Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Two brothers

Pierre, 10 and Esteban who just turned 2 . I took that picture when we celebrated Esteban's birthday at my mom's . If someone knows how I could get rid of Esteban red eyes , let me know. (if there is something free on the internet ??? )

For Terri Ann

It is great you got your kit. Do you have a blog or a gallery where I could follow your progress?


I was released from (jail) school yesterday !!! I now have 2 free weeks ahead of me as I don't know where I'll go after the vacations !!! I'll check my stash tomorrow to see what appeal me more. I took advantage to be at school yesterday to make some copies (just in case !!! ;) )
I finished all the bear and I am now stitching the little frame around the word "december". This is a great "in-between" project because I'm already tired of stitching those bears. That is probably why I didn't stitch a bear a month on the first place... I need something different. I may go for a bunny or the virgen. Or I'll find something in my closet ...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

one more day !!!

Still one more day and I'm on vacation !!! YEAH !!! F. was still agressive today. He fought with another kid ... I don't know what they are going to do with him but I think they will try to get rid of him. He's real bad with others students...
Anyway, today, a mom came to the classroom to tell me she appreciated what I did with her daughter. She felt her daughter is calmer, less agressive than before. I don't know if I really did something (I know the other teacher scream a lot ) but it was nice to hear a compliment ;)
I am now working on the santa's bag. It is almost over. I still don't know what to do next. I need to check all my stash on monday when I'll have MY FREE DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunny day !

Today it is a sunny day. We woke up at almost 9.oo am which is very unusual for us. We were kind of late for emma's drawing class but she made it on time ;) (it's at 9.30 am) Pierre followed at 10.30. At almost noon, Emma told me: "remember, this afternoon, I have the carnaval with my music class, I have to have a costume! " Oh! Oh! that's when I realized it was this MORNING instead of the regular scheduled afternnon class... Well, she missed it ... She got her violin class in the afternoon ...
I will finish working in my current school on friday. After that, I don't know where I'll go ... I called the lady in charge and she told they have nothing planned (no maternity leave - at least, nothing I could get :(( ) so that means, I'll have to wait next to the phone on tha monday after the vacations. I hate that ... You can not prepare anything, you usually arrive at lunch time. It's not a nice feeling.
Well, I'm still working on the calendar bear. I haven't decided which one is going to be my next project. I'll have 2 days next week where I'll be on vacaton and the kids at school !!! I'll have free time to stitch!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Long day ...

Today was a long day. We had the meeting for F. It was decided that when the teacher will come back, he will go to another classroom. The meeting finished at 7.00 pm and I arrived at my parents'house at 7.30 to end up here at 8.00 pm. Chuy is working in the afternnon shift. Esteban still has temperature. I may take him to the doctor tomorrow.
Now, back to stitching !!! yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hard day ...

Today was not an easy day at school. F, the very difficult kid , didn't want to do sport today so I told him: You play with us or you go to someone else classroom. He didn't want to go and he started saying: "I'm going to kill myself, I'm going to commit suicide ! " and he started to throw himself against the outside walls, against the outside windows.... I never experienced such a thing ... I sent a kid to get another teacher and she talked to him while I managed the others kids. That kid is in such suffering... I think he needs outside help ... Tomorrow evening, we have a school meeting to talk about the difficult cases in the school, and about F. of course.
Well, I stitched a little bit last night: here is my progress. Tonight, I'm going to stitch to relax: I DO NEED IT !!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Birthday calculator

Check this site. It is fun to learn about when you've been conceived, all the astrological signs, and more fun stuffs with the birthday.

Almost there !

I'm going fast on that bear even though I didn't stitch a lot last night. That's what is nice with this piece: I can stitch one bear and do something else. After the december bear, I may go up to the march bear. I may try to go back on my previous commitment to myself: stitch the current month bear. Of course, march is almost over ! :))

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have a head !

I did stitch last night. The bears are small so the progress are fast. I added the backstitch because otherwise you don't really see the design. On that design you don't have to stitch the whites. That's why the halloween bear is going to be fast to stitch: it is a ghost !!! :) I'll stitch tonight too. Right now, it is time to prepare the whole week of stitching (Waow, reading myself, I realized I wrote stitching instead of teaching !!! :) ), in order to free some time at night to stitch !!! Yes, I know I am addicted !!! :))

Friday, March 23, 2007

Stitching at last !

