Thursday, August 9, 2007

They need to change the name

You know how they write on the Dimensions kits: "half cross stitch is used in this design for artistic effect". Well, on mine, they should write : cross stitch is used in this design for artistic effect ! ... I really feel I'm doing a needlepoint at this point ... I quit needlepoint when I was a teenager so I am not thrilled about going back to it ... So my mind is wandering around ... I'm thinking about my small silkweaver fabrics and my english mags (thinking what will match the best) And also: I made a mistake in the second bow : I miscounted somewhere and I can't find where. I recounted many colors and everything is fine: except this pink ... so I'm giving up on the left side of the design. I will probably find out where I made a mistake when I'll stitch the little boy. I also think about starting the flowers on the bottom of the dress to keep me going ... See, I still love the design and I'm sure my sister in law will love it but I need to keep the picture of the finished design next to me because otherwise, who knows what will happen .......... (UFO basket )

We got good news to report from pottyland Esteban starts to ask to go ON the potty We even got a number in there !!! So no more cleaning the floor every 1 or 2 hours, no more washing underwears by hand !!! YEAH !!! I'm sure we'll be able to take him out without a pull up very soon !!! That will be great if he can be potty train by the end of the summer and start day care fully potty trained! It will save us some money too as we are planning on going to Mexico next summer! We have to do a big saving sor that trip. I'm planning on going first to Mexico then to Texas in 6 weeks next summer.


Cathy said...

I hate when I can't find the source of my mistake! How frustrating. Yay for Esteban, though. He's on his way!

Carla said...

Detesto cuando no puedo encontrar el error!! Tal vez debas comenzar a bordar en otra zona para que no te aburras y no se convierta en un UFO
Felicitaciones a Esteban, seguro muy pronto ya no necesitara los pañales :)

Dawn T. said...

Yeah for Estaban!! There is something to be said about not having to buy diapers or pull ups:)

Anonymous said...

quel dommage que tu te sois trompée ! c'est bien souvent prise de tête quand il y a un décalage, mais tu vas retrouver quand tu feras l'autre côté. Cela serait dommage qu'il se transforme en UFO car il est superbe !