Monday, August 20, 2007

Want a flower?

Well, the little boy now can give his flower to his girl Thanks for comments !!! Could it be that you feel I really want to give up on that one? It's been ONLY 20 days Little grey cat since I started it? It sure feels like more than that ... I don't think it will be finish in 20 days because back to school is in 1 week (already ... ) I don't know if they will call me right away to work. I may have to wait until spetember 15 th. When I choose a new project, I have to love the colours but here, it is only blue, blue and blue ... I still like the pattern, love my fabby but ... It was really nice to read your nice comments: makes me happy

This morning I went back to the supermarket because I was missing some back to school supplies ( don't you hate it when you think you are all set just to realize you are missing 1 or 2 things? ) I also bought 2 pairs of jeans for my green knees boy for only 2.50 euros each (about $3.30 ) How can modern countries survive when China can make jeans sooo cheap ...... ? And the stores still earn money because in France, they can't sell a product under the price they pay for! (Waow! I touched something and erased all my message ! thanks for blogger which automatically save what we write !!! ) We came back right before the rain and now it's been raining a lot for 2 hours ....

Yesterday, I sorted Esteban's clothes: the small ones, the in-between and the too big for now. I hate the in-between ones because they are still okay to wear but he won't wear them for a long time ... In our small appartment, every space is important. We want to move out and possibly get a house but the prices are way too high right now... So we may stay here one more year which mean I'll complain one more year about it .... Anyway, we take one day at a time ... Chuy was hired by the company he was working as a temporal in june. So things are moving: slowly but moving

I placed an order with amazon on july 27 th and still haven't received it yet ! One book was out of print but still: almost a month ! Chuy ordered 2 mexican CD's so I understand it can take time to come here but it is getting too much Next time, I'll order more fabrics for ME !!!


Anonymous said...

Your stitching is progressing great. So now I'm curious what did you order from Amazon?

Carla said...

Hace casi una semana que no leo blogs...y al entrar en el tuyo me doy cuenta que has avanzado muchisimo!!! me encantan los angelitos!
Llegaste a comprar los libros en español para tus pequeños en Amazon??

Anonymous said...

magnifique ton avancée !!!
Ils sont trop mignons ces anges !

sugardoll said...

Ohhh! How cute. You are almost there, so don't quit stitching them. What a sweet design. =)

Marita said...

I know what you mean about the frustration of so much blue. I did a piece for my mum last year that was huge and pretty much all green on khaki green aida :yuk. Took me forever to finish because I was so not motivated. I admire you for keeping going on this piece.

Amazon can be a real pain. I hate waiting for things I've ordered and want everything as soon as possible. Hope your order arrives soon.

Brisa de Amor said...

me encanta ver como vas avanzando y realmente no puedo ni pensar como se hace todo esto y la paciencia que tenes, por lo que me parece increible tu labor diaria... sigo mirando tu blog a diario y te felicito!
No se si te dije pero tengo un mapa en la parte de abajo de mi blog donde dice view my guestmap y me gustaria contar con tu link alli para poder visitarte y tener mas cerca!
Gracias y espero que aceptes1

besos desde argentina!