Friday, January 30, 2009

Just a plain boring day

If you still here after having read the tittle, let me tell you I didn't sleep well at all. Emma got sick last night and she woke up a lot last night. Of course, I'm just half of myself today ... Do I still look fabulous now? So it was a lazy and slow day for me today .
By the way, Stitchingranny: you won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, for the addicted ones, my daily pic:
Yes, I'm thinking about my next one. JJ's collectibles has his super bowl sale so it's time for me to check what I may stitch next. I'm thinking about Booo by madame la fée so I checked my threads and yes: I'm missing some (like always .... ) I also checked some other charts because it's time to use my charts and not only my kits, right?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

She makes me sweat !!!!

Not stitchingranny who doesn't know she won yet but Leslie Sansone with her exercise DVD's. Thanks to Meari I own two of her DVD's. A 3 miles walk and a 5 miles. On monday and tuesday,I did the miles (without the belt because I let my shoulder rest - even though I do feel better) and today, I did the 5 miles walk with Pierre !!! (will you believe 5 miles is actually 8 km !!! ) Jeez, that was hard sometimes but I didn't give up and my knees are okay - for now ... We'll see tomorrow if they complain. I do sweat with those videos and I enjoy doing them. I know I didn't loose any weight as I tried a pant (size 10) I used to wear before (whatever before means ... ) and even though I did manage to zip it up, I do feel like if I breath, the button is going to explode at someone face !!!

I got an award !!! Two wonderful ladies think I'm fabulous. Well, the award is actually for my blog but I'll take it for me because every girl need to take compliments wherever they are !!! By the way, have you noticed my wonderful parisian look on the picture? (yes, exercise did so good on me lately that I decided to wear a very Obama outfit !!! ) Those two great ladies are Meari ( watch out she owes her own snowblower !!! ) and tkdquintmom ( don't mess with her as she really masters Taekwon Do ) Thanks ladies: I have to admit you are quite fabulous yourself

I'm supposed to list 5 of my addictions. Look at me: do I look addicted on that picture? Maybe a little anorexic though ...

1 - stitching
2- drinking (just kidding) photography (ask Steb )
3 - bargains (can't resist)
4 - junk food (bad, bad girl ... )
5 - travelling (not much lately ... )

And the award goes to :
3 - Marita
4 - Andie
It was hard to choose but I count on you ladies to spread the joy of getting an award to some stitchers who didn't get it yet You also know that if I comment on your blog it's because you are as fabulous as me !!!

I'm progressing well on my fuchsias. More than two months on that one and I'm already thinking about my next project. I don't know what I'll pick yet but certainly a smaller one, that's for sure
Detail (looks weird, isn't it? ):

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We got a winner !!!!

I first put all the name on one sheet of paper (because I think it's nicer to have a home drawing than using the random generator; kids love to take turn to draw a name.)

It was Pierre's turn to draw a name.

Mix, mix,mix !!!

And the grand winner of this second blog anniversary giveaway is ( please) :

Congratulations Stichingranny !!!! Don't forget to give me your adress

Steb thought it was a lot of fun to draw name and it started drawing names (but there is nothing to win !!! ) Of course, his love for pictures is legendary ...
And here is my fuchsia last night:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kids kids kids ...

First, don't forget to enter my giveaway here! (make sure to read the post first ) TODAY IS THE LAST DAY !!!!! Emma or Steb will pick a winner tomorrow !!!!

Today I got a letter from Pierre's school telling me Pierre didn't got to tutoring on friday afternoon. So I called the school right away and the lady told me that he was reported missing that day and that she will check with him. That day, I picked him up at the same time ( 5.45 pm). When I picked him up this afternoon, I asked him what happened this past friday??? Well, I found out my "sweet" baby boy skipped tutoring on friday to spend time with one of his friend ! Little did he know that when you miss school, the teacher reports it and the school send a letter to the parents ... I was not happy at all and he got grounded: one WHOLE month without any video games (too bad winter vacations are coming on febuary 6th ...) ... he also got a lecture on how school is more important than friends ... If you just has a baby: enjoy those peaceful moments when your main problem is to get the baby on a sleep schedule As a parent, we are not prepared for pre teens and teenagers

Talking about school: Emma and Steb won't have school on thrusday as the teachers are on strike ... again They are very happy to stay home with Chuy and I ( he's been working only three days a week since last week scary ...)

My fuchsia? Here they are :

Monday, January 26, 2009

After a week end

My brother and his family came for the week end and I took advantage to take some pictures of the cousins. Pierre was at his friend's house ( who can beat a Playstation? ) We had a great time all together even though I don't really get along with my brother. (sad when you think we were so close when we grew up ). Anyway, here is Emma and her 6 yo cousin Aurane.
And this is Steb and Romain ( they were born 6 weeks apart). See the silly faces they were making when I tried to take the picture? Silly boys ...
Try number 2:
Thanks to all who entered my giveaway !!! Remember you still have until tuesday to enter (but remember to read here first as this is a special thank you gift for my faithful commenters.) Thanks also for your kind words. Sometimes it's hard to believe that you actually like my blog.

And here is a pic of my fuchsias (and a special close up !!!)