Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here goes the backstitching. I prefer to stitch it along the design. I don't think I could keep it for the end. Too much work!!! Soon I'll take a picture with my digital camera to show you 2/3 of the design stitched. I still need to write to Royal Paris or my Winnie will stay naked. It's too bad I didn't find a close DMC color.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Still going.

Last night I started to work on the grass in order to stitch another letter : the K. The grass is only made of half points. I don't like half point but at least, it goes fast.

I did stitch at school today during lunchtime. I pretended to check some notebooks and here I was stitching close a window !!! :)) It is so relaxing to take this kind of break! The teacher at school didn't leave clear instructions of what she wanted me to do today. Not very nice... They were supposed to learn a new poem and I couldn't find it until a little girl told me she had seen them... I feel I babysitting them instead of teaching...

I hope you like to see the WIP.

Monday, January 29, 2007

As slow as a needle.

Here is my letter M. I hate stitching those letters. They take forever. I didn't have time to stitch at lunch time as I was trying to figure out what the teacher wanted me to do with her students. She didn't leave clear notes for me. At least, my co workers seem nice. The only problem again is the parking. It is SO hard to find a parking spot that I have to leave home at 7.30 am to have enough time to look around. I live only four kilometers from the school ...
Esteban, our 22 months old baby boy is still sick. Now he has rashes on his upper body. The daycare center call me seven times on my cellular but I only check at lunch time. My mom went to pick him up et 4.00 pm and took him straight to the doctor. He said it is still a virus. He gave him no medecines and told to keep giving him the fever medecines. Poor babe ... He can't go to the daycare tomorrow. Let's hope he'll feel better soon !!!
Now back to stitching!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Not much...

This is what I stitched last night. The letter L and I started the letter M. I am spending too much time on the internet lately... My husband needed help to create his own blog It is about his experience being a foreigner in France. He's new in that so he needs to work more on his posts.
Tomorrow, I am going to a new school downtown for a week. I am going to teach first grade again (like in the last three weeks) I don't know if I could work as a substitute teacher for a long time ??? It is so boring to start again in a school, to meet new people who are not always nice. I met a substitute teacher who has been doing that for seven years ! I don't think I could do that that long.... Anyway, the good thing about it, it's now I bring my cross stitch along. So if I eat along at lunch, I am not bored at all!!! And I can show you more WIP !!!!
My baby has been sick since friday. Today he still has temperature and it did not go down until I gave him two fever medecines. I hope they will accept him at the daycare center tomorrow.
I see some people do come in and read the blog but no comments so far ... Don't be shy ;) Let me know who you are !!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

More pictures of my WIP

Here are the images as promised yesterday. After having stitched Winnie and Tigger, I went to the right to stitch Lumpy the efelant and his kite. I stitched that one pretty fast and I went up to Winnie and Piglet. Unfortunately, I am now missing a thread and I cannot finish my Winnie. I wii write to the Royal Paris company. I hope they will accept to send me the missing thread. Anyway, I stitched the letters. Last night, I finished the letter O and the bug. I stitll need to do all the backstitches on my letters. I have to stitch another butterfly above the kite and I will move on to the left part of the fabric to stitch more letters before to start Mr Eyeore.
I hope you all enjoy looking at the WIP!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

More WIP

I finally found how to add pictures to my blog! YEAH !!! Isn't it great? I need to scan more because I already stitched half of the chart. See you tomorrow for more. I'm going to stitch right now !

my WIP for Winnie and Lumpy

my start on winnie and lumpy

photos of my WIP

I don't know of it's going to work but let's try ...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

icy day...

Yesterday we got some snow. Usually it never snows here so you can imagine how the roads get stuck very fast. This morning I didn't go to work until the ice on the roads melted. I am not crazy !!! I arrived at school at 12.30 . Anyway, all the students were not at school. But the ones who were there had a lot of fun !!! They even wanted to do snow bowls battles with the icy snow (even though it was forbidden... kids are kids)

I am currently working on Winnie and Lumpy by Royal Paris. I changed, like always the fabric. I hate aida fabric who is just for beginners or people with eyes problems. I hardly imagine that people can actually love that fabric. But I am sure there is some around here. I chose one of my favorite fabric: 32 count white lugana by zweigart. It SO nice to stitch on that fabric. I wish I can know how to put pictures on my blog!!! (I still new in the blog world. I used to read stitching blog.) You can see some of my project on my album page: I should be able to have my pictures here ... I need to figure out how all of that works... HELP !!!

At lunchtime, my son Pierre lost a tooth. It was a molar tooth. He was eating a steak when he suddendly left the table to go to the bathroom. He was in panic: he saw blood coming out of his mouth and got very scared... He hate seeing blood. I made him rinse his mouth and a tooth came out of his mouth !!! But it was not the one on the lower jaw that fell out (that's the one that was moving) , it was one on the upper jaw... And tonight at dinner time, the one on the lower jaw came out as well . Seems like the tooth fairy is going to visit us tonight ;)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

welcome !

here is the first post in my new blog. During a few days I will be trying to improve or change the appearence of my blog in order to make it look more personnal. In this blog, I am going to talk about my addiction for cross stitch, my job as a teacher and life in general.

You are more than welcome to add comments !