Monday, March 31, 2008


It's monday and it's the day after we changed time so the kids are tired (and their mom too ) I had to wake up Steb and Emma this morning. Last night,I forgot to put a diaper on Steb so you can imagine the boy and his bed ... Oops

Thanks for your best wishes for Pierre's school : keep your fingers crossed but I think we also need your toes on that one I know It's should be a little uncomfortable until may but it's for a good cause, right?

On friday my landlord came to take some measurements of the two french windows we have in the appartment(my bedroom and the living room). Of course, before his visit, it was major tidying in my unperfect house (it's funny sometimes how a basement can be very useful ... ) See I'm the queen of piles and I live with three little mess makers That's a dangerous combination in a small appartement ... When the landlord saw the living room, he said: "Wow, it's full here" It's not: every single spot is just optimized

Maybe you just want to see my new progress:

I'm having so much fun with that Lanarte kit !!! It's of course better in real !!!

Edit: I took out the link I had posted (even though you may still have it in your readers) because I hadn't checked the other pages in this link and actually, what I read was quite schocking ... Some people are really crazy and I don't want crazy people to arrive here because of this link ...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday report

Yesterday we had our interview for Pierre's school. Saying like that it seems we are going to enroll him in an expensive private school Pierre spent one day over there last week and loved it! He met one of his friend (who were at Pierre's school last year) who welcomed him. This school is a public school but they have a different approach of teaching. They have only 22 students per classroom but they only accept 44 new students every year... Last year, they had 88 applications (I think the number is higher this year.) so Pierre's chance of being accepted are very very slim (especially because they choose a little bit of good students, a lot of average and a few kids who have difficulties - like Pierre ...)

The interview went well but it's always hard for me to have to talk about Pierre's leukomia ... I often get that teary eyes I can't help even though I make a lot of effort to control them ... The teacher we met told us Pierre could be doing great in that school but he doesn't take the decision. A board will meet and we'll get the answer in may. He also told us to think of another school. I know that but honestly it's hard to find a school that will deal properly with Pierre's difficulties ...

On the stitching part, I am happily building a bird house !!! Lanarte charts are so easy on eyes and you always have the feeling to move on so fast. But you should see the fabric: it's huge !!!!!!!!!!! I have a little blanket on me The design is supposed to be 43 x 37 cm ( 17"x14 1/2")

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do you want a good laugh?

Why? Because it's saturday and you need to relax after a stressful week Well, remember this post where I was telling you how upset I was with Chuy's niece wo didn't send the package on febuary like she had said? When Chuy called, she said, she sent them on march 14 th. Today, we got 4 packages on the 11 she said she has sent.And what is the date ?????????? March 24 th Do you believe that ? Anyway ....... I got some of my christmas stuffs but 3 little angels are broken: too bad, they were very cute. And I got some of my charts back and some clothes.

The mail carrier asked if it was me who had called them about some packages sent from Germany so I fell really bad telling him that yes, it was me ... He said: " but the packages are not from Germany"... So I try to explain the best I could ( understand: without telling him the whole lie story that is getting worse and worse) that it had been sent from the american base in Germany ... The guy probably thought I was dumb not making the difference between the USPS and the german mail (thanks god, it didn't talk about the dates that didn't match ... it would have been more embarrassing ... ) Anyway, Chuy called to say "thanks" (maybe it was for the 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese she sent for the kids - the big box )

Wait: it's not over yet I know: it's hard to believe You may remember I bought good chocolates from Belgium for Lourdes, my sister and law and friend. I also bought her some winter hats for her kids (she asked for those) and some drying cloths for the kitchen (they work much better than the american ones , trust me on that one ) Anyway, I was surprised she never called to say thank you ( are you guessing what's next? ) so I have Chuy to call his niece ( after all, it's HIS family ) and she said she sent it (no clue on the date - she is supposed to have sent it in december when we left ... ) I received a mail two days ago telling me she sent it to her mom (my other SIL) and her mom HAS it ! Now the question is since when that package is waiting to be given at my sister in law's house ? Those chocolate are fresh ones so I don't know if they are still good ??? And the Texas weather is getting warm ... Lesson learned: next time, I'll take care of everything

I committed a stitching sin last night ... Yes, I'm a weak stitcher (and you love it !!! ) I'm sorry I couldn't resist to a
Lanarte kit calling my name (have you noticed how those kits can be very persuasive? ) So here is my little sin:

And this is my first progress picture (not very impressive but you know I like to show daily progress )

It's stitched on a 27 count cream jobelan. The fabric is not serged so I'm doing it by hand (no sewing machine living here ... ). I know I could use some masking tape but see, I'm a rather tactile stitcher; that means I love the feel of my fabric on my fingers and I don't think I'll like having tape on my fabrics. Will you be surprised if I tell you I love the colors on that one too?

Two or three days ago I did something you won't believe:

So, aren't you proud of me?

And if you are still here after this long (and I hope not too boring) post, I want to thank you all for your very nice comments for my snow family finsh !!! You are great and you always make me feel better when I'm blue ... THANK YOU !!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

By the way

do you still have this glitter ball in your closet (attic?) ? Well, get it out because we have a happy dance here :

Click to enlarge of course You won't see the sparkles: I didn't succeed to take a good picture... Now I feel the itch to start something new . No, no, I have to stitch some greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!! (please, tell me I don't have to

I updated the Oh christmas tree SAL blog (not that I'm the most passionate stitcher in that SAL ... )

I wanted to show Barbara unbirthday gift with a photo montage. That's something I see a lot on french blog but I didn't find the way to do it so I'm going to show you what she sent me the old fashioned way (sorry Barbara ... ) She sent this little decoration. Isn't it beautiful? I put it right away in my entrance so it can welcome every visitors. Thank you Barbara: you amaze me everyday with all you do with four children .

I got some good mail today: understand stash Remember I told you I ordered a silkweaver grab bag? I got it today 9 squares of pure happiness