Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy 6 months anniversary to my blog !!!

Yes, my blog was created in january 24 th 2007 ! I've been blogging for 6 months now. What is funny is that I always wanted to do this kind of daily update on my progress. Even before I knew blog existed, I always wanted to create a personal page that will work like a diary. And here we are 6 months later. I still like to show my daily progress and I hope people do stop by and appreciate the blog.

So I'm sure you are all impatient to know what's new in potty land ! Well day one was a DISASTER ! He peed 12 times in his underwears ! Yes, you read well : 12 times ! When he was started to pee, he would stop right away and wouldn't do anything in the potty so of course, 10 minutes later, he would urinate AGAIN ! and so on all day ... By the afternoon, I was out of boys underwears and I made him wear his sister's underwears It was that or going back to diapers. I don't have a dryer and yesterday it rained all day long ... Well, before to go to bed, I sat him on the potty and here it was:his first pee in the potty!!! Felt like we won the championish Ok, ok, I admit it: I got that one by sitting him in front of the TV but I really wanted him to do at least one in there

Now, back to this old santa (at least him, he got potty trained a long time ago ) I finished the left part of the design. You can't really tell but I made a mistake in that part: I don't know where: I couldn't find it. Now, I need to stitch the armchair by going either to the left or the right. The right part seems easier. You will know tomorrow what I decided

I didn't stitch yesterday afternoon because I went shopping !!! One of my favorite discount store had a sale with crafts items. It's a store that burned down and they were selling everything 50 % original price. I got buttoms from Memory mates (some look like an electric garland - I may need those for a Stoney creek project!) I got craft csissors (I never noticed before how "S" were needed in that word ...) , 9 stencils (very useful to work with small children) , Texture plates (it's an embossing system) and the small tip stylus to use on it from Fiskars. I also go a punch to make some edges and I found 2 sets of chime sticks !!! I'm very happy with what I got!!!

Back to stitching


Carla said...

jajaja me has hecho reir con tu relato del entrenamiento de tu pequeño para que deje los pañales :D
el cuadro de Santa es liiiindo! yo creo que esta semana lo terminas...ya decidiste cuál va a ser tu próximo proyecto???

Missy said...

I love watching your Santa grow, so pretty!

Oooh, potty learning, no fun. I am not looking forward to it with our little guy. Best wishes!

: )