Thursday, April 30, 2009

My snowman just got his baby! Look:

You may remember my yesterday picture of my pregnant snowman right? Well, he delivered his baby because I had to frog that part last night !!!!!!!!!!!! Barbara, snowmen can have babies if they have been snowwomen before a surgery but that's another story That's the same old story: you know how I always keep greens for later so I did three stitches in the shape of an L to be able to jump to the next part of blue and what did I do? I miscounted and I had to frog everything from the previous night ... I didn't stitch the same part ( I never do in that case because I'm too aggravated by myself ) Instead I started to stitch the leash/belt with greens in it: I guess I have to punish myself for being such a fool .... I should have known better because it already happened to me in the past ... Always count and recount when you jump from one part to the next part .... I love when I seem to stitch backward !!!
Tomorrow is May day and it's an holiday here so stores should be closed. That's why I and everybody else in town decided to do their grocery shopping this morning: it didn't seem very good when the parking was almost full at 9.00 am The store was as full as a saturday morning when it's payday ... Anyway, we're ready for a three day week end !!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My snowman may look like if he's pregnant but he's not I'm sooo happy I'm not stitching the white : I do feel I'm progressing faster !!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wow! Wow!

Look at what I got in the mail today: I was shocked when I went to the mail box to see a big enveloppe. First I thought: it's for my father! He and I share an Ebay account and often he forgets to change the address. But, no, it was for me !!! The enveloppe was thick !!! Look:
Even though I knew Marita was going to send me the chart from her advent calendar, I didn't expect a thich enveloppe. I fell in love with the nativity on her Dimensions calendar and plan to stitch it and frame it. Marita generously offered to give it to me but she never mentioned she will add some goodies: a Winnie the pooh leaflet, a book (you knew you will make me very happy with an english book !!! ); some candies for the kiddos ( I'm secretly hoping Pierre won't want his to steal them, I mean, to not waste them !!! ) and a cute little card. Thank you very much Marita !!! You are a great friend and you brightened my day !!!

We decided not to send Pierre to the speech therapist on wednesday. We prefer to wait for 7 days to make sure she's fine. Pierre is not the luckiest boy when it comes to life threatening illenesses so it's better not to take any risks. In my opinion, she should cancel all her appoitment for the week as she works with small children. We are also very concerned for Chuy's family in Mexico. A four year old just died two days ago with a high fever and they don't know if it 's from the swine flu. My father in law is going to turn 96 years in june and his health has been bad for some years now. They live in a small town 8 hours from Mexico city but there are already some cases in Guadalajara, 2 hours from their town ... I'm thinking about buying and shipping them some masks from here as the masks we can see on TV don't really seem to be the one needed ... I may ask our doctor if he can prescribe us some Tamiflu to ship to them as well.

I'm having so much fun with my snowman !!! He's progressing very well ! I'm even having a blast with the back stitch!
While Marita was looking for a winter jacket this week end, I checked the kids summer clothes in order to see which ones still fit and which ones we could try to sell soon. It's raining today so we are going to forget about summer clothes for the week I guess I also decided it was time to do something with the boxes we still have in the living room. I bought four bins and I'm going to sort everything I have in those boxes. I guess we can say I'm spring cleaning

Someone is celebrating a brithday day: guess who !!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy mail day !!!

I read very scary news on Yahoo news today about how a new kind of flu (mixed strains of humans and animals )has appeared in Mexico, (with cases in Texas and California). Read all here ! And do you know where is Pierre's speech therapist in vacations right now? Yep, you guessed right: in Mexico ... Anyway with thousand of people travelling everyday, that flu is not going to stay where it started ... but it is scary (imagine the speech therapist bringing this flu here .... )

Emma is fine. I didn't take her to the doctor because it was not swelling. But my arms were very sore the day after because I had to carry her from the school to the parking lot ...

My snowman is getting a scarf. I finished the cute little animal (squirrel?). I love stitching the back stitches as it gives life to this design. I even choose quarter stitches when I think it will look better ! I know I'm crazy but with the evenweave it's easy to do !
I got a happy mail day this morning. I bought two kits from a stitcher who was selling a lot of kits at a very good price. It's also a little sad because this lady is a single mom and I think she was selling a lot of her stash because she needs money.

I got this lady on her terrace that I always like:
And I got that one and yes, I can hear you very well right now !!!
Have a great week end !!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I love this little animal onthe snowman shoulder: he's a cutie. I don't know if it's a squirrel ? I love the colors on the snowman. It reminds me the colors of the Donna Kooler designs. I'm a happy stitcher right now !!! And you know what? No WHITE to stitch because, probably for artistic effect, the white part is left unstitch !!! 

Earth day was yesterday but I'd like to share with you this nice google logo.

Not much to say except the weather is still great. (hope you could enjoy spring soon. It's so hard when winter doesn't want to leave ...)   Emma fell at school and twisted her ankle: let's hope she'll be fine tomorrow. The ankle is not swollen so I didn't take her to the doctor. (bad/good mom decision?)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun with a snowman

Thanks to Missy's blog, I am currently craving pizzas ! Realy bad when you know we are going to have chicken tonight ... I hate cravings .... wish I can order one ...

I am having a lot of fun stitching my snowman. I don't know if I will stitch snowmen if we had a lot of snow. I just love snowmen for their cuteness. I noticed I never stitched for a purpose. I think I just stitch because it relaxes me and as a stressful person, I need to relax a lot What I regret is to not know how to finish my pieces. I'd like to know how to make biscornus, fobs, and so on in order to offer hand made gifts. I want to stitch the hat then I'll probably stitch the scarf. I also need to stitch some half cross stitches in the background (you know, the famous ones known for their artistic effect ... ) because otherwise I'll ba the whinning stitcher who cannot finish this background !!!
We got a very nice spring day today and we should have a warm day tomorrow! (rain should come back on saturday though ... ) Don't you love looking around you and seeing all these flowers and greens on trees? (I don't mind green on trees ! I swear!