Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's a celebration !

A celebration of life! It was on a november 11 th that we got the devasted news that Pierre was sick with cancer. I will never forget that date and what I felt that day. He's now 18 years old and even though life still has some challenges for him, he's a heathly boy.  If you want to read his story, you can read this blog post I wrote in 2008: the story of a boy.  



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My latest two finishes

First I finished Santa's feathered friend by Dimensions. I switched to a 28 ct lugana because I still don't like to stitch on aida. I love that design but you may remember I love stitching Christmassy designs.  

Santa's feather friend by Dimensions

I really enjoyed stitching my Santa and din't really know what to pick after that so after searching through my stash , I found another small design that got my attention: Christmas pudding by Anchor. I also changed the fabric and I picked an odd cut from the old Silkweaver: a Poltergeist opalescent. It was a quick stitch that I really enjoyed.

Christmas pudding - Anchor

So what's next will you ask me?  What did I choose now? Well, stay tuned !!! 

Thanks for stopping by fellow stitchers. 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

A finish !!!!! And long time no see !!! :D

Hello my fellow stitchers ! 

So here I come back with a finish. Well, actually I finished more than one piece since I last wrote on my blog and before that one I also stitched a Dimensions piece but I haven't taken any pictures yet. I stitched this Lanarte 34 300 ( no name as it is an used one ). 

But I'm sure , you want to know what I stitched in 2013 as well, right? I'm sure you are still as curious as you used to be.   So here it is :

Since Facebook entered in my life, I stitched less and started to spend more time on the computer. I am totally aware of this little sin and try to stitch more. 

You may also wonder if the kids have grown a little : well, I think they did, look! :D So what do you think? Not so little anymore?  

Don't hesitate to stop by to say a little hello !!!! 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

One of my favorite blog has always been Cathey's blog : Pumpkin patch and co. I always loved the name of her blog, maybe it's because I love pumpkins too. I have been following Cathey's blog for many years now, before she became the mom of a little cutie . We share the same love for cross stitch and I love what she stitches. Cathey is such a sweet lady ( I never told her but she's always been one of my favorite blogger. :) )  Telling that she's going through a tough time is an understatement: she's fighting for her life ... So today I'm joining many other bloggers in celebrating your blog dear Cathey. Hope you'll feel the love through our words.  

You're always in my thoughts dear Cathey  Stay strong  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A stitching year in review: 2012

Long time no see but I'm still here, stitching in my little corner of the world.  You may wonder what I stitched this year so here it is: 

My first finish was Cheery Christmas Stotcking, an Ursula Michaels design ( you may recognize her colorful style). It was a kit by Janlynn but I changed the fabric for a lugana.

Then I stitched a Lanarte ( with my huge Lanarte stash I better stitch one or two every year  ) It's a Marjolien Bastin design ( she's still my favorite painter ) I didn't stitch all the background though. I was not very satisfied with my finish but it's a lovely design.

I stitched that cute Vera the mouse ( another Marjolein Bastin design ) on a beautiful Tutti Fruitti fabric by the old Silkweaver. The result is truly beautiful. 

I also stitched that cute mother and daughter Beatrix Potter designed by my favorite designer : Veronique Enginger. I stitched it for charity.   

This year I totally fell in love with the latest release of the 2012 Lanarte collection.  I had to stitch it. You know how it goes : you can't fight love !!!  I really enjoyed stitching and to my surprise, the greens didn't bother me !!! ( Am I getting old ?  )

My last finish of the year was garden friend by Sue Hill ( kit by Heritage Stitchcraft) I changed the fabric to one in my stash : iris garden opalescent lugana ( old Silkweaver). I love those little birdie ( it's the second one I stitched ) but I hate the way Heritage Stitchcraft chart their designs ...  

And here it a collage of my finished of the year: 

I wish you all my stitching a happy New year ( we're still in january after all !!!    )