Friday, July 13, 2007

Old stash

I'd like to show you one of my favorite kit. It's a height chart from Royal Paris with Winnie the Pooh (again! You are going to think I'm a big fan of the yellow bear but not really. I just love this design and I bought it. It was only 22 Euros so it helps !!! I scanned some kits today because I wanted to update my Bellapix gallery but they have been doing maintenance for a while. So I updated my webshots gallery :-) Here is the link : The stash is all new. I prefer the Bellapix albums because you just have to click on the pictures to see them or you can choose a slideshow. I still have more stash to scan but Esteban dosesn't let me do a lot of things. I scanned those while reading him books lol .

I will change the fabric and I have already bought a 32 count white lugana for that one. Of course I will have to figure out how to move the numbers because it is not the same fabric count.

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Anonymous said...

There didn't seem to be a link on your post to the webshots but I looked at your Bellatrix album. I so love that one with the bunnies and the book. What is it called? Do you know if it's still available? It's gorgeous!