Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody !!! We are back ! We came back on friday afternoon, very tired because of the trip (and 3 heavy suitcases remember, we left with 2 ... ) Yes, we did some shopping and got some gifts. (Lourdes sent me the stash I had bought on ebay) . I missed blogging and reading blogs.

I started a new kit in the train but I managed to stitch only 20 full cross stitches. I chose Eskimo kiss from DMC, you know it is one of my favorite characters: Somebunny to love. I can't help loving this cute bunnies. I chose this kit very fast the night before our departure. I even took 2 silkweaver fabric with me in order to choose in the train as I couldn't really see the colors very well at night. I chose a solo in the lavenders. I stitched yesterday as I wasn't into doing anything exciting like cleaning Here is the first pic:

You are looking at the little girl's head (well, it will be when I'll do the backstitch) It seems to be a fast project and I have already an idea for my next project !!! I even have one great fabric for this project.

I know a lot of stitchers are making plans for the new year: as always I don't have any: I'll keep stitching what appeal me the most at the time. I like it that way.

I have a lot of things to show and tell you so I'll try to blog more tomorrow !!! Tonight we go to eat at my mom's house and tomorrow too.

I want to wish everybody a very happy New Year hoping everybody will maintain great health !!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry christmas !!!!

I want to wish a Merry Christmas to you all from Germany! We are having a good time relaxing and enjoying the great sale on the base ( can't wait to see the craft store they have here - it will be open on thrusday! ) Of course the kids are waiting for Santa to come !!! One more day to wait !!!

I got more stash from Lourdes, my sister in law; I'll show you when I'm back ! I got my Stoney Creek magazine ! Yeah !!! On the sad part, will you believe our most awaited package ( THE DISNEY) never made it to here and is considered lost by the disney store

I did start a new kit in the train but it's not easy to stitch ( and to type with a qwerty keybord ... )

Have a great Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Packing and dancing !!!

Yes, I'm still packing and praying I am not forgetting something important ... Before we go , tomorrow around 7 am, I want to share my happy dance with you all: the fairy is finished (sorry I don't have time to take my glitter ball out of the closet ) Let me know what you think of my third (and last) try at giving her a pouty look (yes I know, I failed again but I still don't know how the designer managed to do it ... It's a mystery for me: I tried to follow the chart and then only the picture. This time again I checked the picture very well ... )

I hope you can click to enlarge ...

I'll see if I can bring something to stitch over there... I'll try to write on my blog from Germany and maybe post some pictures ... (if I can access the computer ) We'll come back on the 28th !!!

Have a Merry Christmas !!! And a special thought for Barbara whose baby should arrive pretty soon!!! Barbara I'll think about you and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for a safe and wonderful begining !!! (it's not going to be easy with all the suitcases )

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So close ...

Yep! we are so close to leave !!! I'm getting very nervous: I'm afraid to forget some stuffs. Tomorrow we're going to the supermarket to buy some fresh french products Chuy wants to offer to his niece. I need to double, okay, triple check to make sure I don't have to buy some stuffs I may have forgotten ...

Tomorrow I have to go to the social security office to get a special form in case we need to go to the doctor in Germany (Esteban is coughing ... I don't know how much the german doctor charge ??? ) I just learned there is an european card but it's too late to ask for it ... So I'll see if I can have a paper that will cover us ... Just in case ...

I'm planning on finishing my fairy tonight. I chose one color for her hair. I don't know what to do for her mouth: some like it this way. I don't know how the designer managed to give this pouty look ... I did follow the chart the first time and the second time, I copied the picture ! Anyway, I'm hoping to have a happy dance tomorrow !!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weird internet ...

I can't access my own blog but I can start a message ... Weird tonight ...

Good news: my tree has all its trimmings !!! Yeah !!!
I'm still very busy with the trip coming in 2 days! Can't still believe we will be in Germany on friday afternoon! I'm getting very nervous about this trip ... One suitcase is ready: I chose our clothes for the big day and for the week. I first thought I wouldn't need another big suitcase but I still have the gifts to bring and all the stuffs we need to bring back ...