I did some cross stitch after several without. How nice it is to be able to stitch a little bit. As you can see I'm stitchinh another bear: it is the december bear. That's fine because the weather is cold anyway: it is close to a december weather.
I did change the fabric on the kit. I chose a 28 count white monaco that I brought back from Texas. I prefer 32 count but those were cheap (only 4.16$ a piece for a 20X24 ) I brought quite a few ;)
I think I'm going to stitch my calendar bear. That way, I have time to think about my next project. Chuy would like I make the Virgen of Guadalupe from design Work for his siter. I'll see. So many projects ... Vacations are coming: french kids will get 2 weeks on march 30 th !!! YEAH !!!! ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Look what I got today !!!

So I don't know if it's the may issue, it's not written anywhere. It's the issue 123 . My subscription was supposed to start with the may issue. I think the bunnies look better on San's blog than on the mag. I like the little angels. (even though I don't usually like angels )
I organized myself enough to stitch tonight. I made an enlargment of the chart at school today. It was too tiny to see well at night.
The kids at school are still tough. My voice is almost gone... I always have to raise my voice. It is exhausting ... Today, I was stunned at school : 2 kids were kicking each others and a teacher kicked them back to " teach them " how bad it is ! :o I don't really agree with that as I wouldn't like an adult kick one of my children. We'll see if some parents complain ...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My cutie is 2 today. Time flies !!! His has red eyes on the picture because he has blue eyes (Yes mexicans do have blue eyes too ;) Mine are hazel; my husband have light blue eyes)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Esteban at the daycare

Here is Esteban at the day care . We can buy the all package if we want. I scanned that one before buying any. We'll buy some anyway. We alwyas do :)) And who is going to turn 2 tomorrow???

Calendar bear

This is Calendar Bear from Design Work. I had started that one before the Winie. The project was to stitch one bear each month. Yeah right... I stitched 2 months , fell in love with another bear and cheated on these one ! lol I think I'm going to go back on that one. Like that I have time to think on my next project. Maybe a some Bunny too love; don't ask me why, I love those bunnies. I like the one with yellow rain jacket . Sometimes I have a problem with the fabric as i stitch only on evenweave. I'm afraid of cutting the right size so I prefer pre-cut ones but it's hard to find small sizes.
For the Calendar bear, I'm changing the design a little bit. Around each bear, there are some details about each month: fireworks for july, a glass of juice for august. I don't stitch those as they make the design too heavy. You can see a hot dog on the july bear: I'm going frog it soon ;)
School is still hard but my co-workers are nice. They took 2 kids in their classroom. The class is nicer that way. ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Great news !!!

No I did not win the lottery and can stop working (unfortunately :)) but I am officially done !!! YEAH !!!! It's a happy dance in here !!! So what next? Good question. I spent a lot of time on that one and I don't know yet what to do ... I have some WIP, a lot of stash, more stash I want to buy ... This is a endless story !
Answer to my 2 contestants: it took me 7 months to complete. I started on august 5th and finish it today on march 18th.


You can still guess when I started this project. There is nothing to win but it can be fun ... ;)
Yesteday, at least 7 people visited the blog at the same time but I didn't get a single comment .... Last time, I went around visiting some blog and a lady got 35 comments just by putting a picture of a flower ... (not even from her garden ... lol)

So ...

Well, last night , I stitched the letter N: that was my last letter ! Yeah! I almost finished the snail: he needs one eye and I started to finish the flowers: I'm working on the pink one. Project for this afternoon if I have enough time (I have to prepare my classroom for the week - hopefuly I could prepare for the next two weeks to give me time to stitch at night...) : a butterfly next to the kite and a bee under the letter N. I'll then stitch the grass under Winnie and piglet and Who will be done after ... months? ME !!!!! Back to work now ;)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Last night ...

