Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Did I dispappear?

I am sure you are all worried about me not posting yesterday !!! lol I couldn't ! I slept really bad during the night before and I ended up with a migraine. Can you believe I went to bed at 9:30pm ! And I slept sooooooo good ! Of course, I didn't stitch at all... :(( I stitched only a little bit at school . That's when I realize how few stitches we really do in 45 minutes... Should I stitch durind school time to make up for the lost time?? I wish ;) lol

Monday, February 26, 2007

More about Roo

This is my progress on Roo. I didn't do much as you can see. We had guests yesterday so I stitched only at night.
I went to work today. I have 25 six years old for two weeks. The day went ok. My co-workers are nice which is always a plus when you go from school to school. Pierre and Emma were ok to go to school too even though Pierre didn't want to go back yesterday evening (I understand him as I WAS in the same wood :)) Emma had a good day. She told me she did 5 activities this morning (there are in a Montessori type school and usually, she does only 3 activities, barely 4) I told: "waow, that's great !" She replied: "yeah, I didn't talk today !" That girl is so talktative !!! She started repeating word at 9 months old. Now you understand she really loves to talk. Esteban got a good day at the daycare too.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

saludos !!!

Hola y saludos a todos los mexicanos que visitan mi blog !!!!


We got a double rainbow yesterday. The colors were very bright so I tried to take a couple of pictures. I am not sure you will see the colors as well as us. This is the view taken from our balcony.

Brown ...

I don't have anymore purple so I started Roo last night. I miscounted a little bit so you can not really recognize Roo up there :) I don't like leaving the efelant that way but I have no choice. I would have preferred to stitch it completly as it takes so much time to stitch all this purple....
I found my leaflet of the computer wizard by Alma Lynne so I may join the girls for the SAL. I also need to find the right fabric. I think I have all the threads. We'll see... Tomorrow, it's back to school which is also back to work for me :)) I'll take along my cross stitch. I go to the same school I went before so I'll eat fast, do the work I have to do and stitch a little bit before the kids come back !!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stash again?

That's the best stash ever. Look at what I got in my mailbox this morning. What's that from England! I thought it may be my last kit from colray-crafts. When I got it open I thought: " oh no! there is a mistake, I never ordered that kit" Then I realized it is actually a gift for my subscription to the World of cross stitching :o It was written on the website that the gift is only for english subscriber !!! So I am very happy to get it. I don't think I will buy Me to you kits as they are a little bit expensive :) Now with all the kits I own (and the leaflets ) [ of course, you haven't seen all I own ... ] I really need to convince my husband that stitching can also be a man hobby :)) And that's another story :)) ;)

The best stash ever is the one I get for free :))

No more purple . ..

It doesn't mean I am done with the purple. I don't have enough!!! :(( I am missing two shades of purple. I definately have to write back to the lady because as I have already started the elephant, I'd like to find the same kind of shade. You are looking at one afternoon plus a late night of relaxing stitching. I was happy to do a little pink even though it didn't last long before I had to go back to purple.

Friday, February 23, 2007


You can see two of my kits I got from my order from Those two kits came faster than I thought. I read comments on some forums that you have to wait a lot to get your ordr from them. I am still missing my dream keeper from Bucilla. The lady of Guadalupe is for my sister in law Maria in Mexico. I am not too fond of religious design but she deserves it as she dedicates her life to her sick father. This kit is design by Joan Elliott so it is beautifully made. It has beads and mettallic threads. I haven't have stitched with beads yet... The kit baseball bunnies was on sale so I bought it to stitch either for a baby or for Esteban's room. We'll see... Both kits are from Design Works. I got the Gardening Chest (Sunset) from the french ebay. I have wanted this kit for a long time but never bought it in Texas. It was cheap so I didn't hesitate !!!

And more purple ...

Here is my last night progress. I am now wondering if I will have enough purple... That's why I am happy I still have the e-mail of the lady from the Royal Paris company !!!The elephants are the ones that take a lot of time ... You just have to be patient knowing that the result will be stuning ! (and pray the god of cross stitch that you won't make any more mistakes! lol)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


This is my cross stitch life lately: purple. I am still not done with my lumpy's bottom. I may stitch this afternoon during Esteban's nap as we are going to stay home. Yesterday we went to the birthday party and I stitched only at night.
I got a strange dream two nights ago: I dreamed someone was congratulated me for the beautiful job I had done with my mirabilia mermaid. :o I never stitched a mermaid and do not intend to :)) I have some project like: the spririt of christmas, catch the wind and so on but no mermaids so far :))

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


You really impressed me to have order the kit without speaking french !!! I am not sure I could order in Sweden for example (even though I studied swedish a little bit in university ) Let me know when you get it !!! Was the company : la maison du canevas and the kit 22 euros?

