Thursday, April 29, 2010

What do you mean where was I ?

No, I didn't really disapeared but I've been quite busy lately. Sorry about that ... It's been so long that I didn't even wrote my easter report ... Oops!

The kids had a great easter eggs hunt. The easter bunny was pretty generous this year and brought BIG eggs ( and I'm not even kidding. ) Even thgough they were big, Steb almost missed some of them.

That one was a great Spiderman egg.

And when you open it, it's still huge (yes, he seems to appreciate it ):

Then we went to my grand'ma who had bought candies the kids don't like ( like always... And no, it's not because she's old : she's always been that way ... really ! )

And a cute picture of Pierre that day ( ah! the teenager years ... ):

And here is my cute baby, just because he's cute !!!

I'm not stitching much lately ( am I loosing my mojo? Scary isn't it? ) but I have an update to show you.

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, April 2, 2010

Gotcha !

Only one person noticed that yesterday was april's fool day!!! I couldn't resist having a little joke on my blog. If you were already stitching a bib for my baby you can stop because I am so NOT pregnant !!! It was a little joke to celebrate that day and have some fun !!!

I realised I forgot to show you some pictures of my little baby who turned 5 on march 21 st. I know, he's not a baby anymore but ... I can't help it, he's too sweet !!!
I think we can say he didn't expect this little Mario. He loved it!
He just adores his Spiderman quad.
Fun! fun! fun !
I received Wendy's prize: the chart and the chart pack for this Mirabilia design. Thank you very much Wendy. I've always loved this pattern so I'll stitch it one day. I'm a very lucky person.
We still don't have the weather to feel like it's spring but some flowers in my garden decided to show their colors:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A great news !!!

I couldn't wait to share a very important news with you : we are expecting a baby !!! It's a little unexpected but we are very happy and the oldest kids as well. And that's what made me choose my next project.

When I checked my stash, I saw many nice projects to stitch. I considered stitching this nice Lanarte ( but I couldn't find it in my stash even though it is in a file in my computer ... weird).
I also thought about stitching Dream keepers by Bucilla but there are lots of one over two so it scared a little bit .... But I love this design.
And when the news of the baby came, I checked my stash again and found this cute design by Marai Van Scharrenburg. Isn't it a beautiful project for a little baby?
I bought that one on Ebay and the seller had added her working copies so I was able to start right away. I'm stitching on the fabric from the kit. Isn't it cuter than on the picture from the kit?
Thanks again for the compliments on finishing my little mice! You are so sweet !!!