Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi there

I've been a bad bad blogger lately ( ok, it's been months !!! ) I guess I had lost my mojo or lost myself somewhere in the World Wide Web ( aka Facebook ... ) I had up and downs. We also got a sad summer as we learned that one of our friend's ex killed their son one morning. She had her only child when she was 42 yo, he was like a miracle baby and the guy killed his son just to get back at her because he was mad she left him four years ago ...

On stitching news, I did finish friendship grows:

I decided to not stitch the saying and I can say it's one of my favorite piece so far. It's nice when you finally stitch a design that you've always loved.

Then I decided to dig in my Lanarte ( what else ) stash and stitch whatever would attract me ( no matter the size of the design - yes, sometimes I'm crazy like that !!! LOL ) So you wonder
what it is , don't you ? So without further ado:

Flower bouquet

Now, you understand why I call it my insane project !!! I've started it on march 15 th and I'm still working on it : of course, as it is 20"X30" ( or 50X60 cm). Here is one of the lastest picture but I'm a little more advance than that. ( I haven't uploaded all my pictures yet. )

I can't wait to finish to start something a little smaller but I can honestly say that I am not suffering too much stitching that one. I did suffer much more for my Fuchsias. And you saw all that green ( ), well, don't fall off your chair BUT this time it didn't bother me too much !!!! I know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!!!