So last night I stitched the bee. As I was not going to show only the bee (too small) I decided to show you all the letters from A to E with the backstitch . Eventually, you'll see a little bit the bee above the A . I am working on the letter N (my last letter in that project) I can't show you a pic as it is stitched with a very pale yellow. (nothing to see again) If I was not working, it would be already finished ... Only 2 people tried to guess when I started this project. I'll let you when I'm done so feel free to leave your guesses !!!


I'm already thinking about my next project but I don't know what to do yet. I want something that I can stitch faster than that one. Don't worry, I'm like all of you : I have a huge stash to choose from ....


Today, we went to do some shopping. We got a bike for Pierre. His bike was too small. One sport store organize a used stuff sale each year . People bring in their old bikes or sport items and if someone buy their stuffs, they get store credits. Pierre got a yellow bike for 30 Euros. It is in good shape with only the brakes to check. Kids grow fast, we are happy with that bike.

Friday, March 16, 2007


STITCHING NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaah !

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A picture !

Yes! a picture or you will all leave me alone on my blog with these terrible kids !!! lol I finally succeeded to finish Mr Winnie. And you see all the backstitch I did here on those letters. Well, no stitching tonight, I'm sure I will be able to stitch on friday as I don't work on saturday morning !!!!

More fun ....

Well , each day is an adventure in that school. Today, F. did left the classroom :o I had told him that if he was not doing what I told him to do, I will send him to another teacher's class. Well, he didin't like the idea and ended up going outside ! I had to run after him ... I'm so tired at the end of the day... I've never been that tired... I don't know if I'll be able to stitch tonight. I'll see if I have energy to scan what I finished last time... My cross stitch should be already finished :(( by now ....

Question ...

Who wants to substitute for me today ???? :)) Not time to stitch again ! I hate that ....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well, well, well

What to say about today ... ? No cross ttich yet (I'll start right after this message ) I don't think I'll have time to stitch in that school . Too many things to prepare , too many exercice to check ...
You my wonder if today was better than yesterday at school! Well, barely... The kid, who is a problem: (let's call him F) was still very high today ... At what point, he menaced me to leave the school and it packed his school bag. Thanks god, he just packed but stayed in the classroom . They are 29 but they drained all my energy. And yet, I try to be very very calm, I try to not scream too much, I also make an effort to talk with them about the situation in their classroom. I even surprise myself to be that calm in front of almost 29 brats :)) (some are nice but with a group like that it is hard to stay a quiet kid) Waow, I'm glad I'll stay there only 10 more days ;) (yes, I am counting the days to get out of here :)) One co-worker said about the teacher I am substituting for: she should stay at home until the end of the school year ! Oh no ! she can stop but not until the find me another school :)) lol I don't want them for such a long time :)) lol I am not crasy ;)

Monday, March 12, 2007

What I did .

I stitched the letter "H" yesterday. I did the backstitch on all on all the upper letters. I also finished Winnie. Do you believe I'm also done !!! I am so happy ! Guess when I started it?
On the other side, the bad news is that I don't have a lot of time to stitch. :( The class is exactly like the teacher described it on the phone: the kids are horrible ! They fight each others all the time and they are only quiet when they work .... One mother arrived at the end of the school screaming in the classroom about a boy who bothered her daughter all the time! She demanded that I changed the girl place. I'll do it tomorrow... Incredible ...ok, 3 weeks with them = 12 days total so I'll take one day at a time. Another thing to think about : vacations are in 3 weeks ;) Let's be positive, right ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

NO MORE LUMPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are two new pictures from today. Last night I officially finished Lumpy! Aren't you proud of me? :)) I don't know if you can see well but I finished some of the letters' backstitches. I am working on Winnie : I still need to add the color I was missing. After that I'll work on the letters and the bees and butterflies I haven't done yet. I want to finish it fast but the teacher I am going to substitute for won't leave anything prepared, so I will have a lot of work for the next three weeks...
Well, tell me what you think !!!! ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Still in the green world ...

I am still working on the green under Lumpy. I hope to finish the green today so I can start the finishing process.
I am feeling down today. I got my review today with the director and some parents complained about me. That was the most difficult class I ever had and they were hard to control. The woman who complained is the president of the parents association. She said her boy was not feeling well in the classroom (the same boy who was laughing and not listening this morning .... ) The director told me kids have changed since the eighties! Me I think it is the parents who changed, not the kids ... Anyway, on monday, I go for 3 weeks to substitute for a teacher who is taking a break from her class because 7 or 8 kids are too difficult ... Especially one who is really bad . Who is going to have fun? :((

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Almost there ....

