Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Santa has almost a face

Santa starts to look pretty good, right? His beard is almost finished and his face too. I did the backstitch on his face last night because I wanted you can see a real face. Chuy says the whole picture looks very tender. I agree with that. Here is the new picture:

Pierre and Emma arrived fine yesterday. They were so tired they fell asleep before Chuy came back from work. They had a great time with their cousins and Pierre cried last night because he was already missing his two cousins. It's surprising how he's becoming more and more sentimental.

This morning, the routing is back... I cleaned a little bit my bedroom closet. I don't like to clean in the afternoon so I'm going to stitch and we'll see is santa's face is finished by tomorrow !!!

One reason people should leave comments on blogs is that we can discover new blogs. Edda left a comment yesterday so I went to visit her blog
http://icelandmom.wordpress.com/ (I still don't know how to do direct link ) and she's stitching really nice projects. Now that's a blog I'm going to visit often. If someone wants to give me their blogs links, I'll be happy to visit new blogs !!!Thanks !!! (I'm sure my wish list will grow bigger and bigger but I'm okay with that. )


Anonymous said...

Your stitching really is beautiful. I so love this Santa. It is so sweet.

To do the link: When you are writing your post, highlight the word you want to link, for instance Edda's name. Then look at the little icons on the tool bar of the post window and further to the left than the upload photo icon you will see the sideways 8 (looks for like a staple to me). Click on that and it opens up a box for you to type or paste the url into. It's as simple as that. Sometimes because I use the new Internet Explorer, I have allow it to open the window then click the link again. You will see what I mean if this happens to you. Good luck, give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Carla said...

Muy buen progreso!!! La cara de Santa es adorable :)

Jo said...

My blog is http://pink-carnation.com

I'm loving watching your progress on Santa!

Anonymous said...

I´m back to watch your Santa - I find it very exciting to see it emerge on the fabric. Thanks for the visit to my blog. :-)
Hope you have a great day!