Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here I am again !!!

When I wrote my post yesterday, I knew I had forgotten something but I couldn't figure out what it was. Then Karen ( no blog) asked what will be my next project and I knew! I wanted to show you my latest stash yesterday. You may remember that I am in an unwanted, totally bad stash diet . That means I have to resist to the totally cute designs I see everywhere around me ( when I browse ONS) BUT one day, I was lost on Ebay ( no clue how I arrived there - my finger problably slipped or got out of control ) , I saw one of the kits I've ALWAYS loved . I'm sure you all have one or two kits that you say to yourself: one day, I'll get that one. Well, that day was finally here for me ( even though it was not the right moment - too close to Christmas to be reasonable ... ) The price was fine but I usually spend less on kits ( I like it around 10 whenever possible.) but like I said, I' ve always loved that design . And I brainstormed with myself: you should buy it. Nanh, you can wait. But it's too cute and I'VE ALWAYS LOVED IT !!!!!! But it's more than you want to spend for a kit . Okay, okay, get it ! Yes, I'm just a weak, weak , hopeless creature ... sigh ... I can't resist cuteness , I can't ... Here is my new love :

Friendship grows - Sunset

Oh I can hear you! You thought you just said in your head but it was as clear as if you were in the room with me! Yes, yes, you did say the 5 letter word: GREEN !!!!!! I know! I know! I saw it too but my brain only focus on the pink, the purple, the butterflies. See, it's not me, it's my brain that is on total denial ! And then, I did something that could have made me want to change my plans : I opened up the kit and took a look at the chart. It's a Sunset kit and that company belongs to ................... Dimensions and you know what it means : blended threads, half stitches ( for the artisitc effect ... ) . I should have run away far far away from the Dimensions country BUT ... I' ve always loved that design and you can't fight love!!! And love hurts sometimes so if I have to suffer to stitch it, I will !!! I'll try to be strong, I'll pretend to love green just for the love of this design! Yes, I do agree with you: I might be a little crazy but it's a nice and safe craziness that make me happy !

I also got one of the beautiful Christmas design by Dimensions ( yes, them again). You may remember that every year, I buy one of their gold Petite kit. This year, I bought Santa's feathered friends. ( you know I have a thing for Santa !!! ) Last year, I had stitched Snowman and reindeer. Have you noticed that the " crafted with pride in the USA" has disapeared for a made in China ? Sad isn't it?

Santa's feathered friend - Dimensions

I'm still enjoying stitching my Lilly: it's really relaxing to have only 3 or 4 colors to choose from. I feel I'm stitching much faster which is not a bad thing as you know what is waiting for me right after Lilly is finished !!!


Thnaks for stopping by and sharing my craziness with me !

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New project

Thanks for your nice comments on my Lanarte finish: it's nice you haven't forgotten me. ( makes me happy)
So here it is: new year, new project. I chose Lilly by Nora Corbett mainly because I had the perfect fabric to go with it. I don't remember the name of the fabric or the name of the company. I bought it from Lady of stitches on Ebay. The fabric is really beautiful. Lilly is a beautiful design but I'm a little disapointed by the color of her dress: they are quite dull. I should have checked for some color conversions on the internet. I have to recognize it's relaxing to only stitch 3 or 4 colors and I really hope the fabric will make the design stand out.
Lilly - Nora Corbett

Friday, January 7, 2011

First finish of 2011

It should have been a 2010 finish but I only finished it on january 5 th. I started it on october 16 th. I really love it even though at the end, all these greens drove me crazy ( and discouraged ) so imagine when all was left was greens on 1/2 ( that I hate as well!)

01.05.2011 - FINISHED

I already chose my next project: you may know it already of you follow me on facebook. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I'm stitching .