Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I fell in love

It's not fair and I'm sure you will agree with me. I didn't have time (yet) to stitch the last year Chirstmas Dimensions kits that I bought that the company is already releasing new kits. And of course, I them. I'm sooooooo weak, it's pathetic ... I didn't buy anything ( yet) because I'm still on my diet ( see yesterday post ... )
Here are some of my favorite:

Look at this tender picture, isn't it adorable? :
And Santa ( I know, I know, I have a thing with Santa ... is it the red outfit? a secret crush? the big bag full of gifts that he always bring with him? ) , isn't it a great Santa picture?
And I love those birds:
And the stocking: too cute !!!
I also like Stony Creek and they just release a Christmas village:
Really, a stitcher's life is not easy. HOW are we supposed to resist temptation? If you have the answer , drop me a line !

And now I'm going to spoil you with another progress picture !!! I know! you 're not going to believe it : I do stitch everyday again !!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My gardening

Today I wanted to share some pictures of my plantings of seeds and flowers. We got lots of window boxes: most of them are for the front of the house and some of for the back. I bought too many geraniums because this year, I have decided to mix them up with other flowers like lantanas and other hanging flowers. But of course, I had forgot my new plans when I went to the store so I decided to add window boxes for the back of the house as well. Unfortunately, the weather is still going backward so it's really cold right now. Here are my window boxes ready for summer. (click to enlarge)
On the next picture, you can see all my seedlings. ( click to enlarge). But because of the weather, they are vegetating. It's really bad because they had started to grow so well when the weather got warmer ...
Barbara wanted to know what I planted. As you can see, I used some clear plastic boxes as nuseries. I have quite a lot: phlox, sweet williams, carnations, centaurea, clarkia, wallflower, zinnias, snap dragons, hollyhocks, godetias, african daisies, ficoide, and sunflowers. ( you can click on each flower name to see what they look like if you want to). Hopefully, we'll get a great garden one day ... if the warm weather decide to change its mind ...
Sharon, I also planted some gazanias but with the lack of sun, the flowers don't want to open. I'll take a picture when the sun will want to be a little nicer with us .
I'm stitching more so here my latest progress:
Thanks for stopping by !!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stash ahead

You may remember I am on a stash diet but like for every diet , there are some missteps ... First, I couldn't resist on this cute Lanarte chinese woman. Wouldn't she look great on a nice Silkweaver fabric?

Then, I didn't resist this used chart of Madame la Fée. I said used but actually, the stitcher didn't stitch it so the key charm and a tiny buttom are still there !!!

And yes, I went back to stitching so I have something to show you. Not too much but it's hard to see any progress.

I think Kathy A. is right: during spring time, it's hard to keep our mojo. I planted some seeds at the begining of april and as you can see, they are growing well ( they are in those small boxes.)
I'm hoping to get a beautiful garden this summer. Unfortunately, we are going backward as the sunny warm weather is gone and winter seems to have decided he was not yet ready to leave us ...

Thanks for reading me.