Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun report

I stitched more on my Lanarte last night. The colors are really vivid and very nice to stitch.

Pumkin, it didn't upset me you said my first picture looks like an upside down duck: it made me laugh

On saturday afternoon, we went for an almost free (we paid only a small fee) afternoon of merry go round rides. Chuy's company organized this fun afternoon for the employees kids.

Steb decided that a nazi salute could work as a waving hi He did that all the time ...

At the end of the day, Steb was getting tired.

Steb is probably the most difficult kid on earth to take a picture of. If he sees the camera, he will turn his head or close his eyes (see below).

Pierre starts secondary school tomorrow. Of course, he's getting anxious and worries a lot about having to eat at the cafeteria ... It's a big step for him and I can't help being anxious too. I hope he will find something he will like to eat ... I know it can also help him to grow, get more mature. I know I'm a worrier: I really hope it goes well tomorrow.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy saturday.

I'm still faithful to my birdie and he's growing steadily :
But I got tired of stitching the frame (I have mainly to stitch the frame with one thread only and you know it is not my favorite !!! ) But I grew up and I am now ready to stitch 2 projects at the same time without one becoming an UFO !!!

So last night after finishing the 2 over 2 on the birdie, I happily grabbed my new project: my Lanarte bouquet. Now I'm sure everybody can recognize one flower

I want to show you my next project after I'm done with the bouquet with the butterflies. I know it's full of greens but I can handle it, right? It's also a big one ( 49X39 cm) but like I told you, I will now mainly stitch one big one and a small one at the same time. (but I may change my mind ... again and choose a complete different project )

I'm sorry I haven't be able to comment a lot on your blogs lately but I've been quite busy with homeschooling and preparing the back to school. It should be back to normal next week after the kids start school (Pierre on monday, Emma and Steb on tuesday.) Tomorrow, I'll show you the fun afternoon the kiddos got Come back to see us.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by and dancing with me for my Lanarte I'm so happy I'm done !!!! At last !!!

So I'm free to play with my little birdie !!! Yeah !!!! I made some interesting progress and with that one, I can always say: I'm almost done !!!

That's why I fell free to start a little something new This is actually my next larger project (a medium size to be exact) It's an 8 X 12" (22 x 29 cm) Yes, it's again a Lanarte (couldn't help it ). I'm using the fabric from the kit (less brain storming to find the perfect fabric ) By the way: I'm sure you have noticed: not a lot of green

I'm still busy with home schooling but we are going to finish tomorrow. I bought 3 little gifts for the girls: I "tortured" them during two weeks and they almost didn't complain so they deserve a little gifts. For lunch, we are going to take them to Mac Donald's so moms could chat while the 6 kids will play I checked all my school supplies and I am missing only 2 or 3 things. (not too bad with 3 lists )

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tadaaaaa .......................

You really thought you will be old enough to retire when I would have finished my Lanarte but I have proved you wrong !!! Oh, let's all go get our glitter ball first (every stitcher MUST have a working glitter ball in her closet! ) and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:

(Yes, it's clickable for your enjoyment ) You know what I can't believe? I started it on march 28 th Jeez, I've been dealing with that one for 4 loooooooooooon months ... Well, I did take a summer break (stitching my Santa Noel and my april's shower) which helped save my sanity and sense of humor Now, the exciting news: I feel free to start a new and larger project (this is me in looking at my stash - ok I'm drooling too but I need to keep giving my reader the impression that I am a respectable wife and mother. : that's not the way to see me, right? ). I chased my forgotten stitches and I even found a large part still unstitched . I think I didn't forget too many stitches ... Anyway, if it looks finished for you, I'll go ahead and won't interfere with you ! I really want to thank you for your support because there were really some moments where I just wanted to give up on that one .... Thank you all !

I couldn't believe it was really finished and that I could stitch guilt free on my little birdie !!! I did make nice progress on the birdie though:

Now the progress will be slower because the frame around the bird requires to change my threads every 4 or 5 stitches. It's a really cute birdie. I really hesitated before choosing the fabric as I had never stitched on some so dramatic fabric before but I don't regret it at all.

Today while I was away at my friend's house, Chuy decided to do some cleaning up. Translated from men's language, it means : making piles and making it impossible for your wife to find HER stuffs ... He was very nice to buy bread this morning but he lost my good bread knife (but I am a woman that means I am smart and have a second bread knife to save my day )