Saturday, February 28, 2009


Santa almost has a hand and seems ready to take the name of the naughty boys and girls So let's talk about you ladies: will Santa include you on his good girls and boys list?
This afternoon, I wanted to check my fabrics for the Booo project but I exercise instead (what a good girl I am ) I only did 3 miles because I hadn't exercised in two weeks and I didn't want to overuse my body

Talking about
Madame la fée, she has a new chart. I like some parts of it but I don't really like the big flower vase on it. Maybe there is a way to replace the vase? What about you? Do you like it?

Barbara, are you getting more daylight? We are and it is delightful when the sun is out. It gives me more energy, makes me happier and gets me to think that soon, I'll have fun planting flowers in our brand new garden !!! Spring is almost here, ladies !!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Santa needs his book !

If I want a gift next year, I better stitch it, right? So that's what I started to do last night.
I am feeling better so I may go back to exercise tomorrow which will be a good thing as I didn't exercise in two weeks.

I also need to do my grocery shopping tomorrow: my fridge is almost empty and my cabinets are starving as well. Chuy who was not supposed to work next week, is going to work two days (unless they change their minds ... ) This month, we lost some money on his check ... And because, this information will make you think, did you know the richest woman in the world gets 700 000 euros a day from the interest of the bank ( = $890 000) and of course, she doesn't have to work for her money, she was just born in the right family ... It's not our case, so we'll have to be careful not to over spend ...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Natalija gave me an award on her blog. I'm brillante !!! (does it mean I need to shine my shoes? ) I'm supposed to pass it on 5 people. I know a lot of you already got that one (but I don't remember who ??? ) So I'm going to give to Akila, a stitcher from India who has started a blog not a long time ago (check it out if you want to discover her stitching and her traditions.) Marie deserves it as well as she's a great stitcher (and a Lanarte lover like me.), Andie, ~Tammy, Karen .

Beatrice was sweet to also give me an award. Thank you very much Beatrice, I really appreciate it. I need to pass it to 5 people too. It's hard to choose as you all have been so supporting of me but I count on you for passing these awards to your friends as it feels so goog to be appreciate . So it is going to go to Marita who's been supporting me for a while. Yvonne, Jean, Pumpkin, and Tammy (who, for a long time, I thought she was ~Tammy ). Please, spread the FUN !!!!!!!!!

Now Santa is ready to write his list (better be good, ladies !!! ) Once again I stitched the fun part first so I'm left with the green book. Someone can explain me why Santa's books are ALWAYS green? The book on Christmas stories by Dimensions was green also ...

Talking about Santa's: I really laughed at Karen's comment: "Aww cute Santa. I think you get Santa withdrawal if you don't stitch one version or another of him every couple of months " I think she really knows who I am !!!

How do I feel? Still not my best ... Thanks for your support. It really means something for me

Monday, February 23, 2009

Watch out !!!

He's watching you !!!!

On saturday, I got the flosses I bought from Missy. She was kind enough to sell them to me. Thank you very much Missy! I love this rounded envelope !!!
Look at all the beautiful colors !!! Yummy, isn't it? (yes, I had fun sorting them by colors !!! )

I don't feel well today. I don't really know why but I'm very down so I'll keep this message short. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I've been bad .... again ....

I couldn't stay more than two days without a needle on my hands, right? So I checked my stash to find something small. I can't have a big project while I still have another big one waiting for me to be finished ... I can't ... I will feel too guilty ... So what did I find? If you look at the picture below, I'm not sure you can't guess what I chose !!!
It's actually a weekenders by JCA called Good girls and boys (it comes with the mat). I think it's from the 2008 collection. You know my love for the old guy so here is another one for my collection !!! Of course, I changed the fabric for a blue diamonds 28 count opalescent lugana by Silkweaver. It's a small design: 5" X 7" (or 13 X 18 cm).
Thanks for your advices for the Booo pattern. I have some grey fabrics and lots of Silkweaver fabrics so I'm going to write down all your suggestions and check my fabrics with the threads. Today I got my mail from JJ's collectibles with the shipping bill for my threads so I hope I'll get them very soon !!!

Thanks also for your good wishes about my health. I was feeling a little better today. I think the antibiotics are working but now I feel tired, probably from the infection .... Today we had lunch with a friend. School starts again on monday. Next vacations? April 3 rd !!! Can't wait !!! Now stitch and bed ... I'll answer my mails tomorrow ...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday? I need your help !!!

Myspace Comments
I haven't touched a needle tuesday and wednesday nights ... Doesn't sound lile me, right? I don't feel like stitching the fuchsia (too bored ... ) : I know I have to !!! I don't know if I should choose a specific area, like the green left on the left or the one part of the pinks ... Or should I start something totally new? Sooooo tempting ....

As you know one of my future project is Boo by Madame la fée and I need your help to choose a fabric that could look great with this pattern. I never stitched an Halloween project so I have no idea which color could look great. Any idea? I have some Silkweavers in my stash (but I don't have my missing threads though as I haven't gotten my order from JJ's collectibles yet.).
Pierre had his appointment with his cancer doctor yesterday. The check up went fine. The doctor was in hurry so we didn't stay for a long time. Pierre had been off treatment for 3 years and a half now.

Otherwise I'm taking antibiotics as I have a kind of pimple down there (if you see what I mean or where) that got infected . That's really painful and I now walk like a duck and have to sit strangely I should have gone to the doctor a little bit earlier but you know as it goes: we always think we can deal with it ... Hope the 2 weeks of antibiotics will help as infections can be scary, especially when you read all about the resistant germs ... Of course, I stopped exercicing . I take vitamin C to help fight the infection. Do you know if there is something else I could do or take to heal faster?

Thanks for your nice comments on my Hello Kitty finish! Emma is thrilled but I'm sure she secretly wonders when it will end up to her bedroom