Monday, July 16, 2007

Do you see a beard?

I didn't stitch a lot yesterday but here is my progress: Santa has his beard and I also did all the backstitch on the little girl head (which took forever ...) I'm working on Santa's head now then I'll continue on the left part of the design from the bottom to the top because it starts to look empty on the left. So far, I'm happy with the result. We'll see is Santa has his face completed tonight.

Is summer over? This morning, the rain is back ... already, should I say? Pierre and Emma are coming back from their vacations !!! Yeah !!! Esteban is going very happy to see them again !!!


Anonymous said...

I just love to see the progress on your Santa. I´ve been visiting your blog for a while but never posted anything. Looking forward to seeing some more.

Anonymous said...

courage !!!! maintenant qu'on reconnait le motif ça doit être plus motivant non ? :)

Carla said...

esta quedadndo genial! me encanta que la niña se vea tan serana en los brazos de Santa :)