Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I did stitch !

I stitched last night. My one day break was necessary I think. I started the little boy's collar. I did the backstitch under his chin and around his ear. I decided to make a close-up when I scanned this morning. Honestly I am not sure you can see anything new in my sea of blues ... Look I have: pale blue, light blue, pale blue purple, blue, light sky blue and light blue purple And like all dimensions kits, some are stitched with one strand, some with 2 strands and some in mixed colours (but no more than 3 strands in that kit) I think I need not to think too much on that pattern: just stitch a little bit everyday.

Pierre's always been a huge Pokemon fan! It all started when his cousins in Fort worth were collecting the cards (Pierre was 3 y.o. and wanted to do like them!!!) When we arrived in france, the Pokemon wave just had reached the old continent and Pierre was very happy with the cards his cousins gave him. When he got sick, some friends offered him a game boy and he got a Pokemon game. This spring, the Pokemon fashion came back to his school with new cards. Boys exhanged them again. Then this summer, they had a new game out: Pokemon Pearl but only for Nintendo DS. We had only the game boy advance. So we got the Nintendo DS. Anyway, after a while, they don't make new game for the game boy advance ... Emma got the Nintendog which is a fun game: they have to take care of dog: feed them, walk them, learn them new tricks, and so on ... I have to limit playing time though which create conflicts ... but I think it's necessary !

Yesterday, Emma felt like watching old video tapes: she loves to see hersefl when she was a baby. That was a good idea because we saw their uncle, aunt and cousin on the tape. That's more real than seeing pictures in an album !!! So they will have an idea of what they look like when they will be here Watching this old videos, you also realize how time flies ... My baby girl is seven years old already !!!

Pierre complained of chest pain this morning. He already complained about it yesterday so I may take him to the doctor if he still complain about it. With him, you never know if it is a small pain or a strong one as he' s very sensitive to pain ... I can't help worrying for him ...

I didn't tell you before but they are painting the outside walls of our building. They started with the other side of the building so we didn't have any scaffolding blocking our view. Well, this is going over very soon as they have started building those on our side The worst thing is that we don't have curtains !!! We live in the third floor with no building in front of us. We can see very far away actually. When we visited the appartment, Pierre said: we can the whole world! Only the kitchen doesn't have french windows and when the sun is here, the appartment is so bright: that is something I really like about it. But tranquility is over. I can hear right now the workers working really hard at mounting that scaffolding together We did anticipated and got mini blind for the kitchen. Now, we feel the pressure and we going to get mini blinds for the living room this afternoon. I don't want the painters to have a direct access to our intimacy . Yet, the prospect of living in the dark for more than 2 months doesn't appeal either ... That's what happen to Pierre and Emma's bedroom: I only open their shutters after 6 pm and on week end. (for 2 months now, it is been like that ... Now their bedroom feels cold ...) It is also going very hard to only see scaffolding on week end... And the project can be delay because we only see painters once in a while and never more than 2 painters ...

It seems a lot of people came to the blog yesterday. I was even surprised by the number! But only my faithfull readers (and very much appreciated ) dropped me a line so don't hesitate to leave a comment: it always makes my day
and I love discovering new blogs as well !

Well, if you didn't fall asleep after this long post: have a great day !


Dawn T. said...

I hope Pierre is okay!! My kids used to fight over the one GBA we had until I gave in and bought another one to avoid the fights.

Have a good day!

Felicity said...

I love your stitching! Keep up the good work.

Marita said...

The close up picture of the little boy and girl angels faces is sooo cute!

Hope all that blue does not drive you to insanity.