A little progress

I stitched a little bit last night. Yesterday afternoon, we went to visit Isabel, our australian - spanish born friend. It was nice to see her again. I speak english to her and I asked her to speak spanish to Emma and Esteban and english to Pierre (that's what Chuy does at home) but it was hard for her as she's trying to improve her french :)
I don't think I willl be able to finish that piece on sunday as we are going to be busy today too. Esteban is going to have one immunisation this morning at the pediatrian and we go to a birthday party in the afternoon. My friend's daughter, Saskia, just turned 3 years old. Esteban is not going to take a nap again. It didn't nap yesterday, he only took a cat nap in my arms...
I called the teacher I am going to substitute for next monday and she told me she prepared everything. I hope it is true as the last one I substituted for was not very organised :))

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

At last ...

Yeah ! A little progress !!! If you are like my daughter Emma and wonder what is the blue color above, it is the top of Lumpy's feet. I know it is hard to imagine as you don't have the finished picture in front of you. So you just have to trust me :)) It's nice to see the work moving forward instead of backward :) Remember: I hope to finish all the cross stitch before going back to work next monday... I know it is going hard to succeed but I'll try. I am still thinking about the wednesday SAL for the Alma Lynn chart : computer wizard. I still need to find the right fabric. It is EVENWEAVE or nothing :))

* * * * * *

Pierre is ok - pas de grippe ;) - Apparently, he's got a virus. VIRUS stands for unexplained fever and headache :)) Today, he seems fine even though he didn't want to eat his breakfast. What made feel ok also is that he just got a blood test to control his health. I always worry for him anyway... The doctor gave him a cough medecine and a nasal spray. Do you believe he made himself gag when I put the spray in his nose last night? :o I think I will end up giving him all the medecine in the toilet , just in case ;) lol

* * * * *

By the way, will you believe that yesterday, 10 people were connected on the blog at the same time (at 3.05 pm) I think it was 10 shy people :)) as I got no comments but I hope you do appreciate the blog shy people !!! :) Waow, I wish I would have seen that but I was too busy: cleaning? washing up the dishes? ironing? hum hum ... stitching? I am sure you can guess right ladies ;)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Progress ?

As you can see, it seems I am moving backward. AND I AM !!! I took everything out and I succeeded to stitch a little bit last night. But the progress is very tiny. I don't even know if you notice any changes ....? Anyway, I hope to find time to stitch a little bit during Esteban's nap this afternoon! Maybe I'll be able to post a nice progress picture this evening.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bad news

Well I checked my cross stitch and I had actually miscounted. I was short by one row and I couldn't figure out how to fix the problem without taking everything out. I saved the lower part, close to the tail but I have to undo the upper part. And I am still working on it. It does take a long time to stitch it but it probably takes more time to undo it ... I always said that hospital teach you patience but stitching too :)) I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Pierre is sick. He has 104 F (or 40 C depending on where you live in the world) He has a headache and he's cold. I think he may have the flu but we'll take an appointment to the doctor tomorrow. Even though he seems fine, we always worry for him. Tonight I tried to give him a fever medecine. I mix it with fruit juice but there're always some tiny part of the powder that stay in the bottom of the glass. Yesterday, he almost made himself throw out and tonight he DID ... :( So I ended up giving him the child liquid form of the medecine !!! Imagine how much fun we had when we were giving him his medecine for his treatment for his leukemia...

Are you going to believe me?

I miscounted somewhere in my lumpy's leg :(( I need to recount as I don't want to undo everything ... It took so much time to stitch all of that ... Well, you know the saying: it's a dirty job but someone as to do it :)) It's too bad I haven't found yet a way to put crying smileys :))

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Zohrah's invitation

Zohrah invited me to join her SAL about the Computer wizard. It can be a good idea as I never participate to a SAL !!! I am going to think about it and dig into my sthreads !!! Thank you for invited me Zohrah !!! I appreciate it.

