Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's getting cold !!!!

I think winter is ready to make its big entrance as the temperature dropped without any warning ( I don't watch the forecast ... ) Too bad as the kids are in vacation ... Today Pierre had a friend over. This guy is soooooooo cool: he's only 11 and a half and he has already his OWN cellular phone He will make every parents a looser as there is no way we'll buy Pierre a cellular he doesn't need

I hope my war against the yucky lices is over ( I didn't find anything in their hair today ... let's cross our fingers ... ) But in 4 days, we'll all get the oily lotion all over our head

I started to stitch the sheriff badge last night. It's strange how a small design can take so much time to stitch ... (it's clickable).

Tomorrow, we'll go to eat fast food with a friend and her daughter. The kid will play together and will chat about ... lices !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bugs bugs me !!!

I've been fighting lice on Emma's head She got those at school, of course I never caught any while at school, Pierre either. Emma has long hair (soon it's going to be shorter ... ) and I think we didn't make her wear a pony tail fast enough to avoid those creepy tiny bugs . And even though she was complaining about her head being itchy, I didn't find anything (mostly because I didn't know what I was looking for ... ) Then when I realised she did have lice, I bought the right shampoo to kill those enemies and of course, change her bedding, put her clothes four days in a bag to make sure those bugs will be dead before I wash the clothes. But you knw the worst thing about it ? She shared her bugs with ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here I was with that oily product on my hair ( ) Of course, I changed my bedding, put my clothes in a plastic bag and today, I discovered 4 lices on Esteban and one on Pierre So tonight, it is an oily night for the guys' head ... (and Chuy will do it too because I regret now having treated the whole family as the same time as Emma ... Lesson learnt the harsh way though ... ) Emma got them first, she "nicely" shared them with me, then shared with Steb (she loves to read to him) and didn't forget Pierre (their heads are so close to each other when one of the three plays the Nintendo DS ...)

Tomorrow we have one of Pierre's friend over which means I have to change their beddings, put the clothes in a plastic bag before the boy arrive. The boy is funny: he asks "is it going to be only me who is going to eat with you or my parents too? " I don't even know the parents so I don't imagine myself inviting perfect strangers for lunch ...

You know I didn't put the ticker to get gifts: it just reminds me that soon, I'm going to get older but thanks for thinking about me It's very nice for me to think you appreciate my blog a little bit Petra, I'm not going to do anything special on my birthday ...

Frogging was again a part of my life last night I had to stitch twice the letters W and E I guess if I was not blogging, I would have gave up a while ago (out of the window, trash can, drying cloth .... )

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Frogs !!!!!!!!

I don't know why we seem to have an invasion of frogs over the internet. In a lot of blogs I read, I see that a lot of you do frog a lot lately. I am no exception and keep frogging a lot on that one ... mostly the town's name (I always stitched them too high, too low ... ) Even though I do feel I am stitching backwards sometimes, I'm sure you'll see some progress; especially when I decided to quit trying to stitch the town's name and stitch something " wild "
I added a new ticker: yep, someone is going to turn one year older soon ...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I was able to stitch last night !!! It fell soooooooooooooo good ! I didn't advance too much because I stitched backwards again: I had to frog twice the same part I thought about you and decided to stitch his bag. Yes, why should he kill his back if he can't bring the gold back to YOU ! (it's clickable: you'll see the guy look tired just for your beautiful face )
One of my favorite designer is Veronique Enginger: most of her designs are published in the french mag De fil en Aiguille. But there is a good news: she got a book released !!! It's called: Souvenir d'enfance au point de croix.(the link is from the french amazon in case you want to order it ). You can see some images in this BLOG. I just love her realistic designs with a nostalgic touch.

The kids are on fall break for one week and a half !!! At last And the good thing about it is that we changed time so we can sleep one more hour: how cool is that? The plan for tomorrow is to go to the supermarket change Pierre's Playstation game and buy more ink for my printer.

See, I put an ads on my building entrance door to let everybody know my appartment will be available for rent in december. Well, a moron, jerk, unknown person decided it would be a LOT of fun to take my paper down everytime I will put one Anyway, I'm going to put some ads in different stores like the bakery or the labs and for that, I need some black ink to print my little ads.

I forgot to mention I added two widgets to my blog: you can officially follow my blog as this widget is now available here and the list of blogs I like that I imported from my google reader.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The fun has begun !!!

No I haven't been kidnapped by strange little grey men or stitched my treasure map for 12 hours a day. Nope, I just did that:

We had a visit today: an old lady who lives in a house and may have to live in an appartment now as she's getting old. So I decided that maybe it was the begining of the visits and I should start packing even though it was a little early (but actually I now think it is a good thing to pack early because we have so many stuffs that I better start early !!!) I also scrubbed the house to make it sparkle ( I hate cleaning )

And this is what you get when your daughter think it's pretty cool because she's going to help you packing A pile of carton boxes is THE perfect desk ...:

I also take advantage of the future move to sort things out ( understand: throw away toys ) Two bags so far (just the begining. don't tell the kids, I told I was just throwing away the broken toys bad mama ... )

Now let's talk talk about fun stuffs: stitching !!!

Look at what I got on wednesday in my mail box: Becca had asked me if I got a copy of the halloween ornaments mag. Of course, from here, I can only drool over them on my keyboard and Becca offered to send me a copy of the mag. She is a very generous lady. Then later, she added she sent a little surprise !!! And what a surprise: the christmas ornament ( that's when my keyboard stops to work drowned under too much water ) Thank you, thank you Becca: this is so nice of you to think of me and send me such a nice gift You really made my day and I am so happy. I love Becca's blog and we share many stitching taste. She often stitches something I then NEED right away

My old guy is getting stinky by himself: I haven't touched him ( don't imagine anything ) since wednesday evening and once again I feel I stitched backward: yep, I had to frog some town's names So no pic: sorry for the addicted ones

Now my back is very achy and I'm going to sit on my couch and S T I T C H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, sorry, I wasn't able to comment on your blog lately: too busy breaking my back ...