Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Second day!

Yes, the tittle is weird ... The truth is I didn't know what to write ... So it is the second day of back to school. Pierre got a new friend: that's the good news! The bad news is that there are 30 in his classroom I think it is going to be hard for him to study this year ... I'll try to help him but when I work I don't have time and they do their homeworks at school. When you know it is a Montessori kind of school ... I think we are far away from Maria Montessori's pedagogy with 30 students in one classroom...

Emma was very happy to have homeworks yesterday She had to learn 5 words and of course, she already knew them ... She's a truly amazing learner who is lucky to have a huge memory . We knew she was going to be very smart when she started repetiting words at 9 months old!

Esteban didn't want to pee at the day care ! ALL DAY ! They had a put a diaper during nap time ... which of course was huge when he woke up ... And he still doesn't want to talk to them This morning, you had to have a great ear to hear him say hi ... One caregiver told him it is normal and to give him time ...

Marita, I didn't stitch yesterday afternoon: I went to the supermarket to buy ink for my printer. I need to copy the left part of the chart and was out of color ink. Ink is soooooooooo expensive I think I read somewhere for the price of one liter of ink, you could buy a big diamond ... But I bought it (the ink, not the diamond ) I stopped by H & M where I found a pair of pants for Steb. While I was waiting for my turn to pay, I heard a girl saying behind me: " now, I eat either at lunch time or in the evening ..." That kind of comments made me think she is close to anorexia. But who could blame young girls to want to be thin as in H & M, you find mainly XS or S sizes ...

Last night, I made some progress in the pink bow. I am not sure you'll see the progress as the colors are so pale in comparison of what I see. You always need to imagine the original darker than it is. I hope to stitch more tonight. It is already 2.39 pm. Should I stitch or clean before I pick up Steb at 3.30 ? Yes, I'll clean up


Angelica Jensen said...

Hola gracias por visitarme, de verdad creí que nadie leería eso, ya que es muy largo,(el post) lo que pasa es que necesitaba sacarlo, y lo estamos hablando con mi esposo esperamos llegar a un acuerdo. Lo bueno es que somos personas comunicativas y tratamos de que todo encaje.
Gracias por tus palabras!
Saludos a tus hijos y flia.

sugardoll said...

I so agree with you with the price of ink. It's amazing! I heard walmart have them significantly cheaper, but we are yet to replace ours, I dont print very often=)

You progress on the angels are coming along nicely. Keep it up.

sugardoll said...

Hi Chiloe,

Yes the lady is a lanarte kit. Here is a close up photo.

Isn't it lovely? =)

Hubby has to buy me stash, i don't work so i don't have any money to buy anything LOL. He's my bank account haha. Glad you can buy whatever you want. =)

Marita said...

I think Canon is in the business of selling ink rather than printers - sometimes it is cheaper to buy a whole new printer than the ink to go in it.

You are making great progress on the little angels.