ...

So you may wonder what is going to be my next project It should be that one :

I want to stitch it for the daughter of our brasilian friend whose due date is in october. I know: it's pretty soon but the pattern is so small in comparison of what I usually stitch It's going to be a piece of cake I'm already checking my fabrics to see which one will be the best but I may end up with a plain white. I think my 9x13 silkweaver solos are too small for this project.

Fall let's us now it has really started: it's raining a lot. That doesn't make me want to go out but I saw a sofa cover for only 35 €uros in one ad so I need to go and check that out. I don't know if I mentioned it before but my sofa has a hole on one side and I'm tired of seeing it everyday. (I'm also afraid it's going to get larger and larger with time ... )

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wing number 2 completed

Yep, yesterday was almost a full day of stitching: it's soooooo relaxing when things go so well. So I finished her second wing last night. But I went to bed very late and this is not reasonable My scanner is still not working properly but I scanned it anyway and I took a full picture with my digital camera : just for you (and I really mean it. It makes me so happy when I see 9 people took time to drop me a line

Chuy and my parents did okay at selling used clothes. They earned 85 Euros which is no so bad. Here is a picture of my mom and Chuy.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another wing

I really gave up on the little boy's wing (I'll keep it for the last moment !!) But I did stitch one of the little girl's wing. The fastest one of course My scanner is still running very slow. I think I'll follow Karen's advice and reinstall the scanner. I hate when electronics fail me I had bought a store brand color ink and it is not accepted by the scanner So tomorrow I'll buy the HP brand ... I need to make a color copy of the right wing. I'll do it this afternoon at my parent's house They don't mind having me stealing their ink (especially because they won't know it ) I also took a picture of the whole design with my camera. I'll try topost it later or tomorrow. I'll upload it in my photo album later on too.

Today, Chuy and my parents are trying to sell some of our kids clothes. In France, people gather in the streets of one town. We don't have garaga sales like in the US. (I used to go to garage sales often in Texas) We'll meet them to eat a picnic. We did that in june and the kids loved it. Then, I'll go to my parents' house where Esteban will take his nap: i'll stitch during that time of course The only problem at their house is the lack of good light. I don't understand how people can live in a dark house. sometimes they don't even turn on the lights and it doesn't seem to bother them ...

I still need to write the posts about our family visit ... So stay tuned