Monday, July 2, 2007

If you don't see a leg, you may see ........

a foot? I made huge progress as my design has now the little girl's foot and her other leg. I even started the girl's dress and Stanta's other leg. My students watched a dvd this afternoon so I stitched a little bit during the class (a first). They looked at me with a strange eye! The dress has whole stitches and half stitches. (some with 3 strands but I chose to do only 2 ). Chuy does see a foot, so you should too !!!
Tomorrow is my last day at school. It's always sad to leave a school: I always get attached to the kids and my co workers. My co worker offered me a fountain pen with the character: the little prince. Our play was about that character. I was really touched by that gift. A little girl offered me a coffee set: cookie with a coffee taste, rare coffee and coffee candies. I don't drink coffee but it's also so nice to get a gift. Chuy will eat and drink the coffee.
Today Pierre had his visit to the kinesiologist today. It's amazing how he says he doesn't know why we go there. It is like if he doesn't realize he has trouble speaking well (with good sentences I mean) She says he probably realize it but it is hard to accept and he prefers to pretend everything is fine. She gave him more exercice, some massages for his back and in september, she will do physical therapy to improve his motor skills. She wants to try to improve his self confidence. At the end, he told her he wants to be brave. Did I tell you that beside his leukomia, Pierre almost died at birth? He actually got a stroke , probably during pregnancy, lacked of oxygen at birth (he swallowed the mecomium). It is a lot for one little boy I think.........
Talking about his leukomia, we received a letter that was asking us to participate to a study about the effect of the chimio on children in order to measure better the medecine in the future. I'd like to have the results but we never get any results ... I know that after the chimio, the liver is full of chemicals.... that's the price to pay I guess ...
Back to stitching !!!

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uy si si lo veo!!! un pequeño pie :) ... has avanzado muchisimo!!! esta quedando lindo :)