Sunday, August 30, 2009


Especially for Tammy who loves them !!! All my three sunflowers are showing their colors and they are beautiful. They are also a good larder for the bugs in the garden.

Here are some pics:
It's funny but one is black in the middle while the other ones are yellow/greens in the middle (I used the same seeds though).

Our big one bloomed !!!
Some guests are already enjoying the free restaurant !
Yesterday, we went to the seaside where the kids enjoyed some free rides during the afternoon.
We could have even gone to England as the ferry boat harbor was very close.
This little fellow let me take his picture:
But we were there for the free rides:

My Pansy? I'm stitching her but I have to admit I had more fun with Sweet Pea. The colors were more attractive to me. Once again, there is a big difference between the picture on the chart, where the colors appear to be in the blues, and the real colors: a mixed of blues and purples. Here it is:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New one !

I started my new project !!! Nobody guessed but it was easy if you follow my blog: it's Pansy by Nora Corbett. I'm stitching that one to put in Emma's bedroom. Here is my first progress. Emma told me: "that's it? You're going so slow on that one" ...

I took a larger pic so you can see the fabric I'm using: it's a 28 ct shimmering spring sky opalescent by SMF. (one of my few fabrics from this company)
I'm not sure to stitch tonight as I have a headache ...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm stuck

I hurt my back monday morning right after I got up ... doing nothing, just bending over to grab something ... (on a 30° angle) I guess I slept in a bad position ... Anyway, I feel a little better,not great but better.

I'm also stuck because I can't stitch on my fairy anymore ... See when I started to stitch that one, I realized I was missing the Caron waterlilly and when I talked about it on a bulletin board, someone told me I could replace it by a Caron wildflower and that's what I did. Big mistake !!! A wildflower is more like a pearl cotton so it cannot be use for backstitching : it's too thick ... I'm surprised nobody warned me on the bulletin board ... But I'm lucky: Patou, an incredible stitcher (check her blog: here ) ordered two of these threads so she's going to sell me one of her wildflower. But I stitched all I could do with the regular threads and the kreiniks and I have to stop right here: ( it is enlargable like always ):
And a larger view of the wings:
And I prepared my next project because I need to keep busy, right?
Thanks for your nice comments on my last post !!! It's so nice to read them !!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sun + flower

= sunflowers !!! I planted four seeds in May and one has bloomed in the last couple of days so I had to take a picture to show you !!! It's not the kind with the black in the middle but it's beautiful and I love the way those flowers follow the sun.
Emma, our own flower !!!
That one is not really tall but on the other side, we have a very tall one that hasn't flourished yet (it's more than 6") :
And what about Steb? he's here !!! Peek-A-Boo
Maybe you just want to see another kind of flower? A sweet pea will suit you? Here is my last night progress:
My little assistant wanted his picture taken but his big sister was faster than him:
How to I go so fast? Easy: small project, stitch everyday on it, one project at a time, perfect fabric, great colors, and a glass of water ( because you never know when your needle is going to smoke !!! ) You know, I'm not a fast stitcher: some they stitch those fairies in one week!

Have a great week end !!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

She can see you !!!

I finished her face and I am now working on her hand. I'll stitch the wings at the end. Emma says that she looks weird without the wings.
I don't have a lot of things to say today but I wanted to share a progress picture.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She can dance !!!!!!!!!

The new De fil en aiguille is almost out (which means the subscriber got their issue) One stitcher put some pictures on line, you can see all here ! I fell in love with one piece from my favorite designer: Veronique enginger! I can't steal the picture from the blog: it's the back to school design : isn't it precious?

Look at this beauty !!! She has legs !!! I have always thought those legs look weird but actually from far away, they look fine !!! Both picture are clickable!! I even tried to take a larger picture to show you the fabric. By the way, did I tell you I love my fabric?

Monday, August 17, 2009

My own personal nightmare: mounting furniture ....

I really really hate that. Actually with Chuy we always end up arguing wondering if we are doing the right thing ... Yesterday's goal was to give a kitchen look to ... our kitchen !!! In the kitchen, we only have the furniture under the sink and a small pantry/closet but five people need some rooms, right? So we bought a big cabinet that can hold the microwave and our plates, glasses, silverplates, and so on ... But first, you have to build it ... Always build those! they never come already built !!! Probably just to bother me !!!

Here is the before pic: the fridge faced a wall close to the door.

Beginning of the nightmare:

but it's always easy in the beginning !!!

Getting serious: nowadays, instructions are only drawings (it's cheaper than paying different people to do write those in several languages ... this cabinet os from Denmark!)
Cabinet up ! Now, how to add a drawer and two doors ...? That's when it gets ugly. You know, when the easy stuff is NOT easy at all and you spend lots lots of time trying to figure out how it can work ... wondering if it's going to work at all ... That's why there are NO intermediate pictures
After my father's help, here it is : all finished !!! Now, it feels like a real kitchen !!! And yes, we are still married (but did I tell you we still have a furniture to mount in the bathroom ........ ? )
Have you seen the new Mirabilia design? I kind of like it but would like to see it stitched so if you are going to stitch it, let me know Laural would you be the first?
I'm sure you want to see my progress ? I'm still having fun !!! I'm working on the legs now.