Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm in love !!!!

It took me some time but I finally found a website that has the new lanarte kits from their spring catalog ! I have to say if I was disapointed in the past because their kits were not as beautiful as the old ones, I have to say that this time, they did really well !!!

I'm totally in love with this new Marjolein Bastin kit, summer bouquet :

The colors are so beautiful and we can see that Lanarte did a great job at charting Marjolein Bastin great art work. I can't wait to buy this one . Hope it won't be too expensive because I really really love it !!!

I also love two other kits and I'm pretty sure they are from Marjolein Bastin too : Wild flowers:
The colors are so bright. I love happy colors : they make me want to stitch until the end of the night !!!

Look at the colors of poppies:
Just by looking at the picture, I already want to stitch them.

There is another Marjolein Bastin, little bird:

The colors are not as bright but it's a nice picture and maybe in real, the colors do pop up a little more.

They also have a stunning lady, lady of camellias:

Isn't she beautiful? I may buy this kit too one day !!! They have another lady if you like to stitch beautiful woman protrait: Gipsy woman.
Of you prefer some flowers, they also new designs:

You may like to stitch some animals and I think those chicken are very well done !!!

You can see the other kits HERE .

Don't you think they really have a great spring collection this year? I'm glad they went back to work with Marjolein Bastin paintings: she's such a talented artist . I think her summer bouquet will become a future classic. So what do you think: do you like them? Which one is your favorite?

I have to add that I wasn't paid by Lanarte or didn't receive a free kit to do this review ( unfortunately !!! LOL ) As you know, I'm just their anonymous number one fan !!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My WIP 2011

Thanks everybody for your kind words: seems like you didn't forget me after all.

Today I want to show you my latest stitching. I've owned that kit for almost 10 years: I had bought it at Michael's on sale after Christmas. I always loved the colors and you may remember colors are the key to make me finish a project. That's why I always choose carefully

what I'm stitching. I know, you want to see so here we go: Yes it's a Christmas design !!! You may recognize an Ursulla Michael design.

I've started it in december 2011 and here is my yesterday's progress:

As you can see, i've stitched almost all the stockings. I still need to stitch the last on the right. There are lots of green in that one so it's not a surprise if I kept it for the end, right? I also need to do some backstitching on most of the stockings. I'm stitching it on an opalescent white lugana 28 count and it's really nice to stitch.

I have to admit it : I forgot to show one finished last time. Well, it's not completly finished as I didn't add the beads ... yet ! Let's face it: I've never beaded and even though everybody says it's easy, it does stress me out a little bit and I have nobody to show me how to do it so it's anunfinised fairy for now ...

I took a better picture of Friendship grow to show you :

Isn't it beautiful?

Of course, you can enlarge each picture if you want to have a better view.

Thnaks again for stopping by my dear stitching friends !!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Did I stitch in 2011 ?

Hi my ( lost ? ) fellow stitchers.

First I want to wish you a happy New Year. I haven't blogged in a long long time and I'm hoping to go back to ( maybe) daily blogging in 2012 ... We'll see if I can do it.

I'm sure you're wondering what I stitched in 2011 so here are some pictures ( I got lots of computer problems lately so I lost some pictu

res and took those from my facebook albums.) :

I started the year by stitching a Lanarte ( what else, right? )

Nesting box with pink roses:

After that I completed the kit I had showed you in a previous ( old ) post:

Friendship grow by Sunset. I know there were a lot of green BUT I really enjoyed stitching that one. It's really beautiful.
Then I decided to get crazy but I didn't know how crazy it would be because it took me 6 months to complete this Lanarte kit.

Summer bouquet stitched on the fabric from the kit.

After I completed my insane project ( that was is secret name !!! ) I finished my on the go project ( mainly because I was tired of big projects and I didn't know what to stitch next.)

Vera the mouse by Lanarte stitched on a solo by Silkweaver.

Of course, I finished it quickly so I chose another small kit to feed my stitching craving:

Hideaway by Sue Hillis ( Heritage stitchcraft) stitched on the fabric from the kit.

I finished it fast and I decided to stitch another Lanarte but I was not ready for a big project yet so I chose this small Lanarte kit.

Lanarte 34231 stitched on the fabric from the kit.

And then I fell in love !!!!!!! I saw the picture on the cover of a magazine and I had to get it AND stitch it fast !!! lol You may remember I have a weakness for the Somebuuny to love characters and that one was perfect. I did change the colors for the hat, gloves and boots to make them more chritsmassy and it totally worked !!! It looks better than the original design !!! I was so afraid I'll mess it up but I'm pretty proud of myself! My first attempt at a color conversion did work !

Making friend by DMC for the World of cross stitching.
I didn't manage to finish my current WIP before Christmas ( mainly because I had lots of down moments during Chritsmas ) so it will become my first finish of 2012. I'm already thinking of my next one and don't be surrprised of I go back to a Lanarte ( what else ? !!! )

I didn't stitch a lot during 2011 but my insane did take most of my time ... So what did you stitch?