More previous WIP

Here is a picture of my Maya and Incas cultures from Lanarte. I like the finished picture on the kit but I am a little bit disappointed with the fabric. It lets show the fabric through the stitched and I don't like that. That's the reason why I only stitch on 32 ct evenweave. I do need to finish it someday as I bought it to celebrate the latin roots of my children.

By the way, I saw that today, someone from MEXICO (Chiapas) came to visit the blog. Hola a todos los latinos que vienen a visitarme. Mi esposo viene del estado de Zacatecas !!! Pueden dejar un mensaje en espanol si quieran !!!

This is another Royal Paris kit I started a while ago. It went fine until I had to stitch the trees on the back. The finished picture looks very nice but I don't like browns... I am stitching this one on 28 count whilte Monaco. (another fabric I had to change!!!) Oh! I did not tell you I've planned to stitch it for my nephew's birth. I was born on febuary... 2005 ! Well, now, I guess he can wait a little more !!! lol

Friday, February 16, 2007

I can't believe it !

Today should have been a great day: I did receive my threads from the Royal Paris company. I was so happy when I saw the enveloppe but when I opened it, I realised there was a problem. I made a mistake ! I asked for the wrong color ! :o How could I have done that? :(( I am a little ashamed about asking for a thread again even though I REALLY need that particular color ... I think I will wait until I finish my purple colors to make sure I don't need more and I'll send her an e mail again...

As you can see I did a little bit more purple. I think I will end up dreaming of purple. I may even hate that color by the end of my cross stitch :)) And I am not done at all ...

Today, I also received 2 fabrics I got from an ebay seller. I was supposed to buy 32 ct evenweave and I got 2 linen fabrics so thin that I son't even know if you can really stitch on it... That really got me mad as money doesn't grow in my garden and I don't like wasting it. :( (also I don't like to stitch on linen ...)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's that?

This is what I stitched last night. I did the backstitch because I don't want to have too much left at the end...

Thanks for the one who wrote a comments !!! You make my blog ALIVE !!!

I am thinking about renewing my subscription to the Stoney Creek magazine. Until the past december, I used to get it to my home in France. I am now thinking about renewing my subscription and have it ship to my sister in law in Texas. She will then ship them to me when she will have 3 or 4 issues. It is a way to save money as it is very expensive to have it shipped to Europe.

This afternoon we are going to meet an english friend I met while teaching in a school in january. She may lend me english books for my kids.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


why does it appear SO big???

Guilty !!!

Yes I am guilty of subscribing to the world of cross stitching AGAIN !!! I guess I got addicted to it. The french magazine are so boring. I only buy once in a while de fil en aiguille because they carry the designs from Veronique Enginger. I still need to show you her style for those who don't know her. All her designs are realistic. It's all I like !!! :)

By the way, if you know a way to add smiley to a blog, let me know !!! Thanks! Gracias ! Merci! Danke !

Still no comments ...

It seems a lot of people come to the blog but nobody leaves a comment... I am wondering why. I created this blog mainly to share my passion with others stitchers all over the world and make contacts.

So don't be shy !!! I don't bite :))

A finished : the four seasons by Lanarte

This is a cross stitch I made for my mom. This is a special piece as I stitched it mostly during the hospital stay of my then 7 years old son Pierre. He was spending a lot of his time there to get his teatment for his leukemia. While he was watching TV or playing with his gameboy, I used to stitch. Time can be very long other there. He used to stay up to 8 hours and stay sometimes four days.

Here you can see a picture of my WIP the alphabet book by Lanarte. I am doing it for my daughter Emma who is 6 y.o. I love that piece but I put it away to stitch something different as it is a large piece (I know I tend to stitch only large piece :o I don't know why ... )

A large view for a better idea

Isn't it going alog pretty well. I don't know of it will be finished for febuary 26 th( as I'd like to) but I started the last big stitching part on the right. I will need to stitch a lot of purple :))
San is right do sell their DMC kit cheaper than the stores in France. They actually sell those for half price. :o And it is made in France ... It is like the DMC threads made in France and cheaper in USA ... That's get me mad....
I placed an order with colray-crafts ... like if I need more stash ... No comments :))

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No picture !

Hi there,

Yes it is true: no picture today. It doesn't mean I haven't been stitching, it's just that I stitched the letter A, a butterfly next to the letter B and I started the grass under Eeyore with a flower on it. It will be hard to scan those details as they are not close to each others.

