Monday, June 30, 2008

I got it !

The neighbor who owns a dog (or should I say: keeps a dog on his balcony) clean his balcony on saturday and let the mess become on sunday (he must be so exhausted from thhis big cleaning of the week ... ) I saw briefly one of my neighbors today, a retired lady, and learned she took it a step further (but she's also his closest neighbor): she called the city . Now let's hope something will be done quickly ...

I'm making some progress on my lanarte:

See how the flowers on the left is going to join soon the colors on the right I'm not sure I could stitch tonight as I have to help Chuy with the cutting of the crepe paper for the pinatas. Now, Emma wants a purple heart (I was sure, she wanted a pink or red one ... )

Sales season has started in France and I indulged in Madame la fée charts (they are way too expensive when they are regular price ) So here is what I got:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A progress and an exchange .

On Blue's bulletin board, I signed for a new exchange. We had to choose one color and send between 15 and 20 stuffs. I chose peach, apricot and my partner Nenadou chose brown. I received from Khira ( who doesn't have a blog)

This is what I sent:


I love this little cat that you put in a flower pot.
I had fun drawing on Nena's envelope:

This is what I got from Khira:

I'm having fun again with my Lanarte !!! This flower bed is not as tedious as the flowers on the roof !!! Maybe in two days I'll come back complaining again !!!

I called the property manager. He wanted me to give him the appartment number ( why not ring the door of that guy and ask him his name ? ...) The person still hasn't cleaned the balcony ... Maybe he does that only once a week ? ...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She's a star !!!!!!!!!!

at least in our household Today was the last day of violin class ( YES!!!!!! ) The teacher organized a meeting where each of her students played a little something. She played with her teacher a duet:

She also played with a friend (I don't show the picture as I don't know if the parents will agree) and she played a solo. You may notice the little black dress every star has to wear on their big night And you are all going to be jealous when I'm going to tell you that the dress does turn with her when she dances

You may have noticed the cheminea in the back. That's because the music school is in an old castle (17 th century. I thought it was 19 th but no it's earlier ... )

The person is still not bothered:

Yes there is more and you can see the beast (not a small dog ...) I have to call the property manager tomorrow but the young man always say yes and never do anything ...

Back to stitching !

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Progress and gross ...............

I am stitching my country cottage again Look:


See: I managed to stitch 11 stitches of fun colors (dark pink !!!)

Now what you've been waiting for: the gross part. This is a view from my balcony:

And this is a close up

Apparently those people from the first floor are too lazy to take their dog out for a walk so they let him do whatever he has to do on their balcony ... And don't think they clean it right after he did: it has been that way for 2 days now ... Dirty people ... Imagine the inside of their appartment I'm glad I'm not their closest neighbour ...

Monday, June 23, 2008

A tear from the heart

Yesterday, Esteban was crying because I said NO to something. Suddendly, he stopped and said: "look mommy!" He was showing me the cushion on the sofa where his tears had formed a heart. Isn't it cute? As a good blogging mommy, I HAD to take a picture to share with the universe

Can you say wheelbarrow?
I did try to stitch on the country cottage (because I'm not a quiter, remember? )

And I even took a picture of both pieces together so you can see the size difference and feel sorry for me