Saturday, May 31, 2008

Circus Time !!!!!!!!!!!!

Show was last night and it was great !!! It lasted until 11.15 pm as all the kid had to do their acts. Chuy was supposed to film and I was supposed to take the pictures but he's a little Camcorder impaired as he tried to film with the camcorder set on the VCR button ... So I quickly took over the camcorder to film Pierre while a friend was taking good pictures of my kids with their great Canon camera with a zoom. I'm going to share only my pictures as I don't have the other ones yet. (sorry for the poor quality of the pictures: low light ... )

First, glitter hair for the equilibrist (enlarge to see the sparklies) :

My magician on the right holding the plate:

Well, when you will see the amazing pics my friend took, you will be amazed as fire and bird were included in the act I was very happy for Pierre because as you know, Pierre has trouble dealing with a crowd. I guessed being in a familiar place where he knew almost all the kids and parents helped a lot He did great and I'm very proud of him !!!!

My little equilibrist on the ball:

Emma and her best friend Mathilde:

It was sad for the kids to say good bye for the circus, especially for Pierre who was crying in the car ... He is so over sensitive (maybe he has issues with the seperation ... That's something to tell the child psychologist will see in june: that's the doctor who works with the cancer kids at the hospital, so Pierre already knows him.) Back to regular classes on monday !!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why you may consider moving to France :

Tuesday Pierre and Emma had an appoitment to the dentist. No tooth decay He even checked Steb's teeth who was more than happy to play the big boy. The dentist only charged me one examination which only cost 21 €. Isn't it great (and of course, I'll get back most of this money !!! )

I should have made a list of all the things I have to say

Thanks for your comments for the scary ordeal that happened to us: we recovered. I read it happened to a couple of you. I know I should have gone to the police station and I could: I had the choice to turn right and go to my street or turn left to go down the road to the police station. The problem is: I didn't think clearly and never imagined the guy will keep following us. I would have still be in fort Worth, I may have been totally scared that the guy could shoot us. Remember when a mother killed another one in a road rage (in front of her kids ...) Scary. Here people are not as violent but I find them more agressive than before ...

Circus has arrived at Pierre and Emma's school. It's a yellow tent (I prefer the red ones that feel more like circus) This is the second week of activities. I'm so lucky that they both have the show the same week as some parents have to go to see two shows. The school was divided in 2 groups. I really thought I will have two clowns (remember, I'm raising little chickens scared of a lot of things ... ) Well, I'm happy to report I have a magician ( Pierre ) and a little equilibrist who is going to do her show on a giant ball !!! Last night, we went to see the show with the professionals. It was nice: I took some pictures to test my camera for THE big day on friday.

Kids are excited but parents are a little concerned of weeks passing by and not a lot of academic works being done ... It's also a real bother for me as Emma has only learned 4 multiplication tables in the whole school year She learned 1, 2 ,3 and 5. I don't know what happened to the 4 ...


Remember our tadpoles? ( don't worry: they are in good health ) Last wednesday, we went to get more water and food to the river ( we really pamper our pets here ) I tried to get some water in a water bottle and I slided: one of my foot was sinking into the mud/water. So I did my best move: butterfly stroke Imagine someone who is doing butterfly strokes in the air That was ME !!! Well, I didn't sink and saved my tennis shoe but ended up hurting my upper back I'm feeling a little better but that was a big pain ...

Mother's day:

We went to the restaurant to celebrate mother's day and Pierre's school !!! What was not planned was the trip to my grand'ma. My 87 years old grand'ma has probably the best memory in the whole world !!! She seems to remember everything and doesn't understand why we don't ... I got the usual gift: poems from the kids a school. Chuy got me a strange gift (another one ... ): a medal that say the most beautiful mom in the world ... a kit, fabric or threads would have done the trick

The orange/yellow flowers are from Chuy, the middle one are from my mom and were offered by the kids and the right one come from my grand'ma garden ( they are peonies and they remind me the painting of Marjolein bastin)

Stitch pink

I received the threads that I won at stitch pink:

They are holding a new contest so enter your name and you may win a M designs. I was one of the 5 winners among 146 stitchers !!! So give it a try


I still stitch my Lanarte even though I feel my progress are now very slow ... This is not a Marjolein Bastin design. The designer is not mationed.

It took me 3 days to write this post ... Unbelievable ....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Greeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!!


What do you mean we need a magnifying glass? (Yes, it's clickable !!!)

I started a brand new blog !!! I'm going to use that one as a wish list. I found this beautiful 3 columns templates but it works only as a 2 columns ... But it's not a blog I'm going to use everyday so it's perfect !!! It's called rainbow garden.

If someone knows how to add my email on the side with blogger, please help me !!! I couldn't figured it out ... (yet, I know a geek lives inside me )

I'll try to write a longer message tomorrow. I just wanted to show you my progress. Tomorrow, you'll know all about mother's day, circus at school, daycare saturday (at one point there were 7 kids in my small appartment), visit to my grand'ma, stitch pink! So stay tuned

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crazy !

Something crazy and a little bit scary happened to us on our way back from school today. I was close to home on a road where the cars park always on one side of the road. Two cars can't cross each other but there is no problems with a motorcycle or a bike. I was driving when I saw a small motorcycle (the kind you mainly see in Europe) coming to me. I should have know something wouldn't be the same as the guy was driving in the middle of the road. Usually, the motorcycles go on the side and we cross naturally and without problems. This time was going to be a little bit different...

We cross but the guy did some gestures at me. I kept going and I saw in my rear mirror that he turned back and was starting to follow us. He stopped and decided to follow us again. He ended up following us until our appartment building. I was trying to think fast: what I'm going to do? I thought to call the police except that I don't know their number. In the US, we call 911 but here, I only know the number for the firemen and the medical emergencies ... I wonder when we'll get a general number ??? I know we have the 112 (european emergency number) but I don't know if it works for the police too ... At that point, the kids (especially Pierre) were so scared and panicked, they were crying out loud . The guy came to my window. I was still trying to get the police but ended up calling the firemen. He started to yell that I almost made him fall (he came to my car and I didn't even touch him ) , that he had a witness, that he got my licence plate number! I didn't even answer to that as the kids were so scared by that red barking face. I just told him: "look at what you are doing to the kids" He kept going. I said : " look! I have a kid in remission and look at what you are doing to him!" I was so concerned for their well-being that I was not really listening to what he was saying ... He seemed, at last, to realize that the 3 of them were in total panic in the back over what he might do to us and finally decided to leave. I was a little scared too as you never know what someone in that kind of rage might do (especially agaisnt a woman ... ) His face was really red from all the anger that was flooding out of his mouth ... (he should know anger is bad for his heart ... )I'll talk to the kids at bedtime to try to get over the fear they got during this ordeal ... Sometimes, we think our daily life is boring but that's good that way because I don't like that kind of excitment ...

Thanks for your nice comments for Pierre's school !!! I still can't believe it It's nice to know he's going to go to the school that is the best for him. Only 22 students per class: where do you get this kind of luxury nowadays? He's also very happy about it so what else can I ask for?

I wanted to stitch some green ( I swear ) but my eye got caught by the little birdhouse on the left. I finished the dove and added some wall details. I tried to make a new copy in order to work on the roof but I ran out of ink. I went to buy some but got the wrong one So I have to go back to the store tomorrow and I can only work with the part I haven't stitched yet (which includes some greens )