Friday, June 29, 2007


Thanks too all who went to see chiloe's city : I have now 9 persons living there . If it's full of cross stitchers, I'll move in right away. Imagine what paradise it should be !!! You can organize stitching night (or week end) ,have great needlestores!!! Maybe it won't be as enjoyable for the spouses but for us !!!
Life is slow at school: we are all tired : kids and teachers. We are all waiting for the vacations I work tomorrow: I hate working on saturday mornings, especially on sale days ! What are we going to do tomorrow??? good question! In old time, we used to stop at the end of june. What's the purpose on going until the begining of july???
I stitched a little bit at school today. That's the good thing about the end of the year

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I create a city

Here is the link of my own city: If you visit it, it will grow (well, that's what I understood ;-) )

New pic

I did some green last night and more red. Today, I got my World of cross stitching (issue 127) Well, there is nothing I could stitch from that issue. When I had stopped my subscription, I checked blogs and wanted so much to stitch patterns from those missed issues. But since I got my new subscription, there is maybe only 2 or 3 patterns I really want to stitch ... what a pain ....
Today, the teacher I substitute for surprised the kids with a little snack. And she surprised ME with with a flower plant !!! What a great lady because I only do my job after all ;-) There were something very funny on the flower tag: "for decoration only - do not consume" ! I'm glad it is written in 4 languages : like that, we are sure no french, english , german or dutch people are going to die after eating a flower leaf !!!
Blogger doesn't want to publish my message again: it's the second time ... I don't know why ... ...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's sale day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today it's official: sales started in France . Stores can reduce their prices during the season but we also have 4 weeks when they can reduce everything. So it started this morning. So that's where I was, of course !!! I mostly got new clothes for the kids at 50 % (I don't buy otherwise !) Pierre needed pants and Emma? well, she's a girl and I have only one girl so we mostly buy cute stuffs for her to be cute


It's nice to talk about shopping but I stitched last night So here is my picture:

I finished Santa's leg and I even did the backstitch because I don't like to keep it for the last moment. Now I'm sure EVERYBODY sees the leg???? It's funny how it was painful to stitch the green and how I enjoy the red ... I'm sure for some people it's the contrary.
I got a catalog from the cross stitch store I got my Winnie and I fell in love with a new kit I'm going to get. No picture yet (I'll try to find the link to show you !!!)
By the way, you may have notice that I don't work today (I never work on wednesdays ) Emma has her musical show at 6.30 this evening ! She's going to play the violin and sing. Usually, the shows are great.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Glad everybody sees a knee !!!

I added more red last night. What else? I hear you thinking... The red line on the left is the left limit of the design. So tonight I fill up what is under and I'll stitch on the right. On the left part of the book, it is going to be mixed colors (for artistic effect as they say ) I'll keep those for later (i'm not in an artistic mood lately )
It's hard to keep the kids busy at school as they got their grades and they know they all go to the next level. This afternoon , we watched a dvd about volcanoes, then we decided what movies we are going to watch on monday. And in between, 2 students told us what they learnt about parrots. They chose the subject but it was sooooooooo boring, I could have fallen asleep !!! We got great subjects before: Egypt or China but this one was probably the worse ... (yet the 2 kids are great kids !!! ) Tomorrow: 2 new subjects! Wish me the best

Monday, June 25, 2007

If you don't see a leg, you must see........

a knee, right? Imagine this good old Santa with the book on his legs. Do you picture it? June, do you see it? I'm happy with my afternoon stitching yesterday. I did a great progress. Pierre and Emma went to visit the army camp with my parents. Emma got a poney ride. She was very happy. We stayed home because the weather was bad and Esteban was coughing a little bit.
Last night I prepared Emma's invitation for her birthday party. We are going to do a party at the park , like last year actually. Chuy should make at least 2 pinatas or maybe 3. I'd like one for the parents. We always try to associate the parents at that party: like a end of the school year party. She wants to invite her teacher's daughter. That little girl went to Emma's class and she became the class "little star". I don't know though how the teacher will feel about bringing her girl to the party knowing she going to meet a lot of parents !!! We'll see if she call ...
The weather is getting worse: we now feel like at the begining of fall: rain, wind and grey sky ! It is hard to believe it's june 26 th ..........
Why that message doesn't want to publish????

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's raining again .........

I went back on my old routine of stitching every night and blogging everyday. I know you're going to say like Chuy that you still don't see a leg but it's there , in that sea of reds Which is nice is that I won't go lower the the red you see at the bottom.


Today it's raining: does the weather know we are supposed to be on summer??? We wanted to visit the army base this afternoon : they have an open door kind of event and lots of activities for the kids. (Is this a way of recruiting new clients ??? ) We may stay home (so I could stitch )


By the way, I updated my photo gallery for those who want to see the Birdhouse artistry from lanarte work in progress (or my Winnie and Lumpy ) Here is the link: Just click on each album you wish to see and then click on each picture to see the next one. I even created a new album for my christmas stories. There is now 2 pages (the main page has the Birdhouse and the page 2 has the Christmas stories)


Enjoy your sunday !!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

a leg?

