Friday, July 6, 2007

Santa has 2 legs

I didn't stitch last night so this is my progress from wednesday. I need to work on the little girl dress now. I am still busy even though Pierre and Emma are in vacation.
Tomorrow we celebrate Emma's birthday at the park... So keep your fingers crossed as the weather is still uncertain !!! Rain ... No rain? There is a mother who is stressing out because she thinks she won't be on time to pick up her kids at 5.00pm. I told her to not worry, that I won't let them alone at the park. Then, a friend warn me that she is used to pick them up much later than she says (like 7 pm Well, we'll see but I hope it won't happen .... I don't want to have to stay at the park until very late, just for her kids ....
Chuy is still making the pinata and like always, he's late. He always keep everything for the last moment so .......... here he is working on the pinata and like last year, he's going to finish late to have it ready for saturday afternoon ... One is a Diddl's face (his first: he made a Nemo last yeat and a pineapple: for lack of time) The second should be a very traditional design: a star ! I have to admit that his Nemo was great and it was sad to have it broken chuy is very talented but he never starts when he should ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Chiloe. Santa is really coming along now. The colours are beautiful. Really christmassy.

I hope the weather is fine for you tomorrow at the park and a happy birthday to Emma

Anonymous said...

Your Santa is coming along nicely - I enjoy seeing it grow.

Hope Emma has a great time at her birthday party and that the rain will stay away. :)

Carla said...

Espero que el clima este bueno y no llueva para que la fiesta de cumpleaños de tu pequeña salga fenomenal :)