Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do we have a winner?

SO nobody found my new project yet ... Marie thought it could be that one:

Well, that's a good try (I own that one too ) but it's not that one ( but she is very close ... )

Veronica thought it can be that one:

I also have that one : I bought it in 2002. I still like it but I thought it was a lot of white ...

Marita thought it was that one:

Waow Marita !!! it's very cute: I may add it to my wish list

Marie is the one who is the closest This is my progress. I'm sure that will help you to find it (keep in mind Marie was very close to find the right pattern !!! )

Yesterday, I tried to stitch on my christmas tree. I thought : I'm going to finish her face so I can show off on my blog ... well, no showing off today I made a mistake ( I miscounted by one) and I have to frog what I stitched ! I got mad at my myself and went back to my snowmen ...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New project !

I got tired of all the reds and I couldn't resist the kit that I had kept on my desk ... Not the best way to avoid temptation ... I'm sure you want to see my new love You must be like: " what is that? " I'm going to give you some clues and we'll see tomorrow if someone guess right. Ready? It is an american kit with 3 snowmen, very colorful, with a christmas twist Seems like it is going to be a christmas stitching year I'm sure a Lanarte will find its way between those christmasy pieces ... I forgot to mention that I am stitching this new piece on a 32 count winter skye opalescent (my first) by Silkweaver (see, I just don't collect silkweaver fabrics, I also stitch on it )

I hope someone will take the challenge and will find the kit I am stitching Good luck !!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday !

No smart tittle today either but a progress picture :

I did stitch some one over one and I thought I made a mistake! Imagine a mistake when you stitch on one over one ... But the mistake was a stitch of green that I had misplaced !!! Yeah !!! No frogging on the 1/1 !!!

I got tired of stitching all the red and this afternoon, I started to stitch a new project !!!
Not really my style but I needed a change I'll show tomorrow

Sunday, January 27, 2008

No stitching!

I didn't have time to stitch yesterday ... In the afternoon, I did some cleaning and in the evening, my friend Astrid came with two of her children and Emma who had spent the night with them. We decided to invite them to have dinner with us (they love to eat mexican) . Chuy made a seven layer burrito (not very mexican ... more like Tex Mex ) Her husband joined us after work so it was a nice and joyful dinner but in a tiny place ... That's also why we don't invite a lot of people over ... Our dream is to rent or buy a house ...

Have you noticed Silkweaver had new odds and ends? Last time, I arrived too late to grab good colors but this time, I was here when I got the mail. I was going to turn off the computer so I almost missed it Well, if you went there right away and saw that most of the evenweave fabrics were out of stock, it's because I had then all in my cart I had like 39 fabrics at one point in my cart ... Of course, I almost released them all (couln't really buy for $339 worth of fabrics ... didn't win the lottery ... yet ) I chose mainly small cuts (they are cheaper ) and chose opalescent whenever it was possible !!! I am not a cuter : I don't like to cut my own fabric, mainly because I am afraid of ruining my very beautiful and precious fabric !!! (yes I'm a little addicted with hand dye fabrics ... They give that little twist to a piece that make them stunning and unique ) I am planning on stitching small charts from magazines.

I didn't stitch but I haven't showed you my friday night progress so here it is. I did like many of you do: I decided to stitch the center part of the dress little by little. I stitch parts of 8 stitches instead of the 20 needed.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Yes, thank you very much for your nice and sweet comments. It makes me feel special Really ! It's still incredible to me that my blog can really interest you but I like to share my life (and my ups and downs ...) with you !!! I especially like to read blogs so that I can know you Whenever I have time I like to comment on your blogs and I love seeing your progress: it is so inspiring to me, makes life lighter and gives me more ideas (stash, stash, stash ... )

This afternoon, Chuy called me from work and told me: outside it's sunny! Let's go out and check that craft store (like a small Michael's) you wanted to check last time (it was closed when Esteban had his hospital appointment) So I gave in and we went there (Chuy went to another store to let me enjoy the moment - and avoid the boredom of a craft store ) Well, what a disapoitment: everything was horribly expensive: a Dimension kit costs 90 euros I just bought some stickers for an exchange I'm doing and left unhappy I miss so much my Michael's and my Hobby Lobby and their great sales I'm so grateful for ebay and the internet

Here is my WIP picture of the day:

Nope: no one over one yesterday But I stitched some green and gold and yes, I avoided again the central part of the dress We'll see what I'll stitch tonight ...