What a good night last night !!! I stitched for three hours and it was sooooooooo relaxing! Of course, I stitched more red: what else on a christmas design? It doesn't bother me. I feel I was going faster on the Lanarte design though. After 2 days you could already see the design but here, I am the only one who see a leg and it's because I have the design next to me

Friday, June 22, 2007

A picture !!!!!!

Here is my Christmas Stories. I was able to stitch on wednesday night. This is my progress. Now it is red red red but it doesn't bother at all! I actually love it! I am now stitching santa's legs. I know you need some imagination to "see" a leg And you know what: tonight I am free to stitch as tomorrow night and sunday night I really miss my addiction but work was first


I took an appointment to get my haircut after I finish work! My hair is sooooooooooo long. I look soooooooo bad ...


Thanks for the comment on the circus. I couldn't blog a lot so it made me happy someone was nice enough to comment.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Almost done with working !!!

I did some cross stitch last night ! I am now in a sea of reds but I don't mind. I'll post a picture probably tomorrow ! I still need to work for school. I also need to prepare emma's invitation for her birthday party. We plan to do it on july 7 th but a lot of people are going to be already on vacation. Chuy needs to make her Pinata.
Today it's the fisrt day of summer and for France it means: Fete de la Musique. It's the day where people can play music on the streets. There are a lot of concerts also.
Tomorrow my students go to the swimming pool for one hour because they won the fundraising at school (they sold the most tickets!!!) I'm very happy for them.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still busy

I don't give up on my blog. It is just that I am very busy with school. The end of the year is so much work. I don't have time to get close to a needle lately.
Last night , we went to see a circus. Emma had fever but she insisted on going so I gave her a fever reducer and we went. Chuy stayed home with esteban because the show was supposed to last 3 hours. (and it did) It was organized by the school I worked for until the end of december. The show was great! It is a mixed of the circus show by the profesional and the kids. We saw lions so emma was very impressed. Each class trained during a week before presenting their show to the parents !!! I saw my former students and their parents and my great co workers so it was very nice !!!
I miss stitching but I'm so busy. Maybe I'll take some time one evening for me!!! I do need it...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Last night show at school was great !!! The parents loved it, the kids were happy: everything went fine !!! They did great for the sign language. I came back home at 10.30 pm so I was not able to stitch. I did progress a lot on monday night so here is a new picture:

I finally did all the green! Great! I really hate this colour. I even started a liitle of red, just for the pleasure of changing colours. I'm fin with a lot of red so I know now I'm going to really enjoy stitching that piece (except if the blended colours are complicated and the half point boring... )

Monday, June 11, 2007

sooooooooo green

See: I'm almost over with the book!!! I was able to stitch a little bit yesterday afternoon while the kids were playing outside. (after working most of my afternoon actually! )
Tomorrow, my students have their play. We're going to rehearse in the afternoon and then they'll play at 8.00 pm in front of their parents. It is in a real theater so it can be very impressive. We'll see how it goes. I'll come home late , that's for sure ...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

School fiesta !!!

Today was the big fiesta at my kids' school !!! In the morning, they had a choir with all the school classes: here you see Emma who is very concentrated!

Then in the afternoon, they had some dancing (depending on what the teacher had prepared ) or for Emma's class, a little demonstration of fencing. They have been fencing at school for the last three months (every friday)

Then it was time for some fun games. The kids play and at the same time it is a fundraising for the school. Emma got some face make up and really enjoyed all the games (especially the fishing game) I didn't have any chance to take any Pierre's pictures as he was runing to one game to the other. I even missed the potato bag race ...

Friday, June 8, 2007


Hi everybody !!!
I'm still very busy with my class . I don't have time to stitch even though I have a little progress to show you (no time to scan the progress). Of course, the green book is not finished yet ... I have the feeling I'm just filling the blank ...
Today I got my World of cross stitching : usually I get it covered with a black plastic wrap and today it was a clear one. I would prefer they keep the old system as the temptation of stealing it can be greater when you see what is in the wrap ... (there were nothing exciting for me in that one. When I had stopped my subscription, everything seemed so great and now that I started my subscription again, I haven't got many great projects for me ... weird ... )
Anyway: back to work until 11.30 pm ....

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Yes ,green is very boring to me but I don't give up. I'm just slow because I have a lot of work for school right now as it is almost the end of the year ... so that also means I have less time to stitch but vacations are coming !!! YEAH ! July 3 rd is the date !!! After that I'm not sure I'll stitch another Dimensions as the charts are not as easy to read as some other brands ...
Kids at school are learning very fast the sign language on the song so it's going to look nice next week on the stage. We pratice twice a day.