Today, it was Esteban's daycare christmas party: they all got a little gift! I'll show you later. They sang four songs and then Santa Claus himself came to pay a visit (even though he is very busy !!! ) Esteban agreed to take a picture with Santa ! I thought he may be afraid but no, my son is a real trooper: he's not scared of this weird man wearing a red (cheap) outfit !!!! I'll post a picture later: I still need to clean up all the mess in my living room: christmas boxes everywhere ... I can't believe that this year we were even late to decorate our christmas tree

By the way, Dieflyn need some persons who would like to play the pay it forward game with her. If you are interested, visit her blog!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007


You're going to thing that either: I'm crazy or love deers but I went to a special hunt: christmas lights See, on saturday morning, we went to the market to buy our christmas tree. We always buy natural trees: we love the smell (I know I could buy a pine perfume but I prefer a real one) Last year, disapointed us so this year, we wanted the perfect and we did find it for 15 Euros: not bad While Chuy was putting back the car seats in the car, I decided I was strong enough to bring the tree home (elevator, elevator ... ) So I brought the tree from the parking to the building and went towards the elevator. The tree didn't fit in the elevator And the "strong" woman had to carry the tree to the fourth floor This is our naked tree!

Chuy went to the basement to get our christmas stuffs in the storage room and we were set to decorate our perfect tree. First the lights : yes, where are the lights? Couldn't find the lights anywhere How can someone loose christmas lights ? We looked and looked again and this morning was the day of the hunt: find clear chrismtas lights in a store ! On december 17 th, you can imagine it is more mission impossible than anything else So on the hunt we went ... We visited 3 stores before we thought we got it: we bought the lights, went home, opened the box to discover those were windows lights So Chuy went to work and I went back to the store to give them back then I headed to a another store (the 4th one) and there they were: waiting for me with 30 % !!! Don't you think I have more useful stuffs to do 4 days before we leave

Taking about the trip, I start to feel nervous about the whole ordeal ... I don't know what to bring ... I'm afraid to bring too much clothes for the kids or not enough ... I think I figured out pretty well ( well, I hope) the way to go to one train station to the next one . The suitcase is not ready: I'm going to take care of that tomorrow. But the last weeks of december are always very busy : tomorrow I have to go to the christmas party at the daycare, wedenesday is busy as always and emma has a birthday party after the music class and Pierre has an appointment on thrusday after school.

I took time on sunday to check my mirabilia/ Lavender and lace charts: I chose Emma's garden and I used the same colors for the face and legs. Tell me what you think !!! I'm a little disappointed for the face's backstitching: she's doesn't have this baby face I liked on the chart picture ... ( I hope you can enlarge to see better )

I still missing one color to finish the hair. I don't want to put lavender in her hair.

I couldn't stay without stitching so I picked up an old UFO. I chose WInnie in the snow and I managed to finish 3 snow balls:



I'm very happy Dieflyn, Gill and Marita answered my pay it forward. I'm already thinking of what I'm going to get you !!! It's my first pay it forward and I'm very happy you were willing to participate !!! Stitchingranny, I like this pay it forward because it doesn't have to be something you stitch: it can be stitching goodies, something from your country, bath products, and so on. The only goal is to make the other one happy !!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pay it forward !

Like everybody I like gifts so I answered to Blue on her blog. She is going to send me a gift and I will send a gift to the first 3 stitchers who will answer on this blog and who are also willing to play the pay it forward game and send a gift to 3 persons.

What I like with this pay it forward is that is not something you have to stitch necessarily (I don't know to make biscornu or other stitched stuffs). It can be cross stitch related or something else: something from where you live or something to make the other person happy! (like chocolate, bath products, and so on ...)

To be honest, I will prefer that the 3 persons who will answer are regular readers who post once in a while or stitchers I read myself (you know who you are because I post on your blogs )

I will ship anywhere and prepare a special package. I don't promise to send it tomorrow (it's sunday ) but I will send it soon. As soon as the pay it forward will be post on your blog, it will validate your participation !!!

So who wants a gift from meeeeeeeeeeeee ?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wing and stash !

Here is the wing completed:

I did all the back stitch and let me tell you this back stitch is not easy. The designer is probably tired of regular back stitch so she decided they should not be above the stitch or under the stich but right in the middle I guess it is supposed to be more fun I haven't stitched anything on the head yet as I still need to look for the Mirabilia head's colors. So that means that tonigh I am stitchless and this CAN'T beeeeeeee With the night starting at 4.15 pm, there is not a lot of things I can do ... Homeworks are first here

But anyway, I still need to find my next project ... Well, you know I'm not without stash ... (see my gallery ...) but I think it's my problem: I have way too many choice ! And I want to stitch something that won't bored me after a few days !!! So I need to open my boxes full of stash and dig to see what wonder could catch my eyes

A few days ago, I bought some used charts from Catherine , an amazing lady who was introduced to cross stitch by her husband and now all the family stitch: she has 6 kids!!! Check her web site I bought 2 Vervaco charts:

They are supposed to be for Emma of course I also bought a december magazine today. I almost never buy magazines: only when I see my secret lover:Santa

I also bought 3 kitchen cloths to stitch and I paid only 35 cents: I had a 7 euros gift certificate !!!