Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New WIP picture

I was happy to start Angel kisses yesterday. First because I'm making it to offer it to my sister in law in Texas and second, because it's my first solo by Silkweaver (32 count). That's why I chose to scan a larger than needed part of the design in order for you to see a little bit the colors. I may need to stitch the white as my fabric is light blue. The original fabric is white and there is no need to stitch the white. I really like the chart: it's big and clear (a big change with Christmas stories that was so small) I don't mind anymore the mixed colors (but there are not a lot of them ) I think that one may go very fast as I am not going to stitch the background sky. I want to stitch the little girl's head. Her face is so beautiful, so perfect for a cross stitch design. I'm sure Lourdes is going to love that design. She once stitched an angel from a Stoney creek magazine.

That's actually the first time I finish a project and start a new one the next day. Usually I go through my stash, check several kits, can't really decide, go back to my UFO (just in case I want to finish one - never happened so far) and decide for one I really want to stitch. This time I knew I was going to start that one (I was supposed to start it after Birdhouse cage from Lanarte but I fell in love with Christmas stories )

Monday, July 30, 2007

My city

While visiting my blog, don't forget to click on my city to make it grow bigger : Chiloe city All you have to do is to click and it will automatically make my city grow! Thanks a lot to take part of this game !!!

Thank you all for your nice comments ! Don't hesitate to leave a comment. Today I discovered
Ciottina's blog and even though I don't speak italian, I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful pieces she's making.

Happy! happy dance!

Sorry for the late update but that's it: I finally finshed it !!! I thought I will be able to post a picture yesterday but I didn't stitch on it. I finished all the background on friday and I don't know why I waited to stitch the title of the book. But there it is: completed after 2 months.

It will probably look much better with natural light.

Well, ready for my next project. I want to use my solo but the fabric size is 16 X 25 ( 40 X 63 cm) and the design I want to stitch on is 12 X 12 (30 X 30 cm) I wonder if it will be wide enough and if I won't waste too much of the lenght ... It is my first solo so I don't want to mess with it ... I know I'm a little too excited about that solo: I'd better go to bed to catch some sleep. I'm also excited about starting a new project. It's funny how we barely you look back on those old UFO

And for those who are still interested about our adventures in potty land: I have something official to say: I want to leave potty land ! Gosh, that boy doesn't care about peeing in in his underwear ... Well, tomorrow it will be one week since we have started the whole fun

Saturday, July 28, 2007

More stash ....

Look at what the mail carrier was nice enough to bring me this morning. This is the chart of a kit called HIVER (winter) by the french company : Bonheur des dames . Isn't it beautiful? They have a lot of nice kits over there but the prices are a bit expensive ... The stitcher ( Gj17 ) I bought it from is stitching it as a SAL with some others stitchers. You can see some of their progress here . It's going be hard to resist starting it ... I love all their little characters .

Here are some kits I like too:

For those who wonder about our adventures in potty land: it's going no where ... Yesterday I got two IN the potty and two OUT of the potty ... And this morning: it was half and half ... The problem is that he doesn't ask to go. It just happens and it doesn't seem to really bother him ...

I'll try to post a picture of Christmas stories by the end of the day (so don't hesitate to come back )

Friday, July 27, 2007

My next project

Some of you asked me what is going to be my next project (and some shy ones wondered about it ) Well, here it is: Angel kisses by (yes again) Dimensions ! I am planning on stitching that one for my dear sister in law in Texas who likes angels. I am going to stitch it on a solo by Silkweaver : my first solo (so hard to get ... ) As my fabric is like a sky, I'm hoping on skiping the backgroung I am not sure it will be possible but I'd like to start as soon as possible as I'm tired with Santa's background ... First step: get it out of the stitching closet . Step 2 : make a copy of the chart with my printer and step 3 : get the threads sorted It is so good to get distracted that way

So what do you think? Who stitched that one before? I may stitch the main characters first and get stuck with the background at the end ...

Ok, ok, back to stitching Santa

Boring, boring, boring ...

