Monday, July 27, 2009

We're leaving !!!

Tomorrow we're going to Paris for a 4 days vacations !!! Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, maybe a museum or two: here we come!!! I'll try to take thousand of pictures to bore you to death !!! I won't take any cross stitch with me ( I hope I'll survive ) Maybe this break will give me the strenght to finish this one over two ...

So be nice and stay tuned for some pictures loaded future posts !!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still not finished !!!

Still working hard on my squirrel. I am focussing on the bottom ans still avoiding the 1/2. To answer Dany's question, I don't like stitching on one over two because it doesn't feel the same and the coverage is close to none ( we can see the fabric through and I don't like that.) I also love the sound of the thread going through the fabric and with one thread, I don't get that ... Anyway, as you can see, I'm almost done with the 2/2 so I won't have any more choice ... 1 over 2 or UFO's bin !!!

Of course, my little assistant insisted on being on the picture (he was really missing his brother and sister to ask to be ON the picture )

During the past week, some stash made its way to my mailbox !!!!

First, two Mango's books. I bought those because I am planning on stitching some designs for Emma's bedroom.

And then, I got my JJ's collectibles order that crossed the ocean in only four days. Someone must have thought I needed my stash right away !!! I'm planning on stitching those two pixies for Emma's bedroom. Yes, she does love fairies I ordered those during their 4 th of july sale but the two charts weren't on the site. They told me they will send me the Paypal bill once they will have the order ready to leave. Oh my! Who would have thought the embellishment pack for Pansy will be sooooooooooo expensive Next time, I'll try to find information on the price before placing the order ... Anyway, I'm very happy with JJ's collectibles. By the way, will you believe, I forgot to order one thread for Sweet Pea? : the Caron collection waterwilies 210 ... grrrrrrrrr I didn't see myself placing an order for only one thread so one stitcher who was making an order for herself told me she could order it for me but I chose the cheapest option: the wildflowers. They are not silk but I can't afford this expensive thread right now. I'm not even sure the design uses a lot of this thread ... Do you think someone will notice the difference?

My babies came back from their vacations yesterday and Steb was thrilled to have his sibblings back !!! ( we were too !!! ) I lent them my old camera and here are some of their pictures: Well not much: they went to a zoo so they took thousand of animals pictures and the camera got stuck on the close up setting so most of them were blurred:

Emma and her cousin Aurane:

Emma reading a magazine about Miley Cyrus. Yes, she's a Hannah Montana fan but I'm not going to stitch her Miley Cyrus in cross stitch

Monday, July 20, 2009

Already back !!!!! Can you believe it?

Madame la fée did it again: she released a new chart that I like (beside the pink fabric : too much pink for me ... ) Of course, we don't expect her to lower her prices, do we? ( 19 €uros, $22 ... no comment ... )
Here is my latest progress on my squirrel (still working hard on the bottom of the design !!! understand: still avoiding the 1/2 ):
Thanks for your nice comment on my small garden. You are all very sweet

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm here !!!!

I still don't have a lot of time to blog and spend a lot of time on the internet so I'm still very late in my blog comments. I check your beautiful work in my google reader but can't really comment. We are still at my parents's while they are on vacations with Pierre and Emma. They are doing well and they are lucky to have a better weather than us. (not fair .... ) Once again, my mom is disapointed by my brother's behavior so I'm not sure they will go back next year (even though she already said that last year ... )

I took time to take some pictures of my little garden this morning. I want to show my yellow rose that has some pink around the each petal. Click to enlarge to see better. This is our first pink rose. I wasn't sure it will bloom this year as we planted it in may.
And this is a view of my three rose bushes. I planted some red impatiens to make a border.
And this is my glaieuls; they were all supposed only this color:
Closer view:
But surprise:
We got some orange as well ! That's why I may not buy my flowers in a supermarket next year ....

And this is a view of the house with our flower on the windows. The neighnor's house seems so empty close to ours because he has no flower at all !!!
We planted some cosmos flowers along our wall with our neighbor but not all of them grew that much. Maybe we waited too long to sow the cosmos seeds.
We have also some Centaurea. Emma had sown some seeds and here they are. But it took us to time to plant them so not all are as tall as the ones you see. They can be blue, purple, dark purple or pink but we got mostly purple ones.
My squirrel? still here of course. I got so tired of the 1/2 on the top that I gave up that part to stitch the bottom where they are still plenty of 2/2. I know I'm going to pay that big time after I'm done with the 2/2 so get ready for a lot of whinning in the coming weeks !!! Well that is if I have time to blog ! lol ( click to enlarge ) And if you feel you missed all the stages of the squirrel, you can see the daily picture here in my webshot gallery !
Thanks again for stopping by and I hope I'll have more time soon to stop by your blogs to see your progress.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Pierre and Emma are now in vacations with their grand parents close to my brother's home where my parents are renting a summer house for the next ten days. I can't help it but I do miss them a lot even though they only left yesterday ...

Steb, my little sunshine, is with us and he decided he had to be on the picture this morning! Wait! Steb wants to be ON the picture? Too good to be true so he is ON the picture !!! (and actually smiling !) Who can resist such a smile? I want to cuddle him just by looking at him !!!

But let's not get distracted. I wanted to show you my latest progress because while the family is on vacations, we spend a lot of time at my parents' house which means I have a lot of time to stitch while Steb takes his nap ! Of course, like for the fuchsias, I stitched most of the 2/2 and am left with the boring 1/2 .... I try to stay focus but it's not easy when we don't have fun, right?