Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 finishes !!!

Here were last year finishes. So what did I stitched this year? Do you remember? Let's see !!!
First finished of 2008 was the Eskimo kiss by DMC (because that's what you do on New year eve right after midnight !!! )

Then, I stitched a wintery piece (normal in winter !!! I finished it at the begining of spring.) Snow family by Bobbie G design.

But apparently, I still fell in that winter spirit because I stitched this little birdie by Lanarte in july:

I stitched april shower by DMC (another somebunny to love design.)

In august, I stitched another Santa (it seems I have an habits of stitching chrismas during summer time !!! ) Noel by Alma Lynne.

I also thought august was a great month to finish my counrty cottage by Lanarte. This one was the most painful to stitch. I was so fed up with this huge design and don't think I would have finished it without your support and encouraging words. Thanks a lot !!!

In september, I finished another Lanarte:

And what did I finish on december 31st? You really thought I will let you go without taking advantage of the date with all these glitter (disco) balls out of your closets? Look at what I got for you: I know: you can't believe it !!! What pride can do ... I didn't want this one to be a 2009 finish ...

The ones who got left out:

Of course, the Oh! christmas tree by Lavender and lace is my biggest disapointment ... it was started as a SAL on a bulletin board and I was very naive to think everybody will stick with it ... I hope one day, I'll have enough strenght to pick it up again and stitch all that greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen because that Lavender and Lace design is really beautiful !!!

For the curious ones who haven't seen me yet, I'm here !!!

I want to thank everyone who takes time to stop by my blog to drop me a line or two !!! It really warm my day. Internet allowed me to meet wonderful people from all over the world and make great friends. I'm very grateful to have you as friends !!!

Happy New Year to all !!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Barbara, I solved my mystery !!!

Last week, I got this Christmas card with this cute little ornament. I was very happy as this is the only Christmas cards I got this year but I didn't recognize the person who mail it to me ... I was very embarrassed so I wrote Barbara an email to see if she will recognize the email of that person. She didn't. So I kept thinking about it and then, it hit me: I won a prize on the 123 buletin board Silly me !!! Thanks Rose (no blog?), I really love everything (even the postcards is in my tastes !!! )

Before I moved, I won a magazine on Ranae's blog ! I love this mag that I can't find here: it's full of ideas and willbe useful when I'll start to think of finishing technics for my small pieces.

Have you noticed I changed my template? I like that one better than the previous one and I already chose my post holiday template !!!

Our future neighbor is bringing some stuffs to the house next door. I guess he will officially move in on january 2nd. The first time, we saw him, we were outside with my mom and he got closer with his dog witout saying anything. I thought : who's that weirdo? ... Then he said he was going to be our future neighbor and we chatted a little. I didn't like him because at one point he criticized the landlor's father who had told us this future neighbor was such a nice (yeah right ... ) . I mean when you don't know someone personally, you don't start criticizing people, right?. He's a retired director from a bank (still, I find odd a former director will be renting and not owning his own place ... He looks like the guy at the end of this commercial about the dangers of internet for kids (really !!! ) :

I think we will try to avoid him ... Emma is so friendly with everybody ... Last time, she was answering to an old couple in the front yard. I'm sure, they will have asked her our phone number, she would have given it to them !!! How friendly kids can protect themselves? (they think the world is such a nice place ... ) Any tips?

Still working on my fuchsia.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We live in Playmobil land !!!

That's the way my living room looked this morning. I finally assemblied Steb's circus with the help of Chuy and Pierre. The circus is very nice: the lights inside can be turned on. Playmobil are nice toys that really last ( I still have mine !!!) For now, Steb is careful with it and we hope it will remain that way but he's a quiet boy so I'm pretty sure, he won't destroy it (otherwise, Santa won't be as nice next year !!! )

When Pierre was at his friend's house, we had one of Emma best friend for two days. It's the first time we had someone for a sleepover because our appartment was too small to have anyone ... Emma was so happy to have her best friend to play with. We all played with Pierre's NO panic game. To win you have to find words the fastest you can. It was a lot of fun. Pierre on the other side, had a lot of fun playing with his friend's playstation and Wii (actually, his friend, a single child, seems to have a lot of stuffs ... ) but Pierre got very sentimental at the end of the day (actually he was midnight). He cried a little bit and wanted to call us on the phone (he later told me he missed us). The mom told him it was not such a good idea to do so . Now, Emma is at her friend's house for the week end. On monday afternoon, she'll go to one of her classmates' birthday in an indoor amusment park (better be indoor as it's very cold right now ... )

About Christmas, I think next year, I'll go for a list , which is something I never did or wanted to do. I love to surprise people with gifts they will really enjoy or don't expect but always wanted and kind of dream on getting the same thing. But I'm married with Chuy and not with someone who loves to get gifts that will surprise his love one.... He needs to be guided I guess ...

I made good progress on my fuchsia even though I'm stitching some greens: Honestly, stitching a color that is not one of my favorite always make the whole thing less fun ... Am I the only one? So what do you think?
Stay warm !!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas ??? From what I read on some blogs, it seems everybody so far had a very nice day. Ours started nicely at my parents' house. My mom decided to have a candlelights dinner for the very first time. I know my camera didn't do a great job but you can see the atmosphere

My mom had sea foods for the joy of her guests (except me because I don't like sea food).

The kids had a lot of fun checking where was Santa on the NORAD website.

When we came home, the kids put their shoes under the tree.

We all stayed up late (secretly hoping the kids will oversleep in the morning ... ) Well, we woke up at 7.00 with the sound of Pierre throwing up. He woke up with a migraine ... Soon after, he was feeling better and we could open the gifts. Those faces make Christmas magical:

Emma couldn't believe she got the Barbie and her walking horse:
We then had lunch at my mom's. My grand'ma came to join the fun. I found these holidays less stressful than last year but it's easy as we went to Germany for the holidays 2007 !!! The kids are very happy with their gifts. I got only one cheesy gift this year. Chuy bought me a Will Ferrell DVD First, you have to know that Chuy IS a Will Ferrell fan (not me ... ) It offered me: "Stranger than fiction"! Please, someone tell me it's not going to be one of these dumb movies: please! please !!!! I also got (from him): a Minnie pajama (when I tell you he doesn't know what to get me and find whatever he can find at the last minute ... ) The only nice gift I got is my Pink CD's (well, I got only three gifts anyway ...) Talking about Chuy, he even wanted to keep shopping on december 24th ... I said NO and I was lucky, he felt tired !!! A Will Ferrell movie: I still can't believe it I offered him the 3 last seasons of Seinfeld (Amazon had a great deal: each DVD were $14.95 !) , a nice black sweater, a CD, a great DVD and my grand'ma offered him a stinky perfume (she does every year )

This year, it's my mom who got the cheesiest gift of all: my brother sent her an apple peeler Honestly, my mom doesn't see herself taking the big thing out of its box to eat a simple apple ... I thought it was one of her gifts but no, it was the only gift she got ... (and it's not even pink ) I don't know if my sister in law entered to the contest: worst gift you ever chose for your mother in law, but if she did, she may win first place !!!

And us, we got this (we are delighted, of course !!! ):
Hope you all had a great day as well !!!!