Friday, November 30, 2007

Last day!!!

Today is the last day of the NaBloPoMo I did blog everyday this month !!! Yeah !!!

I did concentrate on my Lanarte yesterday trying to fill all the gaps I forgot (or avoided) while stitching the fun colors So I was stitching, stitching when I realized I was almost done after having done a huge part od the half point and a big grin appeared on my face! I still have a lot of the confetti stitches to do but the end is near !!!

Missy tagged me to tell you 7 dirty secrets I haven't told you yet ! I will think about it and post later (seems I don't have any secrets )

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stash !!!

Today, I got the kit I ordered the day of my birthday:

I even love the little picture on the lower right part of the kit. I scanned a close up of the design so that you can see all the details !!! Isn't it cute? I may not stitch the numbers as they did it. On the other Winnie (click if you don't remember) , the letters looked much better with one color.

I don't know when I'll stitch it but it was sooooooooo cute, I just had to have it! (I know that you know that feeling ) And it's not my fault if the catalog arrived the day of my birthday I think it's smaller than the other Winnie (there is only one Lumpy ! which is good as they take forever to stitch !!!)

I tried to be a good girl and stick to my (lovely ) vase. I mainly stitched some white (I leave it to the end but I still have to stitch it ... ) When the white will be done, I think I'll have the feeling I'm almost done (not quite unfortunately !!!)

Thanks for sharing your stories about kids' eating habits. I don't think the appoitment with the nutrionist will be to make him eat a heathlier diet (meaning eating vegetables and fruits) It will be more to see if he has all the vitamins he needs to grow (as he's not very tall) We've been dealing with Pierre's eating problems since he started solid foods (he was about 6 months old. Being a first time mom far away from home, that was very unexpected and I probably didn't react the way I should have ... (The pediatrician didn't really help me. ) After struggling for about 18 months, I gave up and gave him what he could eat (mainly maccaroni and cheese ... ) Anyway, the nutritionist will tell us if Pierre needs supplements or not.

Back to stitching

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What is it today?

Busy wednesdays !!! Today was not exception to the rule. I took Pierre to speech therapy at 9.30 then we headed to the hospital where Pierre had his appointment with his oncologist. We discussed about Pierre's poor diet and my worry he could be missing vitamins to grow. He only grows 4 centimeters a year which is not a lot ... So Pierre is going to see a nutritionist and she's going to run some tests on him. He lives on pastas, french fries, tortillas. Last time, he tried a pea ! Yes, you read well: ONE pea ! He never eats vegetables or fruits. You should have seen how my mom tortured him today when she asked him to drink a fresh orange juice she made for him.(I wanted to find a smilie of a glass of orange juice but I only found those: Not suitable for a kid ... ) I'm sure the nutrionist will ask me to record his eating habits so I'm going to start tomorrow. If it takes a month (or more) to have an appointment, I could bring her something to work on and we won't be wasting time waiting for another month until our next appointment.

On my way to the exit, I met the mom of a little girl who got sick at the same time of Pierre. Her little girl is doing fine but I learned that a teenager who had a bone marrow disorder died despite a second try of a bone marrow transplant. It's so sad ...He was such a handsome young man. She also told me a little girl who had a rare cancer died after they tried a bone marrow transplant. This is so scary ... On december, we are always invited to the christmas party where the child and his sibblings see a show and get a gift (the great part for them ). It's always nice to meet the parents we met during those hard time but at the same time, I'm always afraid to learn that a child could have gotten sick again... The fear all parents have ...

Enough sadness in this post (maybe you stopped reading it already ) I stitched a little bit last night because it took me time to write an email about our crasy trilingual family so maybe you'll see a difference between the two pictures and maybe not !!!

It seems almost finished but there is still a lot of work to do (where is the smilies that throws a fist? Didn't find any )

Thank you sweet pea for the links about the address labels. I ordered from
colorfulimages but I saw very nice ones on the links you gave me, especially one with Hello kitty on it!!! I saved the links for later ! I have all my orders going to the APO address so I save on shipping charges.

My father in law's pneumonia is improving but he now seems to be disoriented: he says things that make no sense. Could he had suffered a stroke also? Chuy is very worried...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday .

