Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Disneyland Paris

We woke up at 4.15 in order to arrive at the Chuy's company at 5.30. The buses left at 6 even (on time : nobody was late.) We arrived at Disneyland a little before 10, right on time for the opening of the park. ( If you sleep there you can access the parks at 9.00 ) On our way to Disneyland, we even had a glimpse of the Eiffel tower.

We really enjoyed our time there even though one day is really too short to see everything. First we went to Fantasyland where we found the rides for the younger kids. Pierre was not fine in the morning. He started feeling better at around 12.00 ( I had brought his fever medecine) so he didn't ride on any attractions in the morning. I also think he felt unconfortable with all the people around. We left at 8.00 pm and we arrived a little before midnight: we were exhausted after a whole day walking.

The park is celebrating its 15 th anniversary.

I'll try to post more pictures tomorrow ( I took 276 pictures !!!)

If you read the previous post, you know I decided to start a small project. As you may have noticed, I tend to stitch only huge pieces. I can't take them anywhere so I chose a small Lanarte kit bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago. here is my small project:

I chose to stitch it on a small opalescent Silkweaver solo. This is what I stitched at my mom's yesterday:

I'm back !!!

I wanted to post on sunday but was too tired to do it ... Our trip was great but exhausting ....

I wanted to post yesterday but my landlord was here to change the living room french window. I don't really like this man because he curses a lot and always has something to say (negative, of course). I covered all my furniture and spent most of my morning in my bedroom. In the afternoon, I left to go to my parents' house because I couldn't stand to be stuck all afternoon long ...

When the landlord feft for lunch, he asked: " is there going to be someone in the afternoon? " No, of course, we love having a huge open hole in our living room ... We even think about sleeping in there to have that fresh smell of nature ... After school, I went with the kids to my mom's house to do their homeworks. We were able to come back at 7.00 pm ( which made his friend and him leave - could have stayed more ...) He had put some stuffs on my covered sofa and he said " can I leave the shutters and the sticks on it? " Yeah, that's obvious that as soon as you leave we'll go right away to bed I hope you didn't think we actually HAVE a life ...

Today, they are going to come back at 10 am to make more mess ... Last night, I vaccumed and mopped. ( more cleaning is waiting for me as dust went everywhere ... ) I hope they are going to finish today as my wednesdays are always very busy !!!

Here is my sunday progress:

I started a small project to bring with me when I have to go somewhere. I'll show you tonight or tomorrow (depending on my landlord schedule )

The kids are going to be off school wednesday to sunday then they will go back to school monday and tuesday and will be off for another 6 days ... In France, may is full of holidays !!!

I also hope to have time to show you our Disneyland pictures !!! Right now, I'm going to cover my furniture in my living room ( we did sit on our sofa last night )

Friday, April 25, 2008

Back to the doctor

Last night, Pierre had temperature : 38.5 ° (about 103°F) and this morning, he had 40° ( 104°) so I took another appointment to the doctor. Well, he has a strep throat ( you should see the size of his tonsils ... ) and the doctor think that yesterday it was some ganglions that made him have so much pain in his stomach. So now, he has some antibiotics and we hope he's going to be fine for our Disneyland's trip !!!

So this is where we are going to be tomorrow:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Disneyland Paris !!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Esteban is very happy to go to meet Mickey (until he meets him in real ) We are supposed to meet at Chuy's company at 5.30 am The buses leave at 6 am. We'll come back at midnight ... I only do that for the kids and because it was a very cheap deal hard to pass !!! I forgot to mention that the weather should be great tomorrow All I want it's to have a relaxing day (probably exhausting ) but a happy day !!!

I made some progress in my stitching but I'll show you on sunday .

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trip to the E.R.

This post should have been called : " good news for Pierre ". That's what I had planned yesterday. But yesterday, I didn't have time to write anything ... We had a very good day wednesday. In the morning, we went to Pierre's oncologist for his follow up appointment. He's fine and the good news is that he doesn't need to get blood tests anymore (unless something happen of course) and his next visit will be in 6 months (and not every 4 months anymore ) I could have chosen to have our next appointment in one year but I'm not ready yet ...

This morning was fine: one of Emma's friend was staying with us for the day. Then at 11.30, Pierre started complaining about his tummy. We thought he was hungry. Chuy was making hamburgers (one of Pierre 's favorite food ) but he couldn't eat. He went to bed and started to feel a little better so Chuy left to go to work. I put Esteban down for his nap ( still scare of that damn helicopter ) and right after I had two crying kids: I went to see Pierre (can't really do anything for this helicopter) I had to do something so I decided to go to the doctor but with four kids at home, I first needed some help. My mom came to my rescue.

The doctor sent us to the ER . Picture me driving, very worry, repeating to myself: "Do not cry! Do not cry! you are stronger than you think" Of course, it didn't work, it never works with me ... See, I'm not a good trooper, I'm more the chicken type ...

The pediatric unit is not finished yet so I had to go to the general ER where adults and kids are mixed ... Fortunately, they put him in a small room for kids. He had a x-ray taken and they found out he was constipated (it's like he's having a plug in his intestine ), even though he does go to the bathroom. They gave him a medecine so I hope he wil feel better because we are going to Disneyland on saturday !!! ...

Today was really scary for me and brought back some bad memories ... I don't handle stress very well anymore ... Next time, I'll ask Chuy to come with me because he's always a great support

I didn't bring my stitching to the hospital but I can show you my yesterday progress:

Today's ordeal drained all my energy and I'm exhausted ... After the kids goes to bed, it's going to be stitch stitch stitch to relax

Hope your day was better than mine !!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back !

Not that I went anywhere The kids are on vacations and I have less time to blog I did stitch a little bit though:

The whole piece doesn't fit in the scanner anymore so I took a picture with my camera so you can see better my progress. I still feel a lot of joy stitching this colorful design !!! Still no news of my old tree ... Weird

We had a great day yesterday: Emma spent the night at one of her friend and we went to pick her at 4.30 pm. The mom has a kid's cafe which was closed that day but she used it to celebrate her son fourth birthay. We met some friends and ended up having dinner with one of my them and her son. So we had good food and a relaxing evening. Pierre was soooooo happy as someone lend them a Wii. He had a lot of fun (Pierre's dream is to have a Wii but I find this little electronic device quite expensive ... ... ) At 9.15, we went to pick up chuy at work. If Pierre and Emma fell asleep very fast, Esteban is now scared of helicopters One night (and only one) an helicopter passed above us and reminded him the drill's noise that had scared him last fall .... So now, he's afraid the helicopter is going to come back .... Last night, I have to remind him that it was certainly a baby helicopter who had to go back to his mama and that NOW, the baby helicopter stays with his mama to sleep ... I hope if I remind him every night, he might believe it ...

Now back to house work: I have to change the kids' beddings Not as fun as stitching but more necessary.