Today, I found the Royal Paris' phone number on the internet. I called them but the lady told me to write to the adress written on the kit. I asked her if it was possible to send an e-mail instead and I should receive my missing thread in a week or so... Great !!!

In the morning, enjoying my last hours of freedom (lol) I went to a fabric store that sell a few kits, mainly DMC and Vervaco. I saw the new Somebunny to love kit (the one with the bunny with a raincoat). I love the somebunny to love kits. But it costs 21 euros for a small kit with aida (I will change like always) and five threads. I don't think it is worth the money... :(

Kids are officially on vacation !

Monday, February 12, 2007

More letters !

I got more letters done yesterday. I'm currently working on the letter A. I'm hoping to finish the pattern during the vacations (they finish on febuary 26 th) I don't know if it' s possible but I'll do my best. Yes, I know, I haven't done the backstitch around the letters. (yet...)
This morning I went to buy a bread machine !!! Something I wanted for a long time. I love bread (well ! I'm french :) ) I cannot live without fresh bread as my mexican husband cannot live without tortillas (even though he has to here :))
Now it is raining outside. The hot water came back and hoppefully the heater is fix as well. It brokedown during the night and I was wearing my scarf in the appartment this morning... Now I'll go on to wash my hair and stitch until I'll get the kids from school and the day care center.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

More stash (too much temptation :))

I told you yesterday that I went shopping with my mom. I got new stash . Who can resist a good bargain? I got this bag from a fabric store downtown. I got it for 8 euros instead of 32.50 Euros. I also buy a good quality towel. I'll try to stitsh something for my sister in law in Mexico. I'll check what I have in my english and american magazines. I'm sure I can find something nice for her. She deserves it as she take care of my 93 years old father in law. We can say she forgot about her life to dedicate herself to the care of her father. It is rather sad actually...

In that fabric and crafts store I also got the new DMC catalogue for free. They have a lot of new kits. They are more modern than before and they put linen fabric on a lot of kits now. I was specially excited when I saw that Valerie Enginger, my favorite designer, was a member of their creative staff but got very disappointed what she did for them. You see, she create very realistic design for a french cross stitch magazine : De fil en aiguille and for DMC, the designs look "very DMC". I'll try to scan you what she usually create and what we got in the catalogue. San is going to be happy: in the catalogue, you can see the full range of DMC Sarah Kay kits.

Did it !

As you can see, I finished Eeyore last night (I stitched until 1.15 am - crasy me :)) I even did one letter and started letter D . Oh, I also added the flower on the right. Letters always take forever. So I just think progress are going to be slow now but I still have two days of vacations before my kids vacations start !!! Let's take advantage ;)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Need a some backstitch .

Here it is: finished for the full cross stitches. I only need to do the back stitch under Eeyore's tummy and that will be all !!! :) I even did the half cross stitches under. It needs a little flower on the right and voila !!! But if I finished Eeyore that means I now need to stitch the letters above my two little guys. And as you know : for me it's pretty boring.
this afternoon I went shopping with my mom and tomorrow, I'll show you what I got !

For Heidi


YOu can find the kit here :

And you are lucky: it's on sale. It costs 22.50 Euros when me I pay in a store: 34 Euros. You can order through that store because it is very serious and they send the kits as soon as they get the money. If you want to order with them I can even help you with translation. They do ship in Germany (I checked before to give you the link) The kit is at the bottom of the page. I tried also to search the web for you and that's all I found. Hope it will be helpfull for you.

check this link : I hope it will work better that the first link.

If not, just go to the left in "les broderies" then you get a menu on the top: you choose in "themes " : "personnages de BD then you chosse in collections : "Royal Paris." You should then get to the royal paris page !!!

If not, you also have this store: I never oredered with them.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Close to finish ....

Yes, I admit it : I did stitch this afternoon: no kids, no cleaning guilt (even though I shoud :)) ) I do want to finish this kit fast as I'd like to stitch something else. I saw some nice kits on I don't know if the site is serious. If someone has already ordered with them, let me know!!! I saw a nice kit from Bucilla and to make temptation worst: the kit has evenweave fabric ! I hate aida and I won't have to change the fabric !!! Great!

Well, as you can see, Eeyore is almost finished. I hope to finish tonight.