I am still working on the nest and still bore with it ... I'd like to finish it as soon as possible and be able to work on my sweet fairy !!! I still many a lot of stitches to do in this nest.
The day care's pediatrician checked Esteban's wound and she took out the steri strip. It's amazing: we cannot see the hole anymore ! It's just like a regular cut. I'm going to try to buy a medecine to avoid scars today.

Monday, November 26, 2007


can I buy stationery on line? Do you have any link to share? Thanks !!!!!!!!

Edit: I'm looking for stationary like Hallmark. (fun stitckers, writting pads, adress labels, and so on ...)

Frog ...

Thanks for your comments about Steb's lip. The steri strip doesn't really sticks above the lip. That place is too humid so I'm afraid it's not going to heal very well ... There is always a doctor at the day car center on monday, so I'm going to ask her to take a look at his lip.

Yesterday afternoon was very quiet so I did some stitching. Pierre went to his grand'ma's house, Emma went to play with a friend and Steb took his nap. When Pierre came back, he started complaining about a headache. I gave him a pain medecine but he cried and ended up throwing up. This morning he was feeling better and went to school. I took advantage to a visit to the doctor this morning and asked him if his migraines could be linked to the chemo he got. He said there is probably a link and he gave me a natural medecine to drain his liver. I hope he will help ...

Here is a picture of my Lanarte ! I stitching the nest actually. You may have noticed that I didn't stitch the right part like I planned to ... I still hate what I'm stitching ... I even tried to stick to one colour but it's still boring... After I commenting to Karen's blog, I realized I made a big mistake on the right part I took the wrong thread on the floss separator So I frogged ... Of course, I wondered how I could make such a huge mistake ... Yet, I check the picture regurlarly but I thought it was normal ... If you check both pictures (today and yesterday) , you will see the difference.

Great ! I just got an email from the Disney Store: they shipped the package !!! Target only sent the 2 mugs but not the tee shirts (even though it was written on stock on their web site ... ) Let's keep our fingers cross that all the orders make their way safely to Germany and on time for christmas ...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Warning: long post !

If you don't like to read but like to look at pictures, you're going to be very happy today because I have a lot of things to tell and show you.

First, Esteban got a little accident yesterday. We were going out to buy him new shoes (as he jumped from one shoe size to the next one in one month or one month in a half). I didn't realize it right away (I even thought it was his slippers that were bad ) Pierre and Emma's shoes always lasted longer than that ... Anyway, while in our way to the garage, Steb fell down and got injured on his face (above his lips) I think a little rock took some flesh away because he had a little hole. So I took him to the doctor to see if he needed some stitches. As a stitcher myself, I thought if I could practise on him, he would be fun !!! Just kiding As we arrived at our family practice, I could see that our doctor was here so we just sneaked in and he took Esteban very fast. He didn't required stitches: he put steri strips instead. The only problem is that the steri strip doesn't stay very well ... I hope he won't have an ugly scar ... He was very brave at the doctor office and didn't cry too much. (I have 2 screamers at home )

Let's talk about stash: I have something new to show you. So I got my chinese charts, my world of cross stitching and I bought a new french magazine with a lot of christmas designs !!!

I saw those on an american bulletin board (click to enlarge) The colors are stuning.

Nothing really exciting in this one (beside the bear on the cover) and the next issue is even worse ...

You know I love Christmas and there is some nice stuffs in that french mag.

When we came back from the mall yesterday, I found a package waiting for me in my mailbox. It was my christmas partner's package Finally I don't need to tell you I'm very exciting about seeing all these goodies I am a reasonable girl and I didn't touch any of those to make guesses of what it can be (not like a 7 years old girl who is checking everything while I am writing to you Of course, now she can't put everything back the way it was And she said: "you know what it's nice? It is that I like to put things in order I think I should have recorded it for the time she complain when I ask her to clean her room )

Even though Emma told me:" I don't see you stitching anymore", I did stitch last night and I made some progress filling those gaps between the snail and the vase. You saw yesterday I stitched very fast the pink petal (fun colors I can't resist ) I try to focus on the left part but I keep doing a little there, a little here ... I really hate that part (oops: I almost forgot the picture Have a great sunday and thank you for reading such a long message (not too boring?)