Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy ?!?

How is your disco ball? Not too dusty I hope because it's time to take it out of your closet and start a happy dance with me because we have a finish here (click to enlarge !!! You may see the snowflakes that were supposed to be french knots that I don't master at all and that ended up in regular knots !!! I didn't put a lot in the sky as we barely seem them : so what to bother, right? ) !!!

I know what you are going to ask: what's next? Well; I don't know ... Really ! If you have checked my cross stitch stash in my gallery, you know I far from being stash deprived but that's somewhat the problem: too many choices ... See, when I choose a project, I want to make sure, I'll finish it so I carefully choose my projects (I check the colors: are they happy colors? is there a lot of greens? ). I'd like to pick another Lanarte but I still feel guilty about the fuchsia (and yes, last night I DID stitch on my fuchsias !!! ) I could finish the fuchsias but the task seems humongous ... to say the least ... Maybe I should?

And if you want to help a stay at home mom, go here !!! Thanks for her !!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Want to do something nice today?

Would you like to help a Stay at home mom win a local contest? Please, go this link:  and vote for Classy chaos by OHmommy !!! Thank you very much ladies  !!!!  

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I need a DNA testing !

Really. Last night, we were watching a news show where they showed a report how body piercings can be bad for the health. I thought: this is going to be an educational moment with my kids like: don't do that or your belly button is going to be eaten by a bad bacteria. As soon as the report started, Pierre, 12 yo, said very happily: I want a piercing in my ear ! A what? Yeah, I want one in my ear ! And this just happened the day after we had a talk about how tattoos really hurt, especially boys who scream when their 4 year old brother barely touch them .... Because tattoos use needles that have to penetrate IN the skin in order for the ink to really really stay there and there is no magical cream that can take the pain away ... And this come after wrestling fashion has invaded his world ... He now workships Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy : I told him he should workship mathematics instead but he doesn't seem to agree with his wise mom ... So, if in 6 years from now you meet a woman walking near a tatooed pierced looking weird 18 years old wearing a tee shirt with a wrestler on it, don't pass your way: it's going to be me ... (special thanks to the legislators who passed a law that require parents to sign for kids under 18 yo who wants a tatto and a piercing. I'm going to write them to see if they can do something for the wrestling for underage kids ). Now, I'm going to google to find a DNA testing somewhere ... (I honestly doubt someone will have wanted my sick newborn but I have to make sure, right? )

Emma is home: she has a cold so we didn't send her to school this morning. I didn't mention it before but school is not as nice as it used to be for her as she now has the substitute teacher from hell. The kids hate her, the parents don't like her either ... Let's be positive and think there are only five weeks left before summer vacations start ...

How I feel? I think I'll try to follow Barbara's advice and write down the positive things in my life on a list. Difficult to be positive when after only three days of work, Chuy is already on week end and will be off next week ...

I stitched more boring blue last night. I was complaining how boring it was to Emma and she said " it's you who bought it" Well, I know and next time, I'll use a hand dye fabric (and I'll whine about stitching all the white )

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I can't think about a better tittle today. I still feel a little blue. I don't want to bother you with that but I really hope to be myself soon as I hate feeling that way The other night, I couldn't sleep, my personal computer in my head was working hard with negative thoughts. At one point, I decided to change gear and think about the positive things in my life: I found only two I had to think really hard to find more positive things ...

How is my stitching? Blue as well because I'm done with the fun part and am left with the boring to me 1 over 2. So the whiney me is back !!! The task seems huge of course and sooooooooo boring .... I actually stitched the upper right corner to give me some encouragement ... I haven't finished the lower part of the snowman (it's also stitched on 1 over 2 ... ) And do you know what is left on the fuchsias? 1 over 2 part as well ... Do you see a twisted pattern here? So who wants to come here to stitch that awful 1 over 2?
Personal message to the person who stole my sun: give it back NOW !!!!!!!!!!! ( the rain destroyed some of my flowers ... )

Saturday, May 23, 2009

When staurday feel like sunday !!!!

I fell in love with these two beauties: I just love the colors and I think I have the perfect fabric for them !!! I checked what is needed and there are a lot of beads I don't have so I'll wait ...

I almost hate my neighbors: my kids love to play soccer but Steb tend to shoot in the ball a little too hard so the soccer ball ends up to the neighbor's yard. Yesterday, Emma asked the lady to send her the balls (3 were in their yard) and the lady told she was not going to always send them back. I even witenessed her little girl going to her house with Steb ball (the first one his grand'ma offered him as a baby ... ) When Emma asked for this ball, the lady replied that if she finds it, she will send it back ... I don't know you but if my child takes someone's else stuffs, I won't let them play with it ... And I don't see why it bothers them to send back the balls over the fence ... Wouldn't they be happy if I send them back their soccer balls if one day, their little girls send one over here? People can be so complicated sometimes ...

I didn't stitch backward last night and if you enlarge, you will see I even stitched some boring background !!! Yeah to me !!!!!!
Yesterday, Google was celebrated this american painter I didn't know and who reminds me Renoir but unfortunately I forgot her name ...
Today, I'm in a sad mood. I thought I'll stitch watching Miss Potter and actually the movie was sad and put me down ... I guess it's one of these days when you don't feel well and a little thing put you really down ...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Long week end

I know it's thursday but we are all in a long week end that has started yesterday for the kids. Today is a holiday and tomorrow there are no school and almost everybody has a day off tomorrow as well !!! We are really enjoying this long week end. Then we'll have 5 more weeks of school before summer vacations !!!

The weather is great so we took advantage to build our flower bed. We got a real good deal on a concrete border so even though we are renting, we decided the investment was worth it. I'll try to show you tomorrow how it looks. We even decided to grow our own flowers with the kids. Emma and Steb love it and some are already growing which make them very happy !!!

I'm stitching backward again ... I didn't find one mistake: I found two! So I frogged and the little white birdie disappeared ... I have to restitch it the right way this time!

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