Esteban and his brother's shoes

Here is Esteban happy to wear his brother's slippers! Isn't he a cutie? He's 22 months old.

Full view

For the first time , you can see the lower view of my cross stitch. I was not yet able to take a good picture of all I stitched until now. I hope you will be happy to see that picture!!!Later on I'll post the WIP of today...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Almost finished?

This morning I went to visit my friend Carole with Esteban. Then we left and went to pick up the kids at school at 11.45 and we took off to Mc Donalds. The kids loved the surprise! The toy was really weird: a kind of robot making a strange noise ... What Mc Donalds keep producing toys that will end up to the trash ...

As you can see I took advantage of the afternoon to stitch !!! YEAH ! Do you like the work in progress? I do :) More to see tomorrow ...

My counter ...

My counter changed without me doing anything ... I lost all the count about the visitors who came to the blog. Now I have the recent visitors only with their cities. That's really weird... If someone knows what happened, drop me a line !!! Thanks!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New pic

Here is my new progress on my eyeore. Isn't it cute? I really like the fact that all the design is realistic looking.

I also got new stash today. I am going to try to put a picture under this text. Let's try !!!

Waow that's not that easy to get the picture where we want on blogger... Anyway. I don't know if I'll keep that kit or sell it later on. I got it for a cheap price on ebay.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Guilt free day !

Here am I with my stitching pregress. I stitched this afternoon until it was time to pick up the kids at school. They also called to start a new school, after the vacation, in febuary 26 th. First grade again in hte same school I just left. My co worker is going to have surgery and have to rest for two weeks. So I can enjoy three weeks of vacation and stitch as much as I want. Nothing to prepare for school. I'll go to meet friends I don't have time to see ohterwise.

For those who wonder what kit I am stitching; it is "Winnie and Lumpy" from Royal Paris.

I love having my neo counter on the right. It shows where people come from to visit the blog. People from China came to read my blog. Do they stitch in China? Probably ... That would be nice if people will leave a message .

I am going to go back to stitch while watching CSI New York.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Slow, slow ...

I didn't do much today. Actually I didin't feel at all. Not working is not for me ... I thought I'll have a nice day but not at all. I barely stitched as you can see. I hope tomorrow will be a better day...
I decided to subscribe to the world of cross stitching and to the cross stitcher. I used to have a subscription to both of these magazines. I read San blog ( and it's too much temptation to read the magazines review each month. :) I'll ask my friend Carole to subscribe for me in england to the Cross Stitcher as it is very expensive to have it ship to me in France. The World of Cross Stitching is cheaper.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Roo is done

Here you can see Roo with all the backstitching done. Isn't he cute and realistic looking? I will finish the half stitches later on.

I don't have a school for tomorrow but I don't think I will accept any job as my day care will be on strike on thrusday ( eh, this is France ....) and my mom can not take care of Esteban that day. Anyway, I have a lot of cleaning to do :( But I could stitch in the afternoon. YEAH !!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

And it is ...

ROO !!! It could have been Kanga but it is Roo who is a happy fellow on the picture. I did not finish it last night but it is almost done!!! Once again, the backstitch makes all the difference. I still need to do the eyes and the the legs.
Today, we went to the sales. We got for my husband: 5 pants, 3 long sleeves tee shirts and a fleece jacket for 55 euros (or about 50 $) Not too bad !!! I love those 75% off sales. Who won't? :)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Whose feet are those?

I let down the letters to go a little bit up to stitch one of Winnie's friend !!! I hope to finish it tonight (if I don't spend too much time on the internet tonight !!! )

Thursday, February 1, 2007

A larger view

Here is a larger view of my letters with the left part of the design. I am ready for a more interesting move: Eyeore !!! Let's be honest: backstitching do make the difference in this design!
Today a little boy lost a tooth during class. H was playing with it so I asked him to put it in a tissue and put it on my desk. Then at the end of the class, I cleaned the desk and a little girl lost a tooth too. That's when I realized that the boy's tooth was on my desk and that I had trashed the tissue in the garbage ! Oops ... Fortunately, the garbage was clean. So I told the boy: here is your tooth for the tooth fairy. He answered: " But I know it's the parents who give stuff" I said: "please some don't know, keep quiet" and he said very loud " it is like Santa Claus, it's the parents !" ... Thanks god, most of the kids were going out of the classroom !!!