Friday, August 24, 2007

Great mail!

Sometimes, a trip to the mailbox is the best trip you'll ever make in months !!! This morning was one of those moments that make my ordinary life a little bit shiny I got my silkweaver fabrics that had traveled to another town and I got my World of cross stitching issue 129 !!! And what did I see on the cover? A somebunny to love pattern I will stitch as I those cute bunnies !!! I am a little bit disapointed by the Popcorn calendar: they gave only 6 patterns... They could have made 12 patterns: one for each month... Here are the pics:

I'll take pictures of my fabbies later on when I'll be able to open my blinds.

Edit: Ooops ! Maribel: I should open my EYES


Anonymous said...

When I saw your post I began to smile. I know which somebunny to love pattern you mean (saw it on the homepgae of the magazin). The picture you posted, was the last magazine with Newton on the cover! This shows how excited you were about the mag...
Greetings Maribel

Carla said...

Me encanta el conejito!! Yo aun no recibo mi revista...espero ya este por llevar.