Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another update ! Already?

During the week end, we went to pick some cherries at my grand'ma house. Her cherry tree is full of cherries ready to eat. Birds love them so we had to act fast if we wanted to be able to share the feast. Steb was very happy to help ( and eat them).

We got two full baskets but we could only bring one home to share between my parents and I . My grand'ma decided to keep one to give to some people. We would have known , we would have brought another basket.

85 years apart.

My flowers are not growing very good. The weather is not very good: cloudy, windy, rainy once in a while . But I was surprised to discover a little unsollicited guest in one of my window box: a little pansy decided to adopt us . Isn't it sweet?

I've been working on my curtains for a while now and we can see some progress but I'm still avoiding the 1/2. ( click to enlarge)

Pierre and Chuy really love soccer and they have been watching all the matches they could. Today, they are supporting this team:

I feel my husband is a little nervous !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another progress !!!

I know I'm spoiling you but if you are still here , you do deserve it !!! Marita couldn't believe I was back at blogging but I am ( I mean, I hope I am ! )

I didn't have time to write a lot yesterday but I'm not enjoying stitching as much as I sometimes ENJOY my stitching. It's a cute design and I love the ahppy colors BUT there is also lots of white/beige colors that I don't really like. You may have noticed I was stitching the righ part and I did stitch all the fun colors until all I had left to stitch was the white blankie the baby holds. So I started it but it was so boring that I quit and decided the moon was soooooooo cute I couldn't just resist stitching some fun colors again. So here I am stitching the middle of the design now. Usually I like to follow an order so my stitching looks neat but not this time. I am trying to be a good girl though because I know it's going to back fire at me when I will only have some white / beige to stitch at the end ... That's why I'm stitching the curtains. Well, I won't only have some of those dul colors to stitch at the end because I also leave the 1 over 2 that I hate for the end ... The Fuchsias syndrom is going to haunt me again !!!! I may allow myself to take a break at one point if I can't finish it. Stitching has to be a pleasure, right?

My mailbox got very happy this week !!! First, she ( yes, she is a she ) received my prize from Suzanne blog: those two cute charts . Thanks Suzanne, they are very cute ( I especially have a little thing for the country chart )

Then she got this bag. And I can hear you very well ( yes I have that talent to hear what people think behind their screen ) It's a green bag !!!!!!!! And you know that green is NOT my favorite but this bag is actually great. I won it on Facebook and it's from Janlynn. The bag is very sturdy and the shoulder straps are great. I'm going to use it at my on the go stitching bag. It even has some inside pockets to put stuffs we don't want to loose . Green or not, it's miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine !!!

Enough sploiling for today ( I don't want you get too used to ) : got to stitch now. Thanks for stopping by !

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In case ...

You've been wondering if I still stitch, the answer is here :


I am avoiding the boring white loke colors to the more attrative and happy colors ... Nothing has changed as you can see !!!