Sunday, July 15, 2007

I introduce you to ............

The little girl !!!!

YEP ! She has a face. Actually, on saturday night I had stitched the top of her hair but I prefered to wait to show you the whole face. Well, the hair backstitch is not done, I only did the eyes because a face without eyes is a little bit blank ... So what do you think? I like the realistic look of that picture. After the little girl, I'll go up to stitch Santa's face!!!

Will you believe I found a (simple) way to get back all the features I had before on blogger: colors, pictures, fonts, etc... I just had to click on the "compose" button on the upper right ... When I couldn't write a tittle, it went to "modify the html code". I didn't realize it had changed then today, I just tried to click on the other button to see what will happen. And THE miracle happened : everything is back to normal !!! Yeah !!!!

Little grey cat: after I finished my ABC book by Lanarte, I will sell the chart, the thread that is left and the original fabric (I took an ivory lugana 32 count instead )

My mom called me yesterday to tell me how disappointed she is with her stay at my brother's. She said he barely talks to them. When my brother talks to his wife, they speak very low like if they are afraid my parents could hear. My mom feels really down and she said she won't go back next year. My brother has always been different. He actually changed when he turned 12. It's very sad because my mom did a lot of things for him. They paid for his school when he decided to become an engineer. Even my sister in law is weird. For example, she takes care of everything for her family and my brother is supposed to be in charge of his family. So that means, she will never buy a gift for my kids' birthday and like my brother never remember their birthdays, they don't get a gift... This time, Emma got something because she is there with my parents. Of course, I always buy something but I may stop because I think it is not fair for Pierre and Esteban.

Today the weather is nice so we're going to have a barbecue !!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the little girl is so pretty! You're getting on so fast with this one.

My brother is similar to yours. He was the most spoilt whilst growing up but when he hit about 17 or 18 he changed and seems to 'look down' on us now. He hardly talks when we see him and never tells us anything. If we ask how he is he's always 'ok' and if we ask if any news etc he always says no. How can you get through a whole year without having at least some tidbit of info or something funny that's happened to tell your family?

I would love to buy ABC off you when you have finished it. No rush though, I've got loads to be getting on with at the moment :o)