Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer vacations

We started our vacations with Steb's surgery. It went well but it stressed me out a lot ... He was able to go home that same night. He recovered quickly and after four days, nobody could tell he was recovering from surgery.

He threw up in the recovering room so they kept his IV until he ate a snack.

We went to visit a small island on wednesday. It's about an hour drive from our house. Here is the view from the boat:

On the island:
Pierre resting on the shade:

How fun it is to play on the beach !!!
There was an exhibit where we could learn how to make knots:

My kids being silly:
Chuy found this cactus and asked me to take a picture ( it was huge !!! ) :

The excitement of the day was to take a boat to go to the island ( even though it was a short trip : only 5 minutes) . Steb really loved it !!!

Back on the main land, we stopped for a snack:

Then it was time to go back home and Steb didn't resist too long to a good nap in the car !!!
You may wonder if I still stitch? I do! Look: this is my Sweet dreams by Lanarte ( but I'm taking a small break : too many 1/2 and whites ... )
I decided to start a small one and I chose this Lanarte: pink poopy flower. It's a small project and it doesn't have too many color changes. I may not stitch the greens as I'd like it can look like a full flower and not like a square.

And here is my yesterday progress:
Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to update more often !!!