Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pre moving message.

We spent the day packing, moving boxes. I'm tired, my back hurt and I still can't believe we do have so much stuffs ... And to add to the fun, the forecast appears to be snowy tomorrow : double !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope they are wrong. The guy with the moving truck lives one hour from here and usually, it snows there ! Here, it's rare as we live close to the sea. Today, I asked one of my friends to take care of my kids and she also took the daughter of one friend who came to help us. And you won't believe it but she also fed them dinner !!! Yeah for great friends !!! I don't know how it's going to be tomorrow as my dad is involved in the moving and he is not known to have won the award for the most patient man on earth We'll see how it goes ...

I want to show a picture of my fuchsia. It's from thrusday as stitching is not in my to do list right now ...
I'll cut internet tomorrow morning. I'll check internet probably on wednesday. I'll miss you my friends !!! Be nice !!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just taking a break

No stitching tonight: I stll have a lot of things to do (understan: pack but let's not say dirty words )

I was checking my google analytics. It's always funny to see how people arrive to a blog.

People who typed those words ended up to my blog: "packing dancing" Is there a method I am not aware of that could make the whole thing fun and help me loose weight? Pumkin: we should be having fun and we didn't even know it

Some typed: " how to make a man happy" Gosh, they must have been so dispointed when they realized my man got happy by getting a huge insulated cup from his nephew

Antoher one typed: "story of a boy with 3 hair" The person must have very disapointed as at one point, my boy had no hair at all

Those puzzled me " windy clucki" " chelsea buckle tote dooce " он-лайн перводчик

One decided to type: " Chiloe rehab" I repeat it officially here: I won't go to rehab for being a cross stitch addict ! Is it clear?

I like that one: "
chiloe skip or not skip": I'll say: don't skip. I don't bite, try to be funny once in a while and usually show you nice pictures

What did people type before going to your blog? Aren't you curious?

Thanks for your nice and warm comments on my excting (understand : stressful) move !!! Today we bought Emma a new bed. My parents are going to pick up the boxes tomorrow ( Ho, the joy of mounting furniture : Marita I'm thinking about you here ) By the way, Marita, I followed your advice and brought some of Steb's toys in the house Thanks, I wouldn't have thought about it.

Now it's time to go back to busyland

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'd rather be ...

Stitching !!! But all I'm doing is packing and moving stuffs from the appartment to the house ... I feel the pressure of getting everything ready for sunday (we still need to buy a kid's bed as Steb is going to have a big boy bed .) Tomorrow, they come to deliver the stove. I haven't bought the dishwasher yet. Too little time, too many things to do

I tried to stitch a little bit each night to keep me sane and here is my progress.
I should have an internet connection until sunday. I don't know how long it will take me to have my connection again. I will be able to connect from my parents' house. I'm going to miss checking my mails everyday but maybe I'll stitch more and will finish my fuchsia: just kidding

Happy thanksgiving my friends who celebrate it !!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

We got ..........

the keys !!!!!!!!! Yep, the house is all ours and we can now start to move !!! It's still hard to believe that soon we'll live in a house ...

I'm happy to report Katha got her mag! Thanks for letting me know Katha.

A quick update on my fuchsia: still a lot of fun on this Lanarte!!! And it's time to go back to stitching actually (short post but I was very busy today ... sorry).

Saturday, November 22, 2008


What a smart tittle. Sorry aboutit but I'm tired. My neighbor decided it would be nice to have a party ... ALL night long ... and continue during the morning ... They woke Pierre and Emma up and Pierre decided 5 am was a great time to play with his Nintendo DS ... I tried to get even by playing loud christmas music but when my CD was finished, I heard they were listening to rap music

We went to see the house again. The living / dining room is really small and I'm not sure my computer desk will fit over there ... We'll have to do some brainstorming to see how the furniture can fit in that house ... Another surprise: one person who built the house decided it would be fun to keep the light in the stair way way out of reach and I'm not exagerating at all : a ladder is going to be needed to change the bulb and as you know: ladder and stairs don't match very well ... I'll take pictures one day to show you.

Thanks for your advice on my fabric getting dirty. I may try to wash it tomorrow and I now keep on it on armchair with the back facing out. Here is my progress.
Yes there is some green for the first time but not a lot. It's in 1 over 2 though and it's not my favorite ... Do you like stitching on 1 over2 ?

Winter decided it would be nice to make a comeback so it's freezing cold ... We better stay under the cover !!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Some sunshine in my mailbox

Look at what my mailbox delivered yesterday:

A mysterious blue gift. Is it an elephant in there?

Nope, something lighter:

A floss fob tag made by the sweetest person on earth: Barbara . I'm already the lucky recipient of another hand made gift won in one of Barbara's giveaway. She made that one for my birthday; isn't it sweet and thoughful? Thank you Barbara: I didn't have one yet and I feel joyous today thanks to you !!! It means a lot to me that you took time from your busy life to stitch something for me.

Today, we did all we had planned yesterday. First the agency, then the insurance company where we were attended by a very nice, smiling employee who will bright the day of the grumpiest person on earth. Then we headed to the post office where smiles are spare ... We tried to find more carton boxes (smaller sizes ) but we were not lucky ...

I forgot to mention that I took advantage to be at the post office to ship Katha magazine this morning !!! Watch your mailbox Katha and please, let me know when it arrive !!!

I did take my favorite break last night and stitched my beautiful fuchsia. I don't know why but my fabric starts to get dirty where the fabric was folded ... It bothers me because I'm afraid the colors may bleed when I'll wash it. I don't know why it's happening. I always wash my hands before stitching. Maybe it's because the fabric was folded? ( I did try to iron before stitching on it but the marks stayed ... ) Maybe it's my scanner? But that part is never directly in the scanner. Morever, the huge piece of fabric always stays on my armchair where nobody can reach it ... It's a real bother ...
I'm sorry I don't really have to stop by your blogs lately: I do try to read them though.

Have a great week end !!!