Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Magazines day !

I don't know if you remember but beside the World of cross stitching I also have a subscription to the Cross stitcher. It costs a lot of money to have it ship in France. One of my friend is married with an english guy so the mags arrive at her mother in law's adress and I have to wait until the lady comes to France or my friend goes to england. I don't mind the wait: I have plenty of stash to fill my needs for cross stitching for years to come ..... I like the charts but I also enjoy the articles in the english mags. French magazines are so boring .... De fil en aiguille has nice charts but the articles are not that interesting.

I finished the little girl's face last night: she's so pretty. I like the delicate details on her face. She's also so realistic and by now, you know I'm attracted to this kind of designs She will look even better tonight when she has hair

Since I've started my blog six months ago, I succeeded to finish 3 pieces: Winnie and Lumpy from Royal Paris, Birdhouse cage from Lanarte and Christmas stories from Dimensions. It's a great achievment as I used to be someone who will start something then will get bored after having stitched the main part of the pattern ... (check my UFO to understand what I'm talking about ) I took a picture of the three pieces together for you to see their different sizes.


Anonymous said...

I just love the face of the little girl. It will be a beautiful piece.

Brisa de Amor said...

Hola chiloe!!!
gracias por permitirme linkearte , esto me da la posibilidad de tenerte entre mis favoritos y visitarte lo contrario mi memoria es un desastre jajajaja.
Me encanto la pequeña niña, la expresion de sus ojos y si no entendi mal va a quedar mejor cuando hoy termisnes su pelo...espero verla cuando hayas finalizado. preciosa.
algún día me atrevo a agarrar una aguja para hacer algo. Mamá decia: agarra la aguja que no muerde, pero por ahora me da miedo...:)

Un beso grande para vos y felicitaciones.
te sigo vistando!!!

Anonymous said...

tout cela en 6 mois... j'en reste toute chose.

stitcherw said...

They are all three adorable. My favorite is the Disney piece, I love Tigger and Roo and this has both. Your little one standing behind them looks very pleased to be helping you show them, she has a beautiful smile.

Anonymous said...

Wow- nice finishes! I especially like the Lumpy & Pooh xs :)