As expected, doing long lines of half points is really boring ! Especially, I mainly did dark brown lines ... If I was not close to finish, it will end up as an UFO . It also help that the design is small ! ( 5"X7" - 13X18 cm) I still have 2 lines above the last brown I did and it will be the highest I'll go! I hope you appreciate the update ! I didn't blog yesterday because the progress was barely visible.
Tell me if the picture is too small... Thanks! Edit: I thought the picture was too small, I put a bigger one !

Yesterday was dentist day for the kids. It was the first time for Emma and she was scared even though she saw Pierre in the dentist chair doing okay. No decay was found ! As they brush twice a day, that's what I was expected !!! The good thing about dentist in france is that I paid only 21 Euros (about 25 $ ) for the visit and I'll get everything back from the goverment. It's really good because in texas, I didn't have dental insurance and I was always afraid to have a problem in a tooth... Here people complain sometimes about their health insurance system: they just don't know how lucky they are to be able to go to the doctor without spending big bucks ... One of my brother in law didn't have the money to have dental work, so he paid to have the bad tooth removed ... very sad ...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Santa is also finished

Of course, I'm talking about Santa himself, not the whole picture I succeeded to do both side of the armchair. I still have some details to stitch on it and I'll move on to the background. (you know: the one with those mixed colors stitched in half points for artistic effects ... ) So we'll see pretty soon if it will be a happy dance or an UFO (hello little grey cat She's keeping an eye on me , I better treat her well ) We'll see if tonight I'm up for some artistic effects ...

Part 3 of our adventure in potty land. I know a lot of you are reading the new Harry Potter . Here we don't need such a book to get some excitment A 2 years old boy fill your needs for fear (Oh my god! he's going to pee on MY sofa ), emotion (yes! we got one ! ) , for the feeling of your heart beating faster (he's PEEING! where is this damn potty?! ), for love (Isn't he the cutest boy you ever see in underwear? )

Pierre had an appointment with his oncologist this morning. He goes there every four months. They did a blood test for the study they are conducting about the long term effects of the chimio. The doctor decided to also do a blood count. At first, Pierre didn't want to go to the service where he used to go even though his favorite nurse was there. She did the blood test and Pierre cried because he was very scared. Pierre has always been very sensitive to pain (since his stay on NICU actually ) It was so sad to see him cried like that... Pierre always been very scared of the needles over there. I don't think they are bigger than the ones at the lab where we go. I think it's the place that scares him more...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy 6 months anniversary to my blog !!!

Yes, my blog was created in january 24 th 2007 ! I've been blogging for 6 months now. What is funny is that I always wanted to do this kind of daily update on my progress. Even before I knew blog existed, I always wanted to create a personal page that will work like a diary. And here we are 6 months later. I still like to show my daily progress and I hope people do stop by and appreciate the blog.

So I'm sure you are all impatient to know what's new in potty land ! Well day one was a DISASTER ! He peed 12 times in his underwears ! Yes, you read well : 12 times ! When he was started to pee, he would stop right away and wouldn't do anything in the potty so of course, 10 minutes later, he would urinate AGAIN ! and so on all day ... By the afternoon, I was out of boys underwears and I made him wear his sister's underwears It was that or going back to diapers. I don't have a dryer and yesterday it rained all day long ... Well, before to go to bed, I sat him on the potty and here it was:his first pee in the potty!!! Felt like we won the championish Ok, ok, I admit it: I got that one by sitting him in front of the TV but I really wanted him to do at least one in there

Now, back to this old santa (at least him, he got potty trained a long time ago ) I finished the left part of the design. You can't really tell but I made a mistake in that part: I don't know where: I couldn't find it. Now, I need to stitch the armchair by going either to the left or the right. The right part seems easier. You will know tomorrow what I decided

I didn't stitch yesterday afternoon because I went shopping !!! One of my favorite discount store had a sale with crafts items. It's a store that burned down and they were selling everything 50 % original price. I got buttoms from Memory mates (some look like an electric garland - I may need those for a Stoney creek project!) I got craft csissors (I never noticed before how "S" were needed in that word ...) , 9 stencils (very useful to work with small children) , Texture plates (it's an embossing system) and the small tip stylus to use on it from Fiskars. I also go a punch to make some edges and I found 2 sets of chime sticks !!! I'm very happy with what I got!!!

Back to stitching