Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas - the day after

I hope you all had a great Christmas. We did ! We went to celebrat Christmas eve at my mom's with my brother and his family. As you can see, Steb was very happy to be there ( and ready to eat !!! ).

Like last year, my mom bought lots of sea food. I don't like sea food so I had my little special dish (yes, I know, I'm a spoiled brat ! lol). The cousins had a lot of fun together, especially Emma and her cousin who get along very well.

On the 25th, it was time to open the presents brought by Santa. Emma was very happy to get this electronic piano. Now she's going to be able to compose her music. She was doing it on an old electronic piano at my mom's.

She also got Hannah Montana season 2.

Steb couldn't believe he got a mini skate, just like his big brother.

At my mom, he got a pink Panther : he's a big fan !!!
Pierre was very happy: we have the Wii now.
Emma and her cousin Aurane. The poor girl has a double scoliosis, at almost 7 yo, and has to wear a cast for 45 days.

My mom had invited my grand'ma to eat on Christmas day. (you may remember she's not the nicest person in the world and this year, my sister in law did witness how she can be ... ) She tried the boys' mini skate !!!

And we finished the day at my grand'ma where more gifts were awaiting the spoiled brats kids !!! Of course, we had to do the traditionnal picture.

And what do you do the day after Christmas?

You put together 24 pinguins that come in 3 pieces each !!!

Christmas in brief:
Lost gifts: only one! The latest Hannah Montana CD for Emma.
Fingers hurt cutting boxes: only one! Mine ..... Ouch !
Cheesy gifts? NONE ! I know, I can't believe it myself !!!

Of course, I didn't stitch at all during the past two days but I can show you my progress of the 23 rd. I love my cutie !!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas !!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow day 1 and 2

We got two days of snow. I think the last time we had snow was two years ago so the kids were pretty excited about it. The first day, on firday, we only got a little bit of snow but it quickly froze so it was dangerous to drive on those icy roads full of inexperienced drivers who think they do know how to drive on ice ...

That was the last day of school before the winter break. Emma was the first one to go outside to enjoy the snow !!! And her mom was happy she had the winter jacket from Sears that she didn't really like at first ... It turned out the jacket was great to play outside !!! Emma was even able to use her new Hello Kitty boots that we specially bought for her to visit a garden with her school ( but she got sick and couldn't go to visit the garden which made her cry ... ).

The second day of snow, we got got more snow so it was the right time to make a snowman !!! Dad helped !

But snow can be heavy, right Emma?

More efforts and tadaaa !

Pierre made his own:

A mexican snowman? Something seems weird but what? Maybe the word mexican is a weird match with snowman !!!

But what the kids really enjoyed is: snow fight !!!!!!!

Look at my cutie ready to shoot !

If someone knows how to make the snow whiter with Photshop on Emma's picture, could you help me? I love that picture and would like to enlarge it.

Today, we decided it was the day to have a picture taken with Santa !!! I was very surprised Steb was very happy to see Santa and have his picture taken (you know how he can be camera shy ... ) I really like the picture and I really like Santa real beard: the three of them look great, don't you think so?

Do I still stitch? Yes, BUT there is a little change: I do like my Lanarte but it's not as excting as some other Lanarte sooooooooo right before Christmas, I decided to be a naughty girl and start something completely different: I fell in love with this little kit that I just bought from my friend Blue. Who could resist to this little guy? Isn't it the cutest Christmas cat you've ever seen? I'm sure you don't blame me !!!

And this is the first pic. I am stitching it on an opalescent solo by Silkweaver !!!

And let's finish with some winter humor :

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wanted: smart tittle !!!

Are you done with your Christmas decorations? We are still working on it. My mom gave us some some holly mixed with some pine branches. I thought it will look great if we mix them to form a branch and put it above a door. And that's what we did; acutally, Chuy put it together which means that if we were working in the fashion business : I'll get the money AND the credit as the designer and he'll get minimum wage as the worker !!!

Steb still had temperature last night so he stayed home to rest and make sure he was really better but the day can be very long without any sibblings to play with so he wandered close to a very tempting place: oh! oh ! Someone is going to get in trouble !!!
But today was also the day to send a letter to a very special person who better get it before december 24 th !!!
Did I stitch last night? Yes I did !!! But not as much as I wanted to and I got an unpleasant visit from the frogs ... I'm working on the upper left side because I want to stitch the bird to feel I'm stitching something. In this design, it's going to take time before we can actually see something that look that a wreath.