I can say I'm almost there . No more purple but more green !!! All in half point ! :(( hate green. It is not my favorite color !!!! But I have to do it in order to finish fast. After that, I go from the top to the bottom to finish all the details I haven't finished yet.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New stash

Here is my new kit from Bucilla. I was afraid it will be aida instead of evenweave because I checked on the bucilla web site and they don't mention that kit with evenweave. The quality of that fabric seems close to the lugana 28 count. I am wondering if they do use Zweigart for their kit??? Someone know? I like this design. It looks a little bit like a painting. I never stitched such design. The chart is very clear with big code. It reminds me the Lanarte charts : clear and simple. We'll see when I'll stitch it if it is really the same quality.

This is a petite gold collection from Dimensions. This is a design Ill make for me. But I'll change the fabric so I need to find a black evenweave 32 count (to stitch only in sumer with a good light I guess :))
I am very happy with my new stash and I don't know what I will stitch after my winnie...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Lumpy has almost a complete head !!!

Here comes the little guy: his head is almost fully completed. I finished late last night (around midnight ... not very wise when you wake up early (6.40) ...) I was almost short with one thread but fortunately I had enough... If not, I would have had a write to the lady again ... I did some cross stitch at school (mainly back stitch) Tonight I expect to do the second ear and his "hair"
I got my last kit fro Colray-crafts and a kit I bought from ebay USA. American ladies who read me, explain me how this guy was able to send me the kit (a petite gold collection ) to France for only 27 cents???? If I remember well when I lived in the US the first class stamp was close to that price ! And it was send priority airmail! How is it possible (Me , I paid him 6 $ for the shipping .... do the maths :(

Monday, March 5, 2007

Not there yet ...

No I didn't stitch all day and all night long so that Lumpy is NOT finish YET !!! I didn't get to stitch until the night. Emma went to her friend's birthday and we went to visit my parents after the birthday. My father hasn't recover from his surgery and has to go back to the hospital on tuesday evening. Apparently he bled during the surgery and some blood stayed under the skin. it is going to be remove on wednesday. I guess the surgeon made a mistake not seeing the bleeding...
Today, I feel like a queen : 4 comments !!! Waow, that's great!!! thank you all for leaving a comment. Maybe I should put Emma more on my blog as she seems to attract comments like a lucky charm.
I didn't have time to stitch at school today. Kids were the same: noisy and unruly and at the end of the day, I got the silent ! :o They were coloring! That's the only moment the all class was silent! Incredible! When they need to work , they make noise and they keep quiet when it is the end of the day and they could relax a little bit... I don't understand those kids !!! lol

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Two larger views

A bigger photo for a better view. On the upper one, you can see the new letters I stitched : the F and G and all the purple I did last night. Emma insisted to be taken with the cross stitch so here she is. I may stitch more this afternoon but O am not sure to have enough time as Emma is invited to a birthday party at 2.30 pm.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Royal Paris is a great company !!!

Yesterday was a good day: I got my threads from the company!!!! YEAH !!!!!!! I stitched the letter "G" and did the backstitch on it. (if not, we barely see the letter as the yellows are very soft. I am back on the efelant now... I won't say I'm very happy about it but it has to be done ... anyway...

Yesterday, at the school, I did the music rehearsal with a group of kids for the school musical. That's the school director who chose that project so the teachers are not very happy about doing it! It's an adult musical who has barely been adapted for kids. I was supposed to join another teacher for the rehearsal but she told me to go to my classroom. So I did, a little lost about what I was supposed to do. I did not know the song or the story of the musical... I did my best ... what else can I do anyway ???

Thursday, March 1, 2007


ROO ! I finished my little guy this evening. I did most of the backstitching at school. I haven't got my threads from the Royal Paris company yet so I'm going to go on with the letters and what is around.
School went okay. Tomorrow afternoon, the kids from all the school are going to rehearse a musical